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Wednesday, August 31
American Exceptionalism Is Human Exceptionalism - Stella Morabito, TF
How Welfare Vanished As a Political Issue - Will Marshall, The Hill
Regulations May Ruin Research Universities - Richard Epstein, Hoover
The New New Malthusians - Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
Soda Taxes Leave Bitter Taste, Empty Wallets - Jesse Hathaway, RCPolicy
Making Modern Toughness - David Brooks, The New York Times
EPA Inspector Calls Agency Out - Susan E. Dudley & Sofie E. Miller, Forbes
Congress Must Do More to Address Opioid Epidemic - Neil Davey, CAP
Self-Driving Cars & Regulatory Renewal - Ian Adams, R Street Institute
What Will Gov't Do After the Next Financial Crisis? - Aaron Klein, RCM
Why Finland Is Rejecting U.S. School Reforms - William Doyle, USA Today
Regulation Even a Regulator Doesn't Like - The Wall Street Journal
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Tuesday, August 30
Why Race Relations Got Worse - J.D. Vance, National Review
An Odd Conservative Argument About Welfare - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Is the Alt-Right Racist? - F.H. Buckley, The American Spectator
Obamacare: No Successes to Build On - Deane Waldman, RealClearPolicy
White Lives Matter to Be Listed As Hate Group - Ed Mazza, HuffPo
Republicans vs. Democrats: A tale of 2 GDPs - Ian Anson, The Conversation
White New Orleans Recovered. Not Black New Orleans - Gary Rivlin, TP
Obamacare's Economic Assumptions Collapse - Andy Puzder, RCP
Why White Pride Is Creepy While Black Pride Isn't - Rachel Lu, Federalist
Even on Immigration, Trump Isn't Consistent - Paul Waldman, Prospect
Affordable Day Care Gains Bipartisan Traction - Bradford Richardson, WT
Price Controls Won't Work Here, Either - Andrew F. Quinlan, DCExaminer
Monday, August 29
Does Judicial Deference Actually Matter? - Christopher J. Walker, LL&L
Hillary Clinton and the Radical Fringe - Ben Domenech, The Federalist
Federal Agencies Put Science Over Fear-Mongering? - Phil Goldberg, Hill
Can Cooperative Businesses Save Communities? - Matthew Robare, AC
The Cracks Start to Widen in Obamacare - Walter Russell Mead, AI
What Paul Ryan Misunderstands About Poverty - Stephanie Land, TP
The Coming Disaster Assistance Battles - Gabrielle Gurley, Prospect
NYPD's New Top Cop Has Big Shoes to Fill - Bob McManus, City Journal
Good News About Educational Inequality - Sean F. Reardon et al., NYT
Teaching American Government - Peter Augustine Lawler, NRO
Louisiana, Floods, & the Presidential Question - Douglas McCollam, NYer
Can California Voters Make Responsible Policy? - Carson Bruno, RCM
Saturday, August 27
Goldwater Deja Vu - Russell E. Saltzman, First Things
Compassion, Criticism for the White Working Class - Isaac Chotiner, Slate
After Baton Rouge: Recovery, Relief, Return - Danielle Baussan, RCPolicy
Navigating Political Strife, Unrest With Edmund Burke - Fred Bauer, WS
A Libertarian Case Against the 1996 Welfare Law - Samuel Hammond, TP
Shocked by Segregation - Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
Hillary Clinton: The Pioneer of the "Alt-Left" - Daniel Horowitz, CR
Saving the Declaration of Independence - Ryan Cole, RealClearHistory
Nuclear Waste: Danger or Opportunity? - Lewis M. Andrews, RCE
Trump Hurts Your Back-to-School Shopping List - Jay Chittooran, TW
If EpiPens Cost Too Much, Kids Will Die - Chirlane McCray, WaPo
EPA Moves to Regulate Airlines' Emissions - Colonel Chris J. Krisinger, AT
Friday, August 26
The Troubling Rise of American Pessimism - Damon Linker, The Week
What Baton Rouge Can Learn from New Orleans - Danielle Baussan, TP
White Working Class Needs Cultural Renewal - John Daniel Davidson, TF
The Comeback of Middle-Wage Jobs - Robert J. Samuelson, WaPo
Paul Ryan's Ignored Agenda - Ian Tuttle, National Review
Clinton Promises to Expand Failed Energy Polices - Peter Grossman, RCE
Welfare Reform: A Bipartisan Success Story - Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg
Leviathan in the Desert - Nathan Nielson, First Things
The U.S. Is Right to Move Away From Private Prisons - Clint Smith, NYer
Who Should Control National Parks? - John Freemuth & William Lowry, TC
Where Should Multinationals Be Taxed? - Michael Mandel, PPI
Forget GMOs. Pesticides Pose the Real Risk - Liza Gross, Prospect
Thursday, August 25
Will the American Experiment Survive 2016? - Benjamin Weingarten, CR
Government by Special Interests Is Not the Solution - James Wallner, DS
The Wrong Way to Stop Corporate Inversions - Eric Peterson, RCPolicy
You Need the Civil Society - Scott McKay, The American Spectator
The Fed & Fiscal Policy During the Obama Years - James C. Capretta, RCM
America's Bail System Is a War on the Poor - Rachel Marshall, Vox
Lessons from Michigan's Pro-Growth Reforms - Mary A. O'Grady, WSJ
The Federal Reserve's Trickle-Down Problem - Jeff Spross, The Week
Public Option Would Fix Insurance Marketplace - Scott Lemieux, Prospect
Overlooked By Media, Louisianans Help Themselves - Rachel Lu, TF
The Real Crime in Michigan Is What's Not Done - Chase Madar, NYT
Judicial Independence in Hamilton's Time and Ours - Adam J. White, CJ
Wednesday, August 24
The Delegitimizing of Social Control - Aaron M. Renn, City Journal
Obamacare Is Not in Crisis - Ezekiel Emanuel & Topher Spiro, WaPo
One Small Step Back to the Moon - Joshua Hampson, RealClearPolicy
Why Are There So Many Women in Jail? - Michelle Chen, The Nation
Ted Cruz Is Still Running for President - Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker
Did Welfare Reform Work? - Danny Vinik, Politico
Campaign Promises vs. Realities of Regulation - Susan E. Dudley, Forbes
Did Welfare Reform Put 3.5M Children In Poverty? - Robert Rector, DS
Suburban Sprawl Worsened Louisiana Flood Damage - Craig Colten, TC
Trump & Clinton: 2 Different Visions of the Economy - Irwin Stelzer, WS
Why the Public Should Mistrust Science - Tom Hartsfield, RealClearScience
America's Duty to Its Veterans - Rebecca Burgess, RealClearDefense
Tuesday, August 23
Are Immigrants Stealing Our Jobs? - Kevin Shih, The Conversation
The Coming Free Speech Apocalypse - Daniel Payne, The Federalist
Low-Income Men & Their Children - Natasha Cabrera & Ron Mincy, Prospect
It's Time to Fix the Broken Welfare System - Rep. Lloyd Doggett, TP
ObamaCare Is Splitting in Two - Peter Sullivan, The Hill
"Smart on Crime" Doesn't Lower Crime Rates - Sean Kennedy, RCPolicy
What Does the Public Make of Poverty? - Karlyn Bowman et al., AEIdeas
America's Story, Told Though Its Parks - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Clinton's Punitive "Exit Tax" - Editorial, Wall Street Journal
Welfare Reform 20 Years Later - Robert VerBruggen, American Conservative
Parks for All - Jenny Rowland, Center for American Progress
Hillary's "Checkpoint Clinton" Tax Plan - John Hart, Opportunity Lives
Monday, August 22
The Rich Recovered, the Poor Haven't Even Started - Jim Tankersley, WP
TANF at 20: Time for Reform - Donna Pavetti, RealClearPolicy
The U.S. Constitution Constrains Rent-Seeking - John O. McGinnis, LL&L
The Political & Cultural Plight Against Small Family Farming - Staff, TF
The Republican Party in Exile - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
Obama-Clinton Immigration Agenda Balkanizes U.S. - John Fonte, NR
A Drawdown in the War on Drugs - Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker
The Big Driver of Mass Incarceration That Nobody Talks About - AI
DEA Wins Battle, Losing War on Marijuana - Gabrielle Gurley, Prospect
Marriage Reduces Child Poverty - Paul Draper & Rachel Sheffield, DS
Federal Marijuana Policy Undermines Rule of Law - Wesley J. Smith, FT
The Jewish Jefferson - John Waters, RealClearBooks

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