April 16, 2012

'Redistribution' Goes Both Ways

Dean Baker, Beat the Press

The fact that Greg Mankiw works for Governor Romney is very clear when he tells readers:

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April 13, 2012
The Top 10 Companies That Pay No Taxes
Gavin Aronsen, Mother Jones
Between 2008 and 2011, 26 major American corporations paid no net federal income taxes despite bringing in billions in profits, according to a new report (PDF) from the nonprofit research group Citizens for Tax Justice.... more ››
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner came to the House Budget Committee about a month ago and said to us: “We’re not suggesting we have a solution to the long-term fiscal problem. What we do know is, we don’t like... more ››
April 12, 2012
Tax Reform: Bring Foreign Earnings Home
Chamber of Commerce
As part of this series on the need for comprehensive tax reform, I want to get into a lesser-known part of the tax code: Moving from a worldwide system to a territorial system. Yes, that doesn’t sound sexy, but it's... more ››
Each year as millions of Americans race against the clock to complete their taxes by mid-April, the debate over when and how the nation’s tax code should be reformed garners renewed interest. While most agree that the... more ››
April 13, 2012
Guess Whose Taxes Paul Ryan Would Raise?
Chuck Marr, CBPP
You’ve undoubtedly heard lots about how House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget plan would give millionaires an average $265,000 apiece in new tax cuts, on top of the $129,000 apiece they would get from... more ››