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Obama and the Sequester Scare - Phil Gramm, Wall Street Journal
If He Doesn't Act, Obama Faces Endless Fiscal Cliffs - Robert Kuttner, TAP
The Economy Can't Risk Another Tax Hike - Liz Peek, The Fiscal Times
Obama Can Just Cut Power Plant Emissions - Becker & Gerstenzang, NYT
How a One-Room WV Library Got a $20K Router - N. Anderson, Ars Tech.
Red Tape Keeps Low-Income Students Out of College - S. Carr, Atlantic
How Serious Are State, Local Pension Problems? - D. DiSalvo, City Journal
The Upside to Republicans Rejecting Exchanges - Richard Kirsch, NND
Harlem Charter Schools Can't Be Stopped Now - Bob McManus, NY Post
Jobs Crisis Is About More Than Unemployment - Mathur & Hanson, RCM
The False Alarm of Population Decline - Dean Baker, The Guardian
Enough Keynes. Time for Tax Reform - Wayne Brough, RealClearPolicy
Austerity's Track Record Isn't Good - Martin Wolf, Financial Times

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Christie: "No Fan" of ACA, But Expanding Medicaid - Star-Ledger
Bernanke: Replace Sequester With Slow Deficit Reduction - Fed

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Obama: Get Light Air Support Right - G. Landrith, Frontiers of Freedom
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Start Sequestration Military Cuts With F-35 Jet - NTU
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