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Friday, October 24
The Geography of Joblessness - The Economist
Replacing the ACA: What Women Want - Grace-Marie Turner, RCPolicy
The Police Are Still Out of Control - Frank Serpico, Politico Magazine
Obama, the Veto-Less President - Paul Waldman, The American Prospect
Why Public Pensions Go Unfunded - Iliya Atanasov, Public Sector Inc.
Building Roads Just Makes People Drive More - Joseph Stromberg, Vox
Regulators' New Mortgage Rule - Norbert Michel, Daily Signal
'Obscene Celebrity': Trampling Prisoner Free Speech - Seth Ferranti, Vice
Our Criminally Unfair Organ Transplant Law - Fry-Revere & Donadio, TNR
How Cops Are Beating Crime in Camden - Jim Epstein, Reason
Colleges Let Sexual Predators Slip Away - Tyler Kingkade, Huffington Post
'Forbearance': The FCC's Net Neutrality Tool - Nancy Scola, Wash Post
Tesla: Detroit Fights Innovation Again - The Editors, Bloomberg View
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Thursday, October 23
'Copper Plans' Won't Fix Obamacare - Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg View
How Insurers, Businesses Duck the ACA - Tara Culp-Ressler, ThinkProgress
The Millionaire Explosion - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
A Constitutional Congress? - Christopher DeMuth Sr., Weekly Standard
Blended Families Pose Challenges for States - Teresa Wiltz, Stateline
Texas and Voter ID: SCOTUS Got It Wrong - Andrew Cohen, LA Times
The Poll Tax That Wasn't - Rich Lowry, Politico Magazine
Our Disturbingly Segregated Schools - Janie Boschma, National Journal
The CDC's New Ebola Plan - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
For Whose Jobs Will the Robots Come First? - Jordan Weissman | Adam Ozimek
The Seeds of a New Labor Movement - Harold Meyerson, American Prospect
Essays on Character and Opportunity - Reeves et al., Brookings Institution
Net Neutrality and Pro-Competition Regulations - Timothy B. Lee, Vox
Wednesday, October 22
The Case for Soaking the Rich - Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress
Inheritance and Inequality - Edward N. Wolff, Project Syndicate
Rich Whites Try to Secede From Baton Rouge - Diana Eromosele, The Root
Obamacare Continues To Hurt Employment - John R. Graham, Daily Caller
Medicaid Expansion and the ACA: Separable? - Jason Millman, Wash Post
Police Killings, Race, and Age - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearPolicy
Are Mass Shootings on the Rise? - Dylan Matthews, Vox
Gay Marriage: Sex Discrimination? - Sherif Girgis | Ilya Somin
Introducing the 'Quantified Community' - Brian Libby, CityLab
Education: Stuck in the Manufacturing Age - Joan Duffell, Pacific Standard
Solutions to the Retirement Non-Crisis - Andrew Biggs, RCM
The New Challenge to Market Democracies - William A. Galston, Brookings
Visa Ban: Better Than a Travel Ban - Emma Roller, National Journal
Tuesday, October 21
We Need a Constitutional Right to Vote - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
Gay Marriage and the Secular Inquisition - Rob Tracinski, The Federalist
Why Atlantic City Is Dying - George Anastasia, Politico Magazine
Is Obamacare Really 'Paid For'? - Robert E. Moffit, The Hill
Yes, the Fed Can Reduce Inequality - Jared Bernstein, Washington Post
Yellen Shouldn't Focus on Inequality - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, MarketWatch
Managing Water for the Future - Sarah Goodyear, Next City
How to Compare Productivity With Compensation - Scott Winship, Forbes
Is There Hope for W.Va. Without Coal? - Jeff Young, Grist
We Need 'Altruism Exchanges' for Kidneys - Eric Posner, Slate
Death With Dignity: The Least Slippery Slope - Froma Harrop, Creators
New York's Goldman Sachs Deal - Iliya Atanasov, Public Sector Inc.
Monday, October 20
The Emptying of New York City - Henry Grabar, Salon
Restarting Nuclear Power - Derrick Freeman, RealClearPolicy
A Nation Divided by Marriage - Lawler & Wilcox, Washington Examiner
SCOTUS Made a Mess of Our Voting System - Michael Waldman, Politico
The Trouble With Early Voting - John Fund, National Review Online
How 'Yes Means Yes' Will Work - Masha Gershman, American Interest
Making Calorie Labels That Actually Work - Sarah Kliff, Vox
4 Reasons Federal Spending Will Rise Next Year - Stan Collender, Forbes
Amazon's Monopsony Is Not Okay - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Big Cities Are Job Generators - Richard Florida, CityLab
Comparison Shopping for a Health Plan - Wendell Potter, Public Integrity
Natural Gas Is Leaking and Warming the Climate - Brooks Miner, 538
Open Source the CBO - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Week
Are Copyright Laws Too Strict? - Louis Menand, New Yorker
Saturday, October 18
An Ebola Flight Ban Wouldn't Work - Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight
Why Is Texas's Poverty Rate So Low? - Scott Sumner, Econlib
The Conservative Case Against the Suburbs - Charles Marohn, AmCon
What Everyone's Missing About Amazon - Lina Khan, Quartz
The Bad News About Journalism - Robert G. Kaiser, Brookings Institution
Why Privilege Nonprofits? - Arnold Kling, The American
The CDC Has Less Power Than You Think - Denver Nicks, Time
Surveillance-Proof Tech Under Fire - Judith Miller, City Journal
The Impact of Working-Family Tax Credits - Bryann DaSilva, CBPP
Obamacare's Unknowable Price Tag - Keisling & Gillespie, Reason
Google: Piracy Enabler or Free Advertising? - Mytheos Holt, R Street
Five Wrong Obamacare Predictions - Jeffrey Young, Huffington Post
Six Pro-Pedestrian Intersection Designs - Rachel Dovey, Next City
Friday, October 17
How to Stop Ebola - Sen. Rob Portman, Politico Magazine
The Government's Dangerous Ebola Advice - Heather Wilhelm, RCP
Yes, Yes Means Yes: A Response to My Critics - Ezra Klein, Vox
An Appalling Case for 'Affirmative Consent' - Conor Friedersdorf, Atlantic
Looking Back at 'The Bell Curve' - Natalie Scholl & Charles Murray, AEIdeas
Minimum Wage: Evidence From Canada - Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg
Does Eminent Domain Even Raise Revenue? - Stansel & Kerekes, RCPolicy
Don't Give Up on Marriage Yet - Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institution
Can Anything Save the Family? - Jonathan V. Last, Weekly Standard
The TPP Can Promote Medical Innovation - Eric V. Schlecht, RCPolicy
Obama's Unemployment Crusade - Eric Pianin, Fiscal Times
Libertarian Challenges to Open Borders - The Mitrailleuse
Thursday, October 16
Why Deficits Have Fallen So Dramatically - Jeanne Sahadi, CNNMoney
Higher Ed: The Tyranny of 'Niceness' - Thomas K. Lindsay, RealClearPolicy
Global Economy: Push the Panic Button - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
Bicyclists: Keep 'Em Separated - Matthew Hennessey, City Journal
NYC: Best Mass Transit in the Country? - Jacob Anbinder, RealClearPolicy
'Obamaphones': Corporate Welfare Gone Mobile - Matthew Sabas, e21
Stand Your Ground's Domestic Violence Loophole - Jenny Kutner, Salon
America Needs Amazon - Reihan Salam, Slate
Why Is D.C. Expensive? Blame Congress - Kriston Capps, CityLab
Inequality: A Symposium - Washington Center for Equitable Growth
SCOTUS Declines Another Important Case - Ilya Shapiro, Cato Institute
The Obamacare Reenrollment Crunch Begins - Jason Millman, Wash Post
Health Care + Pensions = Insolvent N.J. - Steve Malanga, Public Sector Inc.
Wednesday, October 15
The Assassination of Detroit - Carlos Salazar, Jacobin
Bringing Competition to Internet Service - Joshua Breitbart, RCPolicy
The Legal Profession vs. LegalZoom - George Leef, Forbes
Voter ID: Richard Posner Changes His Mind - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg
A Broken Labor Market for Non-College Men - Louis Johnston, MinnPost
Neo-Victorianism on Campus - Heather Mac Donald, Weekly Standard
Do Plastic Bag Bans Work? - Scientific American
D.C. Is Not the Nation's Most Expensive City - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
The Making of Ferguson - Richard Rothstein, The American Prospect
Will Keystone Ever Be Built? - William Tucker, RealClearPolitics
Dynamic Scoring: Paul Ryan's Budget Trick - Matt O'Brien, Wash Post
Obamacare: Boon to Health Care Affordability? - Tom Haynes, CNBC
Refusing to Testify Against Your Church - Caleb Mason, The Crime Report
Tuesday, October 14
The New Math of the Single Mother - June Carbone & Naomi Cahn, Politico
A Staggering Loss of Black Wealth - Nathalie Baptiste, American Prospect
California Has Neglected Its Infrastructure - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
'Yes Means Yes' and Mutual Sexual Assault - Mike Rappaport, Library of L&L
'Yes Means Yes' Is a Terrible Law and I Support It - Ezra Klein, Vox
Cops' Deadly Force, in Black and White - Ryan Gabrielson et al., ProPublica
Will Hiring Black Cops Reduce Police Brutality? - Jamelle Bouie, Slate
The Deficiencies of Medicare Plans - Robert Pear, New York Times
What's the Best Way to Fight Inequality? - Mark Thoma, Fiscal Times
'Crowdsourcing' Health Care Prices - Jeanne Pindermd, Health Care Blog
Bad Pension Math Is Bad News for Taxpayers - Steven Malanga, RCM
Why It's Legal to Regulate Doctors' Speech - Robert C. Post, Balkinization
The Child Migrant Crisis Moves to the Courts - Hayley Munguia, 538

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