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Thursday, September 29
The Internet of Things Won't Be Big It'll Be Huge - Mark P. Mills, Forbes
Can Washington Control High-Tech Lending? - Danny Vinik, Politico
The Streetcar Can't Save Your City - David Dudley, The Atlantic
Driverless Cars Are Coming and We Need a Policy - Dan Lipinski, The Hill
The Worker Shortage Facing America's Farmers - Octavio Blanco, CNN
Toxic Air Pollution is Concentrated - Jamie Smith Hopkins, USA Today
What's in Your Herbal Pills? - Anahad O'Connor, The New York Times
One Big Change When Cops Wear Cameras - Cassie Werber, Quartz
The Criminal Justice System Fails Mental Health - German Lopez, Vox
The Human Face of Overcriminalization - Derrick Hollie, Wash. Times
OPEC Agrees to Oil Output Cut - Grant Smith, Bloomberg
The Global Trade Agenda Is Floundering - The Economist
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Wednesday, September 28
Good News for American Children - Ron Haskins, Brookings Institution
Brangelina and How We Divorce Now - Abby W. Schachter, New York Post
Lawmakers and Unemployment Insurance - LaQuita Hatcher, Talk Poverty
Debate Neglects Economic Growth - Sean Hackbarth, Chamber of Commerce
Comparing Alcohol To Marijuana - Seth Leibsohn, American Greatness
The Rise of Early Voting, Explained - Tara Golshan, Vox
Veterans Affairs Apologizes for High-End Art - Adam Andrzejewski, Forbes
The Government's Civil Rights Bullies - Richard Epstein, Hoover Institution
Silicon Valley is Eating the Democratic Party - Ryan Hagemann, Medium
Evidence-Based Fiscal Discipline - David Muhlhausen, Heritage Foundation
Congress Should Not Gut Fuel Efficiency Standards - Scott Peters, WaPo
Fight Over the Arctic's Future Heats Up - Samantha Page, ThinkProgress
Tuesday, September 27
Is Ferguson Effect Behind Spike in Crime? - Max Ehrenfreund, WonkBlog
Obamacare Mandates Are Dead, Even if Hillary Wins - Jed Graham, IBD
The Case for Medicaid Expansion - Aaron Carroll, Upshot
Another Futile Year for a Do-Nothing Congress - Catherine Rampell, WP
Urbanism, Texas-Style - Joel Kotkin & Wendell Cox, City Journal
Texas Duels With Its Biggest School District - Ross Ramsey, Texas Trib
Liberals Ready to Give Up on Ohio's Charter Schools - Austin Yack, NRO
Police Officers Need to Get Better at CPR - Farzon Nahvi, New York Times
Death-Penalty Drugmaker Shouldn't Be Anonymous - Noah Feldman, BV
Congress Must Fix Home Respiratory Therapy Cuts - Dan Stark, RCH
The Heavy Hand of Early-20th Century Zoning - Laura Bliss, CityLab
George Will Is Wrong on Infrastructure Spending - Chris Edwards, Cato
Monday, September 26
How the Next President Can Avoid Energy Mistakes - Michael Webber, TC
The Global Pivot Towards Fiscal Policy - Gavyn Davies, Financial Times
Disraeli's Romanticism, Trump's Nationalism - R.R. Reno, First Things
What the Next President Should Do on Labor, Jobs - Trey Kovacs, CEI
NYC Bombing Spurs Push to Overhaul Emergency Alerts - McCabe, Hill
Is Political Correctness on Its Way Out at Colleges ? - Dalmia, Reason
Confidence in America vs. Dreary Pessimism - Peter Morici, Wash. Times
Native Hawaiians: Fed. Status Change a Sign of Progress? - Powell, CSM
Trump Alone Speaks for Non-Working Men - Michael B. Dougherty, TW
"Unbundling" Would Indicate Failure of Universities - Adam Tyner, RCEd
Clinton Gets Aggressive on Taxing Extremely Wealthy Heirs - Covert, TP
Voters Could Protect Transportation Funds - Vock, Governing
Saturday, September 24
The Necessity of the Rich - Richard Epstein, The Wall Street Journal
A Response to Richard Epstein - Edward Conard, AEIdeas
American Conservatism & the Problem of Populism - George H. Nash, NC
Timothy Sandefur on "The Permission Society" #2 - Tony Mills, RCPolicy
Gender Pay Gap Widens With Lower Minimum Wage - Rachel West, TP
Janet Yellen: Caught Between Policy & Reality - Jeffrey Snider, RCM
Globalization: A Progressive Approach - Jared Bernstein, Lori Wallach, TAP
Overtime Rules Mean Fewer Workers, Higher Prices - Andy Puzder, WSJ
President Trump's First Term - Evan Osnos, The New Yorker
The Supreme Court in the Balance - James Huffman, Hoover Institution
Conservatives Can Learn From Gary Johnson - Peter A. Lawler, NRO
Clinton: Into the Headwinds - Elizabeth Drew, The New York Review of Books
Friday, September 23
America's Versailles Set - Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution
The Riddle of Immigrant Voting - Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect
New Driverless Car Rules Could Cost Lives - Grant Broadhurst, RCPolicy
Reversion to the Angry - Arthur C. Brooks & Gail Collins, New York Times
New Orleans Better Post Katrina? Depends Who You Ask - Siri Colom, TP
Dallas: A Platform for Ambition - Howard Husock, City Journal
A "Social Contract" for the Drug Industry - Joanna Shepard, RCHealth
Self-Driving Cars & the Virtues of Federalism - Robert Tracinski, RCF
When Protests Turn Violent, The Truth Gets Torched - Nate Madden, CR
A Trump Admin Would Boost China, Mexico - Max Ehrenfreund, WonkBlog
Suddenly, a Shifting Pension Paradigm? - Steven Greenhut, Amer. Spectator
NC Law Stops Public From Seeing Police Shootings - German Lopez, Vox
Thursday, September 22
When It Comes to Baskets, We're All Deplorable - J.D. Vance, NYTimes
Junk Science Infesting Courtrooms - Harry Edwards, Jennifer Mnookin, WP
The Two Minds of Progressivism - David Azerrad, First Things
What Congress Is Actually Good At - Michelle Cottle, The Atlantic
Conservatives' Flight 93 Election - Donald Devine, American Conservative
Coaching Parents Reaps Huge Benefits - Rachel Herzfeldt-Kamprath, TP
Risks of Regulatory Ignorance - James Broughel, Dima Y. Shamoun, RCPolicy
In $15's Wake, Fair Scheduling Gains Momentum - Justin Miller, Prospect
Obama's Trolling May Have Trump As Its Legacy - Jonah Goldberg, NR
The Heroin Epidemic Is Changing the War on Drugs - German Lopez, Vox
How Energy, Conservation Became Partisan Issues - Carl M. Cannon, RCP
State Spending Caps No Formula for Success - Elizabeth McNichol, CBPP
Wednesday, September 21
Movement Conservatives Are Rooting for Hillary? - Michael Tracey, TAC
Trump's Status Quo Budget - James C. Capretta, National Review
Clinton's Tax Conceit - Richard A. Epstein, Hoover Institution
Trust in Media Is Collapsing - Jason Willick, The American Interest
"America's Raise" Ignores Real Story of U.S. Income - John Tamny, RCM
Treat Domestic Violence Like an Economic Issue - Sady Doyle, TalkPoverty
Individual Mandate Fine Hit 8M People This Year - Jed Graham, IBD
Congress: Get To Work on Overtime - Will Marshall & Cody Tucker, The Hill
Nurse Practitioners Can Help With Veterans' Health - Robert Frank, RCH
Universities: Pick Students Over Swaps - Dominic Russel, Aman Banerji, RF
Will the Texas Model Be a Victim of Its Own Success? - Mark Pulliam, CJ
Can Congress Build Bipartisanship With Caucuses? - Jennifer Victor, TC
Tuesday, September 20
Practical Fixes for a Broken Washington - Philip K. Howard, WSJ
Collapse of Community Has Fed Trump - John Daniel Davidson, Federalist
Hillary's Worst Health Problem: Obamacare - David Catron, Am. Spectator
The Conservative Lawyers vs. the Never Trumpers - Hadley Arkes, FT
Timothy Sandefur on "The Permission Society" - Anthony Mills, RCPolicy
Make the Public Option a Focus of the Campaign - John Nichols, Nation
Getting Immigrants Out of Detention Is Very Profitable - Steve Fisher, MJ
School Calendars and Maryland's Labor Day Mess - Jon Valant, Brookings
Trump's Unrealistic Plans for Economic Growth - Chad Stone, CBPP
"No More Baby" - Jay Nordlinger, National Review
Family Policy, Trump Style - Robert VerBruggen, American Conservative
South Dakota's Minimum Wage Fix - Patrick Brennan, Opportunity Lives
Monday, September 19
The Middle Class Is Disappearing Into the Upper Class - Mark Perry, AEI
America's Lost Workers - Jeff Madrick, New York Review of Books
The Only Christ We Deserve - Frank Buckley, American Greatness
Does the Goldwater Comparison Hold Up? - Geoffrey Kabaservice, FT
Free College Isn't the Solution - Charles J. Sykes, Salon
Trump's Child-Care Proposal: Be Like Sweden? - Mona Charen, NR
Polarization Will Challenge Next President - William Galston, Brookings
Trump & Clinton Childcare Plans Are Both Flawed - Bryce Covert, TNR
The Old Fed Is Dead - Robert J. Samuelson, Washington Post
Is America Like Soviet Russia? - Benjamin Weingarten, Conservative Review
Alaska's Offshore Arctic Development - Mead Treadwell, RealClearEnergy
Time to Phase Out Strategic Petroleum Reserve? - William O'Keefe, e21

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