RealClearPolicy Morning Edition

Going Big On Deficit Reduction Is Dead. What's Next? - Ron Haskins, RCM
Army of None: How Pentagon Loses Its Best & Brightest - Tim Kane, FP
The Foreclosure Banks Settlement Is a Disgrace - Joe Nocera, NY Times
Start Refinancing Student Loans - Margetta Morgan and Van Ostern, CAP
Dispelling 5 Myths About the Fed, in Charts - James Pethokoukis, AEI
Nuclear Energy Is Still the Solution to Climate Change - K. Kloor, Slate
Payment Transparency Will Save Medicare - Charles Lane, Wash. Post
Obamacare Means Bitter Social Issues Disputes - Ilya Shapiro, Jurist
NY Can Learn From Britain's Privatized Rail Errors - N. Gelinas, CJ
The Republican Game Plan for the Debt Ceiling - Keith Hennessey
Congress Is Killing Medical Research - Steven Salzberg, Forbes
Why the Cap-and-Trade Movement Failed - Philip Bump, Grist

RealClearPolicy Interviews, Testimony & Speeches

David Goldhill: Workers Bear the Cost of Inefficient Health Care - NPR
Rep. Jerrold Nadler: Obama's Ceded the Economy to the GOP - TBI
Bernanke: Raise the Debt Ceiling, Reform Fannie and Freddie - MSNBC
Transcript of Obama's Statements on Debt Ceiling, Gun Control - NYT

RealClearPolicy Associations & Trade Groups

Surprise: Ex-Im Bank Promotes Crony Capitalism - David Williams, TPA
Sandy Relief Package Is Bloated With Excess Spending - Heritage Action
10 Ways Obama Can Improve His Standing With Civil Liberties - ACLU
Mileage Fees Could Raise Both Revenue and Logistical Concerns - NTU