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What We Can Do to Stop Massacres - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
Obama Must Push for Gun Control - Reid Wilson, National Journal
Sober Talk About Gun Control - Mike Riggs, Reason
Five Myths About Tax Reform - Greg Ip, The Washington Post
Michigan: An Inspiration and a Warning - Vernuccio & Lehman, WSJ
Here's Why Working Class Can't Keep Up - Greg Forster, Hang Together
Today's Universities Are Already Doomed - N. Harden, American Interest
Climate Fix Is Technology, Not Austerity - Shellenberger & Nordhaus, Orion
Worry About Average, Not Marginal, Tax Rates - Garett Jones, Econlog
Technology Is Displacing Workers - Gillian Tett, Financial Times
Property Rights in Space - Rand Simberg, The New Atlantis
America's Losing Its Demographic Edge - The Economist

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