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Saturday, July 23
Trump's Dystopia - Harold Meyerson, American Prospect
Kaine Undermines Clinton on Wall Street - Max Ehrenfreund, WonkBlog
Obama Has Eroded Domestic Tranquility - J. Christian Adams, Nat. Interest
Donald Trump Embodies the Spirit Of 2016 - David Hodges, The Federalist
America's Work Problem - Angela Rachidi, RealClearPolicy
Trump As President? - Third Way
Alphabet Soup Corruption - Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution
Bernie Sanders & the Atomized Republic - Pete Spiliakos, First Things
DC Uber Regulators: Don't Listen to Sen. Warren - Jared Meyer, Forbes
Philanthropy: The American Difference - Karl Zinsmeister, City Journal
Court Couldn't Stomach Texas' Voter-ID Law - Scott Lemieux, The Week
Voters Say Yes to Energy, No to 'Keep It in the Ground' - David Holt, RCE
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Friday, July 22
"Law And Order" Won't Save the GOP - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
The Origins of Our Political Polarization - Jennifer Mercieca, Conversation
The Worst Nominee - William Kristol, The Weekly Standard
The Age Factor & Rising Nationalism - Harun Onder, Brookings Institution
Redefining Conservatism Part II - Peter Augustine Lawler, NRO
Is the No First Use Policy the Right Policy? - Peter Huessy, RCDefense
Regulators, Hands Off the Autopilot! - John O. McGinnis, LL&L
E-cigarette Regulations Benefit Big Tobacco - Jonathan Nelson, RCPolicy
After 20 Years, TANF Provides Little to Poor Families - Ife Floyd, CBPP
When a State Has No Contribution Limits - Justin Miller, Prospect
Congress Should Let the Boeing Deal Proceed - Editorial Board, NYT
The Middlemen in Higher Drug Prices - Steve Pociask, RealClearHealth
Thursday, July 21
Never Trump, Now More Than Ever - David French, National Review
Trump Must Pivot to the Economy - Peter Morici, Washington Times
How GOP Went From Lincoln to Trump in 13 Maps - Andrew Prokop, Vox
The NRA Makes a Great Case for Gun Control - George Zornick, Nation
Reducing Immigration Won't Work - Alex Nowrasteh, Federalist
New Deal Politics - Price Fishback & Valentina Kachanovskaya, Hoover
Do Democrats Ignore Union Hypocrisy? - Heather Greenaway, RCPolicy
The Make-believe Supreme Court - Jason Willick, American Interest
Blind Spots of a Ruling Class - Pete Spiliakos, Library of Law & Liberty
Congress' Tendency to Cannibalize Itself - Adam Chan, R Street Institute
Is the Internet Democratic? - Elizabeth Stoycheff, Erik Nisbet, Conversation
Social Security Helps Twice As Many Children - Maya Rockeymoore, TP
Wednesday, July 20
Should GOP Embrace a Grown-up Version of Trumpism? - Rachel Lu, NR
Potemkin Campaign, Potemkin Convention - Ben Domenech, Federalist
GOP's 3-decade War on Gov't - Norman J. Ornstein & Thomas E. Mann, Vox
Inside the GOP's Shadow Convention - Shane Goldmacher, Politico
Cops on Edge - Jack Dunphy, City Journal
How Police Unions Actually Hurt Police Officers - Shikha Dalmia, Week
3D Printing & Gun Control - Daniel C. Tirone & James Gilley, Conversation
Punished for Being Poor? - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
Rural & Urban America Divided - Jack Karsten & Darrell M. West, Brookings
Against Regulatory Complexity - Patrick McLaughlin & Chad Reese, RCPolicy
Take Away the President's Blank Check for War - Bonnie Kristian, RCD
The Last Puritan Statesman - George Weigel, Denver Catholic
Tuesday, July 19
Cleveland Is the End of the GOP - John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist
The Mass Incarceration of the Disabled - Rebecca Vallas, TalkPoverty
On Trade, Trump Pushes & the GOP Caves - Michael Gerson, WaPo
The Troubled History of Black Veterans - Chad Williams, Conversation
Presidential "Debates" Debase Issues - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Obama Is Not a Scientist - Alex Berezow & Tom Hartsfield, Los Angeles Times
The Left's Free-speech War on Climate Deniers - Shikha Dalmia, Reason
A Conservative Response to Climate Change - Devin Hartman, RealClearPolicy
Progressivism Is a Threat to the Rule of Law - John O. McGinnis, LL&L
Trump's Rise Pressures Both Parties to Change - Peter Coy, Bloomberg
Federalism's Decline - Bill Murray, RealClearPolitics
Redefining Conservatism - Peter Augustine Lawler, National Review Online
Monday, July 18
The Fire Spreads - Heather Mac Donald, City Journal
The GOP Clown Show in Cleveland - Will Marshall, The Daily Beast
Can We Find Our Way Back to Lincoln? - Peter Wehner, New York Times
First for Clinton: Overturning Citizens United - John Nichols, The Nation
Trump Is Not the Future of the GOP - Jeb Bush, Washington Post
New Bottle, Old Whine - Noemie Emery, Weekly Standard
The Evolution of Party Conventions - Tevi Troy, National Affairs
Is the House Deinstitutionalizing? - Adam Chan, R Street
Diversifying the Fed - Nathalie Baptiste, American Prospect
The Foreign Aid Bill No One Noticed - Dylan Matthews, Vox
Rand Paul vs. Washington - Bonnie Kristian, The Week
Europe Doesn't Care About Poor Countries - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Saturday, July 16
Discriminatory Policies Won't Make Us Safer - Kristie De Peña, RCPolicy
William F. Buckley Would Vote for Hillary - Robert Zubrin, The Federalist
GOP Anti-immigrant Platform Spells Doom - Catherine Rampell, WaPo
The First Post-Middle-Class Election - Harold Meyerson, American Prospect
4 Ways the GOP Convention Could Explode - Elaine Kamarck, Brookings
I Can't Believe It's Not Science - Michelle Minton, RealClearPolicy
Taking Power Back from Regulatory State - Kevin R. Kosar, Sean Speer, NR
The Truth About Trade - Douglas A. Irwin, Foreign Affairs
Being Honest About Trump - Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker
New Student Debt Rule Could Harm Taxpayers - Phil Goldberg, The Hill
The Jurisprudence of Civil Asset Forfeiture - Mark Pulliam, LL&L
Missouri: Testing Ground for Ticketing, Court Reform - Carla T. Main, CJ
Friday, July 15
How Dangerous Is This Moment? - Arthur C. Brooks & Gail Collins, NYT
Obama's Shrinking Middle Class - Mark J. Perry & Thomas A. Hemphill, AEI
Is Anti-Race-Baiting A Form Of Race-Baiting? - Rachel Lu, Federalist
Neither Party Takes Its Platform Seriously - Peter Augustine Lawler, NRO
GOP Platform Embraces The Sharing Economy - John Kartch, Forbes
First Do No Harm - Doug Domenech, RealClearPolicy
Rental Assistance Reduces Hardship - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Private Markets for Student Financing - Kevin James, National Affairs
Free-Market Solutions for Road Funding - Jesse Hathaway, RCPolicy
Debt-free College? Bad Idea - David Feldman, Robert Archibald, Conversation
Education Reform Decouples - Chester E. Finn Jr., Hoover Institution
Appalachian Schools Help Isolated Students - Elaine Weiss, TalkPoverty
Thursday, July 14
America Is Not a Pure Democracy - James Huffman, Hoover Institution
Week of Tragedy Revealed Ideological Blind Spots - Jonah Goldberg, NR
American Political Decay or Renewal? - Francis Fukuyama, Foreign Affairs
A Wake-Up Call for White Progressives - Greg Kaufmann, Talk Poverty
Will Liberals Reconsider Criminalizing Politics? - Adam J. White, WS
A Fresh Approach to Gun Control - Timothy M. Smith, The Conversation
Smart Grids: Greener & Easier to Hack - Mark P. Mills, RealClearPolicy
Obamacare and the Private Practitioner - Keith Jackson, American Thinker
Anti-GMOers Are Irrational About Risk - Alex Caro, RealClearScience
Drug that Killed Prince Wreaks Havoc - Sean Kennedy, Parker Abt, RCPolicy
Sovereignty & Orderly Defaults - Jonathan Rodden, Library of Law & Liberty
Rich Kids Becoming Middle Class? - Richard Reeves, Nathan Joo, Brookings
Wednesday, July 13
Making America More Like Scandinavia - Clare Foran, The Atlantic
Government Stimulation Causes Stagnation - John Tamny, RCMarkets
New Tool Could Help Narrow the Skills Gap - Thomas J. Donohue, COCF
Free Traders Fueled Trump & Can Beat Him - Scott Lincicome, Federalist
Two Kinds of Voting, Two Kinds of Disruption - Ben Sasse, Medium
Hasty Judgment on Institutional Racism - Richard A. Epstein, Hoover
The Demagogues' War on Cops - Thomas Sowell, National Review
After Dallas, the Future of Black Lives Matter - Jelani Cobb, New Yorker
Black Lives Matter Beyond Police Reform - Garrett Felber, Conversation
Make FBI Cameras Public - Brett Max Kaufman & Doug Klunder, Seattle Times
Nuclear No-First-Use (NFU) is Right for America - James E. Doyle, RCD
ObamaCare's Top Insurer Is Increasing the Uninsured - Jed Graham, IBD

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