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Yes, Mr. President, We're a Nation of Takers - Nicholas Eberstadt, WSJ
We've Lost Our Sense of Excitement About Science - S. Carter, Bloomberg
NYT Can't Decide If Energy Drinks Are Safe or Scary - J. Sullum, Reason
What Obama Got Right About U.S. Volunteerism - Howard Husock, Forbes
Ds & Rs Are Getting Further Apart on the Budget - H. Gleckman, TaxVox
The Biggest Enemies of Weed Legalization - Kristen Gwynne, Rolling Stone
As Marriage Fails in Rhode Island, So Do Kids - Justin Katz, Anchor Rising
Greenland Melting Would Be the Ultimate Disaster - Chris Mooney, Grist
Why Middle-Class Blacks Have Less Wealth - T. Sugrue, Wash. Monthly
The Feds Are Quietly Taking Over Education - Marc Tucker, LA Times
Why the Deficit Hawks Are Losing - Paul Krugman, New York Times
The Myth of Federal Gridlock - R. Shep Melnick, Wilson Quarterly
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Bobby Jindal: The Federal Government Is Not America - D.C. Examiner
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