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Sports Betting Is Too Profitable Not to Legalize - J. Surowiecki, New Yorker
Washington Is Booming, and That's Not a Good Thing - Aaron Renn, CJ
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Big Banks Aren't As Special As They Think - Admati & Hellwig, Bloomberg
Family Breakdown Is Now Biracial - Isabel Sawhill, The Washington Monthly
GOP State Tax Reforms Make Little Sense - T. Gordon, RealClearMarkets
America Has Reached a Disturbing 'New Normal' - J. Pethokoukis, AEI
Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong on Manufacturing - Edward Alden, CFR
Obamacare: Not as Universal as You Thought - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
Don't Put All the Blame on the Fed for the Crisis - K. Rogoff, ProSyn
Gov't Spending Isn't Working, So More of It Isn't the Answer - e21
Real Homeownership Is in Long-Run Decline - Mark Calabria, Cato

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Obama: To Solve Gun Violence, Must Look at "Root Causes" - White House

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