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Saturday, January 24
Your 'God Hates Gays' Cake Order Isn't a Right - Eugene Volokh, Volokh
New 'Hands Up' Shooting Isn't Black and White - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
Is the Defendant White or Not? - Kteily & Cotterill, New York Times
Technocrats Fixed the Economy - Jared Bernstein, Washington Post
How Should We Tax Parents? - Robert VerBruggen, National Affairs
Texas Used Junk Science to Restrict Abortion - Kathryn Kolbert, Slate
Abortion and the Fourteenth Amendment - Ramesh Ponnuru, NRO
Fast Food Could Handle $15 Wages - Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress
A Bill to Rein in No-Knock Police Raids - Jacob Sullum, Reason
A Guide to No Child Left Behind - Libby Nelson, Vox
When David Gregory Broke a Gun Law - W.A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection
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Friday, January 23
Why Women Have Post-20-Week Abortions - Molly Redden, Mother Jones
The GOP's Abortion Bill Debacle - Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, The Federalist
Tools for Transparency in Copyright Law - Molly Schwartz, RealClearPolicy
A Downside to Mixed-Income Housing - Alice Robb, The New Republic
The Income Gap May Be Narrower Than You Think - Robert Litan, WSJ
Helping the Middle Class Without Hiking Taxes - Shikha Dalmia, The Week
Paid Sick Leave Could Boost Job Growth - Dean Baker, Fortune
Why Judicial Elections Are Idiotic - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
The End of an Oyster Farm - Michael Ames, Newsweek
Stay-at-Home Parents Already Get a Tax Break - Josh Barro, NYT
Getting Tax Refunds to the Poor - Alexis Stephens, Next City
The Death of the Suburbs Is a Myth - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
Thursday, January 22
Obamacare's Long-Term Prognosis - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
SCOTUS's New Race Case - Nikole Hannah-Jones, ProPublica
Minorities and the 'Slumburbs' - Kriston Capps, CityLab
Native American Gaming and 'Sloth' - Fremstad & Stegman, Talk Poverty
Low-Income Loans Didn't Cause the Crisis - Mark Thoma, MarketWatch
How the Right Should Think About Family Leave - Kay Hymowitz, NRO
Late-Term Abortion Laws, State by State - Libby Isenstein, National Journal
Has Roe Already Been Overturned? - Charles C. Camosy, The Federalist
How to Sell Off a City - Rick Perlstein, In These Times
Trade Agreements or Boosting Wages: Pick One - Josh Bivens, EPI
Obama's Tax Plan vs. Stay-at-Home Moms - Rector & Sheffield, Daily Signal
Tsarnaev: In Search of an Impartial Jury - Kate Wheeling, Pacific Standard
Wednesday, January 21
Four Obama Ideas That Have a Chance - Tim Mak, The Daily Beast
SOTU: Can Capitalists Save Capitalism? - Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times
A State of the Union Fact Check - Samuelsohn et al., Politico
SOTU 2014: What Happened and Didn't - Priscilla Alvarez, National Journal
Ohio's Energy Efficiency Fiasco - Robert Michaels, RealClearPolicy
Obamacare Makes Tax Season Worse - Grace-Marie Turner, Forbes
Inequality and the Growth of Cities - Richard Florida, CityLab
Liberals and Marriage: Three Views - Symposium, Family Studies
Employers End Gay Marriage Alternatives - Julie Appleby, KHN
The Case for Capping Health Care Prices - Ezra Klein, Vox
SCOTUS and the Libertarian/Conservative Divide - Peter Lawler, NRO
Tuesday, January 20
State of the Union: The Data You Need - David Knowles, Bloomberg
Reforming Obamacare: Start With the Young - Earl L. Grinols, RCPolicy
White Privilege on a Bicycle - Sarah Goodyear, CityLab
Why Wages Lag - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
High Taxes on Capital Hurt the Middle Class - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, e21
Obama Takes on Citizens United - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
The Shared Benefits of Tax Reform - Ed Feulner, The Washington Times
It's Time to Raise the Gas Tax - Jeffrey D. Sachs, Politico Magazine
Forbidding Foie Gras Increased the Appetite for It - Josh Barro, NYT
SCOTUS Medicaid Decision Could Bankrupt States - Joel M. Zinberg, AEI
Will Obamacare Boost Entrepreneurship? - Chris Conover, Forbes
Inside Obama's Push for Evidence-Based Policy - Belluz & Haskins, Vox
Monday, January 19
Obama's Big New Tax Proposal - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
The President's New Budget: Why Bother? - Stan Collender, Forbes
How Rich Are Community College Kids? - Robert VerBruggen, RCPolicy
Breaking Down Holder's Civil Forfeiture Reform - Radley Balko, Wash Post
The End of the 'Global Warming Pause' - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Myth of the Methane Menace - Stephen Moore, Washington Times
One More Reason College Is So Expensive - Thomas K. Lindsay, RCPolicy
Red States Are Making Medicaid More Expensive - David Ramsey, TNR
Cancel the State of the Union - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
The Great Wage Slowdown - David Leonhardt, New York Times
California's 50% Renewable Energy Goal - Rob Nikolewski,
Saturday, January 17
Gay Marriage: Writing's on the Wall - David Von Drehle, Time
Five Bleak Facts on Black Opportunity - Reeves & Rodrigue, Brookings
California Spends Big to Fight Ed Reform - Steven Greenhut, Reason
Fight Sexual Assault: Raise Alcohol Taxes - Annie Lowrey, New York
2016 GOP Candidates: A Policy Guide - Jason Russell, Washington Examiner
Marriage Decline Didn't Boost Inequality - McElwee & Steinbaum, TNR
The Stark Disparities of Paid Leave - Danielle Paquette, Washington Post
Obama's Mandates for Low-Wage Employers - Jed Graham,
How the CBO Scored Obamacare - Sarah Kliff | Michael F. Cannon
Technology Will Win Its Race With Education - Arnold Kling
Free College for the Rich - Duncan Black, USA Today
Clearing the Road for GSE Reform - Jay Brinkmann, American Banker
Friday, January 16
Disability Insurance Is Hitting the Wall - Charles Blahous, Economics 21
Disability Insurance: A Primer - Rebecca Vallas, Talk Poverty
Public-Sector Union Fixes for the States - Trey Kovacs, RealClearPolicy
What Good Are Economists? - Robert J. Shiller, Project Syndicate
Cities Where African-Americans Are Doing the Best - Joel Kotkin, Forbes
The GOP Suddenly Loves Net Neutrality - Brendan Sasso, National Journal
New Data on Sea Levels' Rise - Emily Atkin | Ronald Bailey
Should Cities Have Their Own Minimum Wages? - Gillian White, CityLab
NLRB Makes It Harder to Violate Workers' Rights - Amy Traub, Demos
Did No Child Left Behind Work? - Max Ufberg, Pacific Standard
Give Volunteer Firefighters a Tax Break - Jordan Golson, Wired
How Casinos Make Native Americans Poorer - The Economist
Thursday, January 15
Why Drugs Cost So Much - Peter B. Bach, New York Times
Do USB Cables Need Regulation? - Eli Lehrer, RealClearPolicy
IRS Service Degraded, Taxpayers to Pay Price - Rachael Bade, Politico
Is Life Really Better in Red States? - Joe Cortright, City Observatory
The Gentrification Myth - John Buntin, Slate
Where Obamacare Is Still Struggling - Sam Baker, National Journal
Is Inequality Killing Mothers? - Andrea Flynn, Roosevelt Institute
What to Do With a Dying Neighborhood - Alana Semuels, CityLab
Methane Leaks and Obama's Climate Plan - Brad Plumer, Vox
Scoring Legislation for Growth - Edward Paul Lazear, Wall Street Journal
Do Cops Lie in Use-of-Force Cases? - Jonathan Blanks, Rare
Secular Stagnation: My Response to a 'Tweetstorm' - Larry Summers
Who Deserves Credit for the Recovery? - James Pethokoukis, The Week
How Government Helps the 1 Percent - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Wednesday, January 14
Tax Cuts for the Rich Shouldn't Be a Priority - Reihan Salam, Slate
When Is It Too Easy to Get a Mortgage? - Woluchem & George, Urban
Without Public Safety, Cities Fail - Aaron M. Renn, City Journal
Is Higher Ed the Answer to Inequality? - Nick Bunker, Equitable Growth
America Is Still Divided Over Guns - Lisa Miller, New York Magazine
The Math of Muslim Immigration - Ian Tuttle | Jason Lee Steorts
Labor at a Crossroads - Sejal Parikh, American Prospect
To Make Welfare Work, Hand It To the States - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RCM
A Major Flaw in the Welfare Law - J.B. Wogan, Governing
Republicans Aren't Trying to Rig the CBO - Danny Vinik, New Republic
How to Get Young People to Vote - John Sides, Washington Post
Employers Cut Hours in Response to Obamacare - Ben Casselman, 538

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