April 14, 2012

Gov. Brewer's Odd School Choice Veto

Adam Emerson, Fordham

It’s hard to identify the political motivations that drove Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto an expansion of the state’s publicly funded savings accounts to help more disadvantaged students pay for private education. But we do have her explanation, one that pretends the expansion of private school choice would “artificially manipulate” the market to the disadvantage of public...

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April 13, 2012
Keep Failing Students Back
Marcus Winters, USA Today
Several states that are considering ending social promotion — the practice of moving low-performing students to the next grade for socialization reasons — are on the right track. Under new measures in these states,... more ››
April 13, 2012
The Excuses of Education Reformers
Rick Hess & W. Downs, Atlantic
When it comes to reforming our nation's public schools, we hear a lot about what educational leaders can'tdo. Contracts, laws, and regulations assuredly handcuff school and system leaders. But the ardent drumbeat for "reform"... more ››
April 14, 2012
President Obama Isn't Motivating Educators
Paul Peterson, EducationNext
If one compares the growth in student performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) during the years the Bush Administration was in office with the growth during the first two years of the Obama... more ››
April 12, 2012
How UC Davis Students Advertise Actual Skills
Kevin Carey, Edu. Sector
In the grand University of California system, the Berkeley and UCLA campuses have long claimed an outsized share of the public imagination. It's easy to forget that the state system has more than two great institutions of higher... more ››
State and municipal policymakers are increasingly addressing the practice of social promotion in schools—moving children along to the next grade whether or not they have mastered the curriculum—by mandating test-based... more ››