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Monday, February 8
Why Doesn't 4.9% Unemployment Feel Great? - Heather Long, CNN
Robert Reich Gets Broadband Wrong - Doug Brake, RealClearPolicy
Obama's Gun Dealer Rule: Little Action - Lichtblau & Shear, NYT
Washington's 'Dark Matter' Regulations - Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., RCPolicy
Cadillac Tax: A Crucial Tool - Jason Furman & Matthew Fiedler, NEJM
Can Economic Growth Fix Social Security? - Johnson & Smith, Urban
Healthy Growth: Our Missing Ingredient - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Fact-Checking the Eighth GOP Debate - Eugene Kiely et al.,
Silicon Valley's Asian-People Problem - Razib Khan, Unz Review
America's Lottery Addiction - Staff, The Week
The Port Authority Leviathan - Seth Barron, City Journal
How Donald Trump Used Eminent Domain - Timothy B. Lee, Vox
Insurer Obamacare Losses Reach Billions - Bruce Japsen, Forbes
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Saturday, February 6
The Dark Underbelly of Truck Stops - Dan Livingston, Pacific Standard
Have You Seen the Missing Workforce? - Andrew Stettner, Century
The Nuances of the Ferguson Effect - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearPolicy
Single-Payer Collides With Reality - Sally C. Pipes, The Hill
A 'Fundamental Right' to Own Assault Weapons - Cristian Farias, Huff Post
890 Days to Become a Barber in Nevada - Andy Koenig, Politico
Minimum Wage Won't Reduce Inequality - Christos Makridis, TNR
Amazon Doubles Down on Lobbying - Andrea Peterson, Washington Post
Tribes Don't Get a Pass on Federal Law - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
A Weak Study on Planned Parenthood - Michael J. New, National Review
Friday, February 5
Fact-Checking the MSNBC Democratic Debate - Kiely et al.,
The State Department's Transparency Problem - Brett Schaefer, RCPolicy
Segregation Forever? - Adia Harvey Wingfield, The Atlantic
When Minimum Wage Surged in Six Cities - Jed Graham, IBD
Regulate Homemade Weapons - Rep. Mike Honda, The Hill
A Carbon Tax on Meat? - Niina Heikkinen, Scientific American
Puerto Rico Tries to Plunder Washington - John Gray, Conservative Review
The Case for 'Race-Conscious' Policies - Sawhill & Reeves, Brookings
What Unions Don't Do for the Middle Class - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, NR
Will Our Children Not Know Growth? - Lawrence Summers, Prospect (UK)
Obama's 'Cadillac Tax' Changes - Paul N. Van de Water, Huffington Post
What Good Are Private Insurers? - Christopher Flavelle, Bloomberg View
The CDC's Bad Messaging on Pregnancy and Alcohol - Aaron Carroll, TIE
Universal Pre-K Is Overrated - Kevin Huffman, Washington Post
Thursday, February 4
There Was No 'Libertarian Moment' - Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review
Racial Wealth Gap: Radical Solutions - Steve Phillips, The Nation
Colleges Fail Two-Thirds of Students - Preston Cooper, RealClearPolicy
Understanding America's Opioid Crisis - Livia Gershon, Pacific Standard
GOP Congress' Budget Hits Reality Hard - John R. Graham, RealClearPolicy
The ACA and Employment - Garrett & Kaestner | Antos & Capretta
Making Both Parties Happy Through the ACA - Newt Gingrich, Wash Post
Americans Want Limits on Their Presidents - Jeff Stein, Vox
Unemployment System Not Ready for a Recession - Ben Casselman, 538
Bank Rules Need Cost-Benefit Test - Eric Posner, Bloomberg View
Meet Your Unauthorized Government - Danny Vinik, Politico
Some Context For Blood Lead Levels in Flint - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Wednesday, February 3
Cruz Kills the Ethanol Lobby - Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner
How a Calif. City Saved Its Schools - Lillian Mongeau, Hechinger Report
Does the Retirement System Screw the Poor? - Robert VerBruggen, RCP
Unemployment: The Fate of Poor Black Boys - Gillian B. White, Atlantic
The Gender Commute Time Gap - Mark J. Perry, AEI
Why Medicare Is a Lousy Drug Negotiator - Margot Sanger-Katz, NYT
Does the Sanders Health Plan Add Up? - CRFB
Cosby Could Dodge Charges on a Technicality - Allie Conti, Vice
The American Dream Has Not Been Stolen - Michael Gerson, Wash Post
Obama's Hidden Climate Leverage - Brian Potts, Politico
A False Debate on Homelessness - Amien Essif, Jacobin
Conservative Case for Campaign Finance Reform - Richard Painter, NYT
Tuesday, February 2
Why Detroit's Teachers Are Suing - Kristina Rizga, Mother Jones
Obamacare: 2016 and 2017 - Robert Graboyes & Brian Blase, RealClearPolicy
Planned Parenthood and Citizen Journalism - Colb & Dorf, CNN
Why Open Enrollment Stalled - Robert Laszewski, HCPMR
Black America and the Class Divide - Henry Louis Gates Jr., NYT
The Renewables Revolution Is Unstoppable - Joe Romm, ThinkProgress
Ky. Should End All Ties to Obamacare - Nina Owcharenko, Daily Signal
Just Give Welfare to Everyone - Jeff Spross, The Week
How the Government Would Negotiate Drug Prices - Shih et al, HA
Let's Kill All the Mosquitoes - Daniel Engber, Slate
Reforming Oversight of Medical Devices - Chad Terhune, KHN
Unlock the Set-Top Box Market - Tom Wheeler, Re/code
The Science of Liberty - Arnold Kling, Library of Economics & Liberty
Is the TPP Good for America? - Simon Johnson, Project Syndicate
Monday, February 1
D.C. Is in Denial About Citizens United - Eisen & Penniman, RCPolicy
Obamacare Pummels an Insurer - Chris Conover, Forbes
Is Single Payer a Pipe Dream? - David Atkins, Washington Monthly
Predictive Policing Has Arrived - David Black, City Journal
Socialism Isn't Just More Government - Chris Maisano, Jacobin
The New Hampshire Primary Has Got to Go - Dylan Matthews, Vox
Is Rising Violence a 'Ferguson Effect'? - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Virginia's Small Improvement on Gun Policy - Editorial Board, Wash Post
If the House Wins Its ACA Lawsuit - Jed Graham, Investor's Business Daily
The Problem With 'Uber for Welfare' - Jeff Spross, The Week
Is Innovation Over? - Tyler Cowen, Foreign Affairs
Tallying the Costs of Open Carry - Matt Valentine, The Atlantic
Saturday, January 30
How Millionaires Get Obamacare Subsidies - Dan Mangan, CNBC
The Frustrating Truth About Obamacare - Jeffrey Young, Huffington Post
Raising the Retirement Age Is a Terrible Idea - Michael Hiltzik, LAT
Is Raising the Retirement Age Regressive? - Andrew G. Biggs, AEI
Bernie Sanders Takedowns Fall Flat - Ryan Cooper, Week
The Wrong Kind of Universal Basic Income - Shannon Ikebe, Jacobin
Why We Need Historic Districts - Justin Davidson, New York
End Historic Preservation Districts - Kriston Capps, CityLab
The Problem With the Ethanol Mandate - Margo Oge, New York Times
Economic Growth Isn't Everything - Noah Smith, Bloomberg View
Is Your State Prepared for a Recession? - Erick M. Elder, InsideSources
We Need Poverty-Based Affirmative Action - Harold O. Levy, Wash Post
Friday, January 29
Fact-Checking the Republican Debate - Eugene Kiely et al.,
A Case for Flat Consumption Taxes - David R. Burton, RealClearPolicy
The Next Flint - Jake Blumgart, Slate
Universal Basic Income: The Hard Questions - Scott Winship, Forbes
The Prosecution of Melissa Click - Garrett Epps, The Atlantic
Rape, Retribution, and 'Missoula' - Barry Latzer, City Journal
The Fed and the Great Recession - Mike Konczal, Roosevelt Institute
Cheap Oil Isn't Bad for the Environment - Froma Harrop, Creators
How to Make Free Trade Really Work - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Week
Economics in the Age of Abundance - J. Bradford DeLong, Project Syndicate
Spend Less on Seniors' Health Care - Stuart Butler, InsideSources
An Upbeat Economic Story - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
The Disastrous New Urban Agenda - Stephen Eide, Commentary

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