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The Government Will Grow. Deal With It - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us - Steven Brill, Time
Dependence On the Government Keeps Growing - Nicholas Eberstadt, RCM
After Chicago Knocked Down the Projects - K. Williamson, National Review
Now Is Right Time for an Infrastructure Bank - G. Levenson Keohane, NND
Our Surgeon General Is Missing in Action - Mark Bittman, New York Times
Should Solitary Confinement Be Considered Torture? - George Will, WaPo
The Science Isn't There for Obama's Pre-K Plan - C. Murray, Bloomberg
Why Clarence Thomas Uses Simple Words - Conor Friedersdorf, Atlantic
A Case for Eliminating the Minimum Wage - James Dorn, Cato Institute
Five Things to Know About Immigration - Aura Bogado, The Nation
The Minimum Wage Gamble - Michael Kinsley, Los Angeles Times
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State of the Environment: Evaluating Progress - K. Hartnett White, TPPF
Why I Am Expanding Medicaid - Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
Rep. Marshall on Bringing the Back Gold Standard in Virginia - Atlantic

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