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Monday, April 21
How Detroit Found a Pot of Gold - Dan Kadlec, Time
Why Are Health Costs Rising Again? - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
Thomas Piketty's Inequality Death Spiral - Scott Winship, Forbes
Fifteen Years After Columbine - Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones
The U.S. Isn't Falling Behind in the STEM Race - Michael Teitelbaum, LAT
The Domestic Violence Support Gap - Dara Lind, Vox
Treat Wage Theft as a Crime - Catherine Rampell, Washington Post
What's Wrong with Victims' Rights? - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
The Truth About Chicago's Crime Rates - Bernstein & Isackson, Chicago
About That Gender Confidence Gap - Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, Federalist
Occupational Licensing Is Replacing Unions - Evan Soltas, Vox
Few Stay in the Top 1 Percent for Long - Mark Rank, New York Times
How to Tax High-Frequency Trades - Steven Rosenthal, Tax Policy Center
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Friday, April 18
Texas's 'Impossible' $10,000 Degree - Thomas K. Lindsay, RealClearPolicy
How Well Does College Pay? - Matthew M. Chingos, Brookings Institution
Free Market Reforms for Obamacare - Yevgeniy Feyman, DC Examiner
Obamacare Doomsayers Were Wrong - Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine
Did We Shovel $8 Billion to Insurers? - Seth Chandler, ACA Death Spiral
The Simple Reason Why Obamacare Succeeded - Sarah Kliff, Vox
An Unfolding ACA Fiscal Disaster - Charles Blahous, e21
Fighting Climate Change Isn't Cheap - Bjørn Lomborg, Project Syndicate
Taxing Solar Energy Is a Terrible Idea - John Aziz, The Week
Give Charter Schools a Chance - Kingsland & Whitmire, USA Today
Struggles of the Short-Term Unemployed - Mike Konczal, Next New Deal
How People Calibrate Their Fear of Crime - Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight
The Resegregation of Southern Schools - Nikole Hannah-Jones, Atlantic
Thursday, April 17
The Foreclosure Crisis Has Ended - Tim Cavanaugh, National Review Online
Michael Bloomberg vs. the NRA - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearPolicy
More Encouraging Obamacare News - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
Under ACA, Working More Could Cost You Money - Meyer & Russell, e21
Are Health Costs Growing Quickly Again? - Sarah Kliff, Vox
The False Promise of Single Payer - Sally C. Pipes, New York Post
Predicting How Long Unemployment Will Last - Ben Casselman, 538
Detroit's Generous Pension Deal - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
The Racial Divide of Pollution - John Upton, Pacific Standard
Bringing Hidden Taxes Into the Open - Casey B. Mulligan, New York Times
Is There Really a Heroin Epidemic? - David J. Krajicek, The Crime Report
Debating the Common Core - Joy Pullman & Mike Petrilli, The Federalist
Keystone Report: Hidden Dangers - Sen. Whitehouse & Rep. Waxman, CNN
Wednesday, April 16
A Better Way to Pay Federal Pensions - Rich Tucker, RealClearPolicy
WSJ's Misleading Defense of the Rich - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
The ACA Didn't Slow Health Cost Growth - Tom Liu, Incidental Economist
New York's Bold Move on Patient Protections - Chris Kardish, Governing
Taxing the Sharing Economy - Dan Rothschild, Public Sector Inc.
Blame the Government for Heartbleed - Julia Angwin, ProPublica
De Blasio's Policing Test - Heather Mac Donald, City Journal
Can Home Visits Improve Parenting? - Conor Williams, Washington Monthly
What the Data Say About Fracking's Risks - Terry Anderson, Defining Ideas
Paid Sick Days: A Backgrounder - Jessica Harris, On Labor
Why Student Loans Are Getting More Expensive - Libby Nelson, Vox
The Most Recent Data on Hate Groups - Christopher Ingraham, Wash Post
Tuesday, April 15
A Sadder and Poorer Tax Day - Grover Norquist, Washington Times
Uncluttering State Tax Systems - Will Marshall & Paul Weinstein, RCPolicy
Can Sebelius's Replacement Corral Health Cost? - Peter Orszag, Bloomberg
Admit It, Conservatives: Obamacare Is Working - Ezra Klein, Vox
The Doctor Won't See You Now - Joel Zinberg, City Journal
New CBO Report Is a Good Sign for Obamacare - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
The Importance of Men's Income - Natalie Scholl & Brad Wilcox, AEIdeas
Unemployment Cuts Aren't Prodding People to Work - Ben Casselman, 538
The Shortage of Female Confidence - Katty Kay & Claire Shipman, Atlantic
Where the Educated Are Most Segregated - Richard Florida, Atlantic Cities
The Danger of All-Powerful Mayors - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
In High-Poverty Schools, Give Everyone Free Lunch - Becca Segal, CBPP
The Policy Behind an Armed Standoff - Peter Weber, The Week
Monday, April 14
The Upside to Taxes: Inequality Insurance - Robert J. Shiller, NY Times
Is There a Way Out of Taxifornia? - Joseph Fleming, RealClearPolicy
The Absurdities of the IRS - Aparna Mathur, The American
Refusing to Expand Medicaid Kills People - Brian Beutler, New Republic
The Next Obamacare Disasters - Betsy McCaughey, New York Post
Diversity Won't Drive the Country Rightward - Ben Wrobel, ThinkProgress
Thomas Piketty's Path to Poverty For the Masses - Jeffrey Dorfman, RCM
What Drives Growth in Inequality? - Jared Bernstein, On the Economy
Unemployment and the Idleness Trap - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Our 18-Year Recession - Anthony B. Sanders, Confounded Interest
Justice Stevens's Constitutional Amendments - Scott Lemieux, Prospect
Ten Welfare Reform Lessons from New York City - Robert Doar, NRO
'Pay Secrecy': Often Illegal, and Misunderstood - Tom Dreisbach, NPR
Saturday, April 12
The Overblown IRS Scandal - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic
Income Tax: Ten Things to Fix - Chris Edwards, The Daily Caller
The Long-Term Effects of Tax Policies - Alan Viard, The American
Fix Social Security: A Millennial's Case - Brian Lamberta, Next New Deal
Troubling New Data for Obamacare - Seth Chandler, ACA Death Spiral
Sebelius Resigned Because Obamacare Won - Ezra Klein, Vox
Vt.'s Single Payer: Taxpayer Nightmare - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
Gentrification's Hidden Sweetheart Deals - Sally Kohn, Salon
Getting to Know the Real Fargo - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
Putting a Price on a Human Life - Uwe Reinhardt, New York Times
A Look at Germany's Apprenticeship Model - Nancy Cook, National Journal
The Decline of School Integration in Buffalo - Mark Byrnes, Atlantic Cities
A Chance for a Highway Trust Fund Fix - Eric Pianin, The Fiscal Times
Friday, April 11
Single Mothers and Inequality: The Link - Mian & Sufi, House of Debt
How Many People Are Insured Thanks to the ACA? - German Lopez, Vox
Is Kathleen Sebelius Obama's Rumsfeld? - Jeremy Lott, Rare
Sebelius Leaves Behind More Than a Website - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
GOP Budget Puts Trust in the American People - Rep. Paul Ryan, CNN
Is the Clean Coal Hype Justified? - Max Ehrenfreund, Washington Post
How Factories Explain the Pay Gap - Evan Soltas, Bloomberg View
Unanswered Questions About the Common Core - Frederick Hess, AEIdeas
How Important Is Tax Simplicity? - Howard Gleckman, Tax Policy Center
Trigger-Happy Cops Make Unhappy Citizens - The Economist
The Rise of Concentrated Poverty - Paul Jargowsky, Century Foundation
Government vs. Charity Reconsidered - Howard Husock, Forbes
Did Cutting Unemployment Grow the Workforce? - Matt Phillips, Quartz
How Immigration Complicates Racial Justice - Asad Asad, Pacific Standard

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