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The GOP vs. Republican Health Care Ideas - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Now Netflix Can Share Your Viewing Habits - Adam Serwer, Mother Jones
Our Disability System Is Causing a Catastrophe - Ed Glaeser, Bloomberg
Why Dems Want to Keep Most Bush Tax Cuts - Z. Goldfarb, Fiscal Times
2012 Man of the Year: John Roberts - Philip Klein, Washington Examiner
The Mere Threat of Reform Improves Failing Schools - A. Hinkle, Reason
Switzerland's Patient-Centered Health Care System - Avik Roy, Forbes
Index Minimum Wage to Inflation to Help Workers - David Cooper, EPI
Big Beer Companies Threaten to Ruin the Market - Barry Lynn, HBR
Strict Gun Laws Didn't Work in the UK or Australia - J.L. Malcolm, WSJ
Venture Capitalists Need Government - William Janeway, L.A. Times
Don't Wait for Congress on Gun Control - P. Brandus, Business Insider
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