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Tax Reform Is Dead - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Obama Should Focus on Just the Mega-Rich - Robert Kuttner, TAP
Liberals: Taxing Just the Rich Isn't Enough - David Callahan, Policy Shop
Why Can't We Even Talk About Guns in the U.S.? - Timothy Egan, NYT
Time to Talk About Death Panels Again - Robert McHenry, The American
Looks Like Big Oil Is Going to Keep Its Subsidies - A. Kroll, Mother Jones
Obama Replaces "Trickle-Down" with "Middle-Out" - H. Boushey, Atlantic
Six Reasons We Should Get Rid of the Debt Ceiling - Ethan Pollack, EPI
Is City Planning Just Pseudoscience? - Sarah Fecht, Scientific American
Let's Go Off the Cliff - Belt, Bernstein, Gale & Swagel , Bloomberg
A Nation of Singles - Jonathan Last, Weekly Standard
We're Also Facing a Dairy Cliff - The Economist
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Michigan Gov. Snyder: Our Labor Battle Isn't Another Wisconsin - NJ
UN Secretary Blames the Wealthy for Climate Change - AP
New York Times D.C. Bureau Chief Reddit Chat - David Leonhardt, NYT

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Unhappy Birthday to the TSA - Jay Stanley, ACLU