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The Promises of Roe Haven't Come to Pass - Michael New, Public Discourse
Obama Is Trying to Follow in Reagan's Footsteps - E.J. Dionne, Wash. Post
Climate Uncertainty Means More Aggressive Action - David Roberts, Grist
How to Get High Speed Internet to All Americans - Susan Crawford, NYT
The GOP Is Playing with Fire on the Debt Ceiling - S. Johnson, Economix
The Unavoidable Debt Debate Impasse - Samuel Staley, RealClearMarkets
The Untouchables: Wall Street vs. Prosecution - G. Greenwald, Guardian
Obama's Climate Fearmongering Slows Progress - Bjorn Lomborg, WSJ
Our Ports, Roads, & Bridges Are Badly Strained - W. Galston, Brookings
Republicans: Bring Your Great Ideas to Cities - E. Glaeser, City Journal
Make the Frequent Drivers Pay for Roads - Eileen Norcross, US News
Declining Union Membership Is No Accident - Kris Warner, CEPR
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Geithner: "Political Divisions Are Way, Way Exaggerated - TNR
Ryan: Balanced Budget in 10 Years, Without Raising Taxes - WSJ
Boehner: Obama Wants to "Annihilate Republican Party" - HuffPo

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Innovation Is an Art - Gary Shapiro, Consumer Electronics Association
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