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Focus on Growth, Not Debt - Lawrence Summers, The Fiscal Times
Obamacare's Next Four Benchmarks - Albert R. Hunt, Bloomberg View
What Went Wrong With the Exchanges - Pear et al., New York Times
The Cost of Obamacare Varies Wildly by State - Sarah Kliff, Wash Post
Our Progress Against Poverty - Timothy Taylor, Conversable Economist
A Better Approach to Affirmative Action - Richard Kahlenberg, WSJ
Bill de Blasio's 'Two Cities' Myth - Scott Winship, City Journal
Eminent Domain Is Making a Comeback - John K. Ross, Reason
Austin's Boom and the Importance of Open Borders - John Tamny, Forbes
Cities: The Key to Sustainability? - David Biello, Scientific American
Public Workers Are Forced to Support Unions - Steve Forbes, LA Times
Disclosure Rules Don't Keep CEO Pay Down - James Surowiecki, New Yorker
Abandoning Principle on Sugar Subsidies - David Freddoso, Examiner

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