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Tuesday, September 1
Kim Kardashian Runs Afoul of FDA Rules - Neal Ungerleider, Fast Co.
Questioning the Common Core - Frederick M. Hess, RealClearPolicy
Planned Parenthood's Aggressive Defense - Ho & Snell, Washington Post
Obamacare vs. Flexible Spending Accounts - Brian Faler, Politico
GOP Lawmakers and the 'Gig Economy' - Ian Adams, RealClearPolicy
How Cities Can Beat Wall Street - Saqib Bhatti, In These Times
Campus Rape: What Left and Right Get Wrong - Mona Charen, EPPC
Yonkers's Ongoing Housing Fight - Jake Blumgart & Joseph Shuldiner, Slate
Does Medicare Advantage Lack Competition? - Roger Collier, HC Blog
Exaggerating the Libertarian Legal Movement's Power - Ed Whelan, NR
Sell Health Insurance Across State Lines? - Margot Sanger-Katz, NYT
Increase Welfare, Decrease Joblessness? - Anjali Shastry, Wash Times
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Monday, August 31
The Union That Rules New York - DiSalvo & Eide, City Journal
Libertarians Invade the Legal System - Brian Beutler, New Republic
Do Federal Prisoner Reentry Grants Work? - David Muhlhausen, RCPolicy
I Will Do What It Takes to End Gun Violence - Andy Parker, Wash Post
Gun Myths and Roanoke - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
How the Ruling Class Remade New Orleans - Thomas Adams, Jacobin
Mississippi's Katrina Story - Robert VerBruggen & Haley Barbour, RCP
The Problem With Micromanaging Cops - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Social Security's Complexity Is a Strength - Paul Solman, Huff Post
Economic Progress Works Better Than Protests - Joel Kotkin, Daily Beast
Facebook Faces Its Piracy Problem - Ellen Seidler, Vox Indie
DOJ's Failed Attack on N.C. Voting Reform - Adams & von Spakovsky, NR
Saturday, August 29
When Sex Offender Laws Put Families at Risk - Steven Yoder, Al Jazeera
Owen Labrie and an Odd Consent Law - Mark Joseph Stern, Slate
Resetting New York's Economy - Aaron M. Renn, City Journal
NLRB Could Reshape Franchise Labor - Catherine Fisk, On Labor
The 'John Doe' Fiasco Gets Worse - William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection
A Look at the Working Poor - Matt Bruenig, Demos
EPA Sidesteps a Court Ruling - Reed Hopper, Pacific Legal Foundation
Gun Control's Slow Progress - Suzy Khimm, The New Republic
'Sister Wives,' Polygamy, and Free Speech - Eugene Volokh, Wash Post
How Katrina Changed Education: A Symposium - Education Week
Economic Liberty vs. Security - Ryan Streeter, Weekly Standard
Buying Sex Should Not Be Legal - Rachel Moran, New York Times
Friday, August 28
Stop Blaming Me for Hurricane Katrina - Michael Brown, Politico
Do Guns Cause Violence? - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearPolicy
Rethinking Traffic Congestion - Robert Puentes, Brookings Institution
The Frightening Power of Homeschoolers - Jessica Huseman, Slate
LA's Crime Rise Is No Surprise - Joe Domanick, LA Times
NLRB Undercuts Outsourcing, Franchises - Jed Graham, IBD
When Cops Sell Guns to Citizens - Rebecca Leber, The New Republic
Poverty: Learning From Katrina - Malcolm Gladwell | Robert Doar
FDA Targets Vegan Mayonnaise - Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason
Scott Walker: Anti-Education? - Carmel Martin | Neal McCluskey
An Interactive Guide to Police Killings - Shen & Petrohilos, ThinkProgress
What Video Games Teach Us About IP - Tom Sydnor, Tech Policy Daily
Thursday, August 27
Reforming Gun Culture: A Conservative Case - Michael Dougherty, Week
How Common Are Workplace Murders? - Naomi Shavin, TNR
Birthright Citizenship Encourages Assimilation - Alex Nowrasteh, RCPolicy
The Toplessness Taboo - Catherine Rampell | Reihan Salam
Fewer Taxes, More Scientists - Steven Malanga, City Journal
It's Not Just Amazon, It's the Modern Workplace - Bryce Covert, Nation
Closing the Planned Parenthood Loophole - Scott Gottlieb, WSJ
Scott Walker, Crony Capitalist - Peter Suderman, Politico Magazine
Fixing the Grid, Improving Energy Policy - Ike Brannon, Weekly Standard
When Should Cops Use Deadly Force? - Jason Lee Steorts, Atlantic
When Parents Get Paid for Homework - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
A Key to Increasing Economic Mobility - Ron Haskins, RealClearMarkets
Cadillac Tax: Replace, Don't Repeal - John C. Goodman, Health Care Blog
'Anchor Babies' Are Great for the U.S. - Amanda Taub, Vox
Wednesday, August 26
Can Feds Be Fired for Adultery? - Lisa Rein, Washington Post
Can Ashley Madison Victims Sue? - Andrew Kloster, Daily Signal
Clean Power Plan: Acid Rain Part 2? - Ross McKitrick, RealClearPolicy
The Resilience of Black Child Poverty - Clio Chang, Century Foundaton
Is Polyamory Next? - Robert P. George, The American Interest
Appalachia's Coal Industry Collapses - Laura Gottesdiener, In These Times
Are Racial 'Tipping Points' Overblown? - Daniel Hertz, City Observatory
Every Version of Every Bill in Congress - Jim Harper, Daily Caller
Pro-Choice Questions, Pro-Life Answers, Part II - Ross Douthat, NYT
Obamacare's Accounting Problem - Allison Schrager, Quartz
Our Broader Immigration Problems - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Economics 21
Ted Cruz vs. Civil Rights Law - Zack Ford, ThinkProgress
On Privatizing Marriage - Max Borders, Foundation for Economic Education
Tuesday, August 25
The Black Lives Matter Policing Plan - Harold Pollack, New York
Congress vs. Campus Speech Restrictions - Thomas K. Lindsay, RCPolicy
The Middle Class, Hollowed Out - David Madland, ThinkProgress
Two Approaches to Campus Sexual Assault - Andrew Kloster, Daily Signal
Making 5 Million Eligible for Overtime - Drew DeSilver, Pew Research
Can New York Ban Commercial Toplessness? - Eugene Volokh, Wash Post
What Market Swings Mean for Inequality - Josh Zumbrun, WSJ
The Problem With Private Exchanges - John C. Goodman, Forbes
How Changeable Is Gender? - Richard A. Friedman | German Lopez
Shaky Studies on Women in STEM - John Rosenberg, Minding the Campus
Can Justice Reform Survive a Crime Spike? - Jim Geraghty, NR
Would More Lobbying Improve America? - Kevin Hartnett, Politico
Monday, August 24
The Problem With 'Pink Viagra' - Emily Nagoski, LA Times
Courts Worsen the Pension Mess - Josh B. McGee, RealClearPolicy
Why Liberals Separate Race from Class - Toure F. Reed, Jacobin
How Minimum Wage Could Enrich Landlords - Adam Ozimek, Forbes
Can Cars Use Half as Much Gas? - Kate Galbraith, Grist
Did Socialism Keep Capitalism Equal? - Branko Milanovic, Global Inequality
An Uber for Planes - Lauren Gardner, Politico
We're No. 1 (for Mass Shootings) - Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones
Gay Rights and the Race Analogy - John Corvino, New York Times
Conservatives' New Voice on Poverty - J.B. Wogan, Governing
How Housing Policy Affects Inequality - John McGinty et al., Urban
Immigration Truths for the GOP - Kurt Schlichter, IJ Review
New Thoughts on 'Capital' - Thomas Piketty, TED
Saturday, August 22
Topless in Times Square: A Legal View - James C. McKinley Jr., NYT
An ACA Lawsuit That Might Succeed - Sarah Kliff, Vox
Planned Parenthood: Videos Illegal - Kevin Cirilli, The Hill
Does Birthright Citizenship Help Kids? - Francie Diep, Pacific Standard
Welcome to Maternity Hotel California - Benjamin Carlson, Rolling Stone
Citizenship in the 14th Amendment - Howard Foster, National Review
A Practical Approach to Family Policy - Lauren K. Hall, Cato Unbound
The End of Walking - Antonia Malchik, Aeon
When Shutting a Pension Plan Costs Money - Michael Hiltzik, LA Times
Walker Would Leave Many Uninsured - Howard Gleckman, Forbes
The States Most Dependent on Sin Taxes - Mike Maciag, Governing
Congress: Printing Money by the Barrel - Danny Vinik, New Republic

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