November 28, 2012

Eyewitness Testimony Just Isn't Reliable

Steve Weinberg, The American Prospect

In experiment after experiment, Gary Wells has established that eyewitness testimony is unreliable and leads to wrongful convictions. Why has the judicial system not adopted his recommendations?

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November 24, 2012
The Conservative War on Prisons
Dagan & Teles, Washington Monthly
Right-wing operatives have decided that prisons are a lot like schools: hugely expensive, inefficient, and in need of root-and-branch reform. Is this how progress will happen in a hyper-polarized world? more ››
November 27, 2012
The GOP's Costly Victory on Crime
Charles Lane, Washington Post
Americans were unhappy about many issues as 2012 began. In one area, though, contentment reigned. By a margin of 50 to 45 percent, a Gallup Poll reported, the public felt “satisfied” with the nation’s policies... more ››
November 21, 2012
How Providence Grew Out of the Mob
Ian MacDougall, n+1
At first glance, Luigi Manocchio looks like any retiree. Louie to family, the 85-year-old wears his gray hair slicked back from his balding pate and favors understated herringbone sport coats. As a younger man, after World War... more ››