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Mass Mexican-U.S. Migration Is Over - Michael Barone, New York Post
A Tax the IRS Will Surely Abuse - Ilya Shapiro & Matt Gilliam, American
Time for Colleges to Get Rid of the Credit Hour - Kevin Carey, NY Times
Constitution Is Obama's Guide to Debt-Ceiling Win - Jack Balkin, Atlantic
Six Ways for the U.S. to Cut Spending - Robert Zoellick, Wall Street Journal
Fed Prisons Are Too Cruel for Their Own Good - Sadhbh Walshe, Guardian
Obamacare May Make Owning Your Pet More Costly - L. Markay, Foundry
We're Headed Toward Recession? Don't Believe It - Tim Duy, Fed Watch
The Economy Is Creating a Lost Generation - Robert Samuelson, WaPo
Can States Actually Secede? - Brion McClanahan, American Conservative
The Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin - James Hamilton, Econbrowser
Let's Get Rid of Social Studies - Michael Knox Beran, City Journal
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