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Thursday, March 26
Thomas Piketty's Newest Challenger - C.R., The Economist
Can Detectives End Black-on-Black Crime? - Robert VerBruggen, RCPolicy
How Poor Are the Poor? - Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times
SCOTUS Delivers for Pregnant Workers - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
A New Role for Public Broadcasting? - Howard Husock, National Affairs
Alabama vs. Predatory Lenders - Kate Wheeling, Pacific Standard
Doc Fix: Problem Solving Template - Huntsman & Lieberman, HuffPost
Obamacare Isn't Killing Medicare Advantage - Sarah Kliff, Vox
The Case for Lower Capital Gains Taxes - Jared Meyer, Fiscal Times
Renewables: The New Kids in Town - Gregor Macdonald, TPM
How the GOP Wants to Replace the ACA - Fawn Johnson, National Journal
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Wednesday, March 25
Hospitals Are Robbing Us Blind - Reihan Salam, Slate
So Roundup 'Probably' Causes Cancer - Nathanael Johnson, Grist
Reform Public Pensions Now - Jesse Hathaway, InsideSources
Pay Men to Spend Time With Their Kids? - Natalie Kitroeff, Bloomberg
The Reality of Obamacare - Peter Suderman, Reason
ACA: What's Good and Bad About U.S. Politics - Ezra Klein, Vox
Will ACA Enrollment Slow Down? - Margot Sanger-Katz, New York Times
The Sun Is Rising on Solar Panels - Froma Harrop, Creators
A Fracking-Fueled Crime Wave - Foran & Stamm, National Journal
Truly Higher Education - Peter Augustine Lawler, National Affairs
Why Police Need ShotSpotter - Eric W. Rose, The Crime Report
An Unappealing 'Doc Fix' - James C. Capretta, National Review
Tuesday, March 24
Fact-Checking ACA Coverage Claims - Edmund Haislmaier, Daily Signal
Obamacare's Fifth Anniversary - Clio Chang & Mark Zuckerman, TCF
What if Congress Won't Do Its Job? - Cameron Smith, RealClearPolicy
Campus Free Speech Isn't So Simple - Daniel W. Drezner, Washington Post
Unions Are Powerless; Workers Are Not - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
Meet the New Workers' Movement - Jeff Spross, The Week
Originalism and the Rule of the Dead - Joel Alicea, National Affairs
The Rise of Potent Weed - Christopher Ingraham | Keith Humphreys
The Final Frontier of Net Neutrality - Nicholas Nardini, Slate
SCOTUS Takes on Confederate Flag License Plates - Ariane de Vogue, CNN
A Primer on Death Spirals - Bryan Dowd, Incidental Economist
Monday, March 23
How Much Do Executive Orders Cost? - Gregory Korte, USA Today
Utah's Awful Mormon/LGBT Compromise - Walter Olson, The Daily Beast
Liberal Policies vs. Affordable Housing - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Who Kills Police Officers? - Max Kutner, Newsweek
Beyond Free Trade vs. Protectionism - Michelle Wein, RealClearPolicy
More Protection for Illegal Workers - Sean Higgins, Washington Examiner
Danger for the GOP in Balancing the Budget - Bill Scher, RealClearPolitics
Just How Nepotistic Are We? - Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, New York Times
How Activists Are Fighting Evictions - Alexis Stephens, Next City
How to Solve the 'Doc Fix' Dilemma - Jeffrey Dorfman, RealClearMarkets
FAQ: The End of Coal? - Staff, The Week
Time for Real Competition in Solar Markets - Lori Sanders, R Street
The Inheritance Tax Squeezes Small Businesses - Rachel Stoltzfoos, TheDC
Saturday, March 21
The Out-of-State-Business Tax Grab - Steve Malanga, Wall Street Journal
Obama's Climate Plan Is Constitutional - Freeman & Lazarus, Harvard Law
Which Gun Control Laws Work? - Francie Diep, Pacific Standard
The Medicare Fix - The Editors, Bloomberg View
Too Old to Commit Crime? - Dana Goldstein, Marshall Project
Fracking Is Good for American Consumers - Danny Vinik, New Republic
GOP Budgets: Trillion-Dollar Fraudsters - Paul Krugman, New York Times
The ACA and CBO's Expectations - Jeffrey H. Anderson, Weekly Standard
Shared Parenting Legislation Makes Sense - Ned Holstein, RealClearPolitics
Can Executions Be More Humane? - Jack Shuler, The Atlantic
King v. Burwell Doesn't Constitute 'Coercion' - Michael F. Cannon, NR
Friday, March 20
The Liberal Plan to Save the Middle Class - Jim Tankersley, Wash Post
Why Workers Won't Unite - Kim Phillips-Fein, The Atlantic
The Economics of California's Drought - Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution
War on Poverty: Was It Lost? - Christopher Jencks, New York Review of Books
ATF's 'Bullet Ban': Did the Comments Matter? - Stuart Shapiro, The Hill
Let the States Fix Obamacare - Stuart M. Butler, Brookings Institution
No Child Left Behind: No Miracles Here - Paul Thomas, The Conversation
Abortion vs. Sex Trafficking: D.C. and Albany - Ben Johnson, RCPolicy
Mandatory Voting: Good Idea? - Sean McElwee | Scott Shackford
Net Neutrality: How to Punish ISPs? - Lauren Williams, ThinkProgress
Judges Shouldn't Defer to Bureaucrats - Mike Rappaport, Library of L&L
Inflation Eats Away Poverty Benefits - Henry Aaron, RealClearMarkets
Thursday, March 19
How Obama Could Bypass the Supreme Court - William Baude, NYT
Utilities Experience Competition, Don't Like It - David Roberts, Grist
The Death of Free Speech on Campus - A. Barton Hinkle, Reason
Ferguson's Missing Young Black Males - Stephen Bronars, Forbes
Home Values Plummet in Ferguson - Daniel Rivero, Fusion
GOP Budget Might Double the Uninsured - Jonathan Cohn, Huffington Post
The House GOP's Unserious Budget - James Pethokoukis, The Week
Your Robert Durst Questions, Answered - Jessica Goldstein, ThinkProgress
Abolish the Debt Ceiling - Nicole Woo, C. for Economic and Policy Research
The Libertarian Constitution - Holloway | Root | Ponnuru
Controlling Criminals Without Locking Them Up - Kleiman et al., Vox
Are Overcrowded Prisons Unconstitutional? - Leon Neyfakh, Slate
Tech Manifesto for the GOP - Michael Rosen, American Enterprise Institute
A Pro-Growth Digital Agenda - Robert Atkinson & Doug Brake, Democracy
Wednesday, March 18
Balance the Budget for a Prosperous America - Rep. Tom Price, USA Today
How GOP Budgets Hide Spending Cuts - Ezra Klein, Vox
House Budget: Much to Be Desired - Nicole Kaeding, Cato Institute
Three Prescriptions for Better Health Care - Mitchell et al., RealClearPolicy
Public Pensions May Soon Look Worse - Farmer & Maciag, Governing
House's Immigration Plan: Mass Deportation - Philip Wolgin, ThinkProgress
Repeal the 'Doc Fix' - Grace-Marie Turner, Forbes
When State Laws Have Spillover Effects - Gerken & Dawson, Democracy
Meet the New Debt Ceiling - Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Money
Obama's Plan to End the Stadium Wars - Henry Grabar, Slate
The Rigged Economics of Race - Kathleen Geier, Pacific Standard
Sex Trafficking Victims: Rape Victims? - Paige Cunningham, DC Examiner
A Way Out on Immigration Reform - Alan Simpson & Bruce Morrison, NYT
The Democrats' New Gun Bill - Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review
Tuesday, March 17
The Class Gap in Unplanned Babies - Kay S. Hymowitz, RealClearPolicy
Houston: America's Fastest Growing Metropolis - The Economist
Poverty: Confusing Symptoms for Causes - Conor P. Williams, TPM
Should a Racist Be Allowed to Give a Speech? - Scott Clement, Wash Post
The Economic Determinants of Marriage - Matt Bruenig, Demos
Are Men's Earnings Really Declining? - Scott Winship, Forbes
A Free Market Case Against the Death Penalty - Peter Weber, The Week
The ACA and the Uninsured - Charles Blahous | Jeffrey Young
Our Kids' Growing Opportunity Gap - Reuben Finighan, The Conversation
End Birthright Citizenship - Mark Krikorian, National Review
Birth of a Tax Loophole - Russell Berman, The Atlantic
Is Robert Durst's Confession Admissible? - Stephen Carter | Noah Feldman
Republicans' Plan to Cut Medicaid - Sarah Kliff, Vox
Cannabusiness Opportunities in Indian Country - Jacob Sullum, Reason
Monday, March 16
Strippers Are Winning Their Labor Lawsuits - Sean Higgins, DC Examiner
Reining in the Executive Branch - Thomas A. Hemphill, RealClearPolicy
'Established by the State' in the ACA - Timothy Jost, Jurist
Poverty: Yes, Culture Matters - Ross Douthat, New York Times
The Secret Service's Alcohol Problem - Marc Ambinder, Politico Magazine
Will Net Neutrality Lead to Price Controls? - Brendan Sasso, National Journal
The Privilege of Checking White Privilege - John McWhorter, Daily Beast
Obamacare Led to Few Canceled Policies - Bruce Japsen, Forbes
How to Survive a Robot Uprising - Robin Hanson, Reason
The Path to Legal Marijuana - Josh Vorhees, Slate
Fossil Fuels Will Save the World - Matt Ridley, Wall Street Journal

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