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Go Over the Cliff to Get a Better Deal - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
The Doctor Who Wants to Outlaw Sugar - Elizabeth Weil, Pacific Standard
Fiscal Cliff Reveals GOP's Lack of Principles - Jonathan Bernstein, Salon
What the Debt Ceiling Means for the Economy - James Pethokoukis, NYP
The Case for Armed Guards in Schools - Robert Bernat, Wall Street Journal
My Experience as a Soldier in the War on Poverty - P. Cove, City Journal
Here's How to Resist Obamacare at the State Level - T. Miller, American
2013 Will Be Great If Congress Doesn't Ruin It - Alice Rivlin, Brookings
Bernanke's QE3 Is Worse Than the Fiscal Cliff - William Cohan, WaPo
Fiscal Cliff Isn't the Start of Congress' Dysfunction - David Boaz, Cato
Deinstitutionalization of Mentally Ill Hasn't Worked - Joe Nocera, NYT
What the Fed Should Buy Instead of Treasuries - Cate Long, Reuters

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