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Friday, September 19
Where Inequality Has Fallen the Fastest - DePillis & Guo, Wash Post
Stop the Sob Stories on Student Debt - Jeffrey Dorfman, Forbes
Another Anti-ACA Talking Point Goes Poof - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
Enrollees Are Paying Premiums. We Think. - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Why Marriage Is Linked to Child Outcomes - Scott Stanley, Family Studies
Whatever Happened to Gun Control? - George Zornick, The Nation
State Prison Populations on the Rise - King & Elderbroom, Urban
Yes, Sometimes Women Lie About Rape - Cathy Young, Slate
The U.S. Has a Femicide Problem - Rachel Lu, The Federalist
Obama: Easy on Lawbreaking Banks? - David Sirota, In These Times
Holder's Legacy on Wall Street Fraud - David Dayen, Fiscal Times
Did Quantitative Easing Work? - Matt Phillips, Quartz
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Thursday, September 18
Are Conservative Cities Better? - Ethan Epstein, Politico Magazine
The Government Won't Let Colleges Cut Tuition - Ike Brannon, American
Insurers Are Shifting Costs to the Sick - Charles Ornstein, ProPublica
The CDC's Misleading Rape Numbers - Cathy Young, Time
Uniforms, Dress Codes, and Minimum Wage - Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress
The Limits of Urban Policy - Lewis McCrary, RealClearPolitics
Leaky Gas Wells, Not Fracking, Are Polluting Water - Brad Plumer, Vox
Why Is Childhood Disability Rising? - Bill Gardner, Incidental Economist
Can Domestic Abusers Change? - Katie McDonough & David Adams, Salon
How to Reboot - Andrew Sprung, The New Republic
Hitting Your Kids is Legal in All 50 States - Denver Nicks, Time
Pennsylvania's Lethal Injection Fiasco - Christopher Moraff, Daily Beast
Wednesday, September 17
What's Your Income Percentile Ranking? - Political Calculations
California Is Over-Legislating Sex - Batya Ungar-Sargon, The New Republic
A New Wave of ACA Plan Cancellations - Michael Tanner, National Review
Progress in Expanding Health Coverage - Lambrew & Fiedler, White House
Obamacare: More Data, More Questions - Peter Suderman, Reason
Is Online Education Rife With Cheating? - Thomas K. Lindsay, RCPolicy
Colleges' Pell Grant Shell Game - Ry Rivard, Inside Higher Ed
New Poverty Data: Three Things to Know - Boteach & Fremstad, CAP
Does Moving Poor People Work? - Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times
Why the Imprisonment Rate Keeps Falling - Keith Humphreys, Wash Post
Scary Implications of Modern Wealth Inequality - Richard Reeves, RCM
Immigration, Wages, and Employment - Alex Nowrasteh | Steven Camarota
Democracy and the Donor Class - Gara LaMarche, Democracy
The SEC's Weak Diversity Rule - Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress
Tuesday, September 16
How Pornography Is Like Incest - Christopher O. Tollefsen, Public Discourse
The Rise of Food Stamp Work Requirements - Jake Grovum, Stateline
Six False Claims by Thomas Piketty - Dubay & Furth, The Federalist
The Roughed-Up American - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
When Wages Are Seized to Pay Debts - Kiel & Arnold, ProPublica/NPR
Missouri's Insulting Abortion Waiting Period - Scott Lemieux, The Week
Obamacare's Abortion Shell Game - Arina O. Grossu, National Review
Gender Quotas Worked in Norway. Why Not Here? - Alice Lee, TNR
Should Governments Control the Internet? - Rosenzweig et al., RCPolicy
Obamacare Promotes Family Values - Dean Baker, Truthout
Reinflating the Housing Bubble? - Norbert Michel, Daily Signal
Two Cities Fight Climate Change - Michael Ryan, Smart Growth America
Monday, September 15
The Path to Replacing Obamacare - Capretta & Levin, Weekly Standard
States Can Go Their Own Way on the ACA - Chris Kardish, Governing
Ferguson's Massive Cover-Up - Paul Rosenberg, Salon
The Cities Attracting the Most Families - Joel Kotkin, New Geography
Are Married Parents Good for Kids? - W. Bradford Wilcox, Family Studies
The Case for Open Borders - Dylan Matthews & Bryan Caplan, Vox
Does Minimum Wage Kill Jobs or Hours? - Mark J. Perry, AEIdeas
Slowly, Diversity Is Coming to Congress - Philip Bump, Washington Post
The Economic Gender Gap Will Eventually Close - Tyler Cowen, NYT
Is There a Hispanic Health Crisis? - Alex Berezow, RealClearScience
Five Ways to Reduce Domestic Violence - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
Birth Control and Politicized Health Care - Daniel J. Mitchell, Federalist
Scientific Misconduct Should Be a Crime - Nuwer & Smith, New Scientist
Saturday, September 13
If Obamacare Fails, Blame the States - Brianna Ehley, Fiscal Times
Newsweek's Top Schools: Demographics - Robert VerBruggen, RCPolicy
Big Government, Happy Citizens? - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
Cops' License to Steal Your Money - Jacob Sullum, Forbes
America's Poor, Deeper in Debt Than Ever - Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg
Should It Be Illegal to Expose Someone to HIV? - Mary Williams, Salon
What We Didn't Learn From the Financial Crisis - Kurtzleben & Wolf, Vox
Why GMO Labeling Might Finally Win - Chris Kardish, Governing
How to Thwart Online Drug Dealing - Ford Vox, Scientific American
Is There a Manufacturing Skills Gap? - Sven Boll | Dean Baker
Legal Immigrants Who Can't Work - Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN
Immigration: Let the Right Ones In - Matt Steinglass, Economist
Friday, September 12
Alaska: The Rape Capital of the U.S. - Sara Bernard, The Atlantic
Permanent Alimony: Family Is Unfair - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
A New Way to Measure Inequality - Nick Bunker, Equitable Growth
The Student Loan 'Refinancing' Deception - Jason Richwine, NRO
Public Pensions: Still Marching to Their Death - Jeffrey Dorfman, Forbes
The Long Road to Male Birth Control - Julia Belluz, Vox
High Housing Costs vs. California Growth - Carson Bruno, RCM
Ray Rice Was Never Going to Jail - Jenny Kutner, Salon
Kids Aren't Getting Enough Preventative Care - Sam Collins, ThinkProgress
The Inflation Cult - Paul Krugman, New York Times
A Legal Right to Criticize Businesses - Scott Shackford, Reason
Does Fracking Increase Health Risks? - Laura Bliss, CityLab
Privacy and 'Abandoned' Emails - Nancy Scola, Washington Post
Thursday, September 11
College Is Already Free for Poor Kids - Stephen Rose, Republic 3.0
Boosting College Graduation Through Triage - Robert VerBruggen, RCPolicy
Do We Have Too Many Immigrants? - Jason Karaian, Quartz
Animal Rights vs. Unions in NYC - Matthew Hennessey, City Journal
Understanding the Gender Pay Gap - Kay Hymowitz, Family Studies
Do We Need a 'Digital First Sale Doctrine'? - Tom Sydnor, Tech Policy Daily
Eva Moskowitz's Success: What We Know - Paul Bruno, Fordham
How Cities Build Vibrant Tech Scenes - Brady Dale, Next City
Regulating the Digital Economy: A Symposium - Democracy
The Violence Against Women Act, 20 Years Later - Joe Biden, Time
Should We Return to the Gold Standard? - e21 | James Pethokoukis
Congress's Troubling New Spending Bill - Romina Boccia, Daily Signal
Wednesday, September 10
Liberals and Over-the-Counter Birth Control - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Warming Pause: What Do We Really Know? - Ronald Bailey, Reason
The Push to Ban Assault Weapons Is Over - Lois Beckett, ProPublica
How Did Members of Congress Get So Wealthy? - Noah Gordon, Atlantic
Milwaukee's Taxi Monopoly Comes Crashing Down - John Kerr, RCPolicy
Ending College Sexual Assault - Jay Caspian Kang, Harper's
The End of 'Tough on Crime'? - Emily Badger, Washington Post
Downward Mobility in Higher Education - Libby Nelson, Vox
Ohio's War on Abortion Clinics - Robin Marty, The Guardian
Why Bankers Weren't Busted - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg View
Obamacare's Part-Time Nation - John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist
The War on Coal Is a Culture War - Ronald Brownstein, CityLab
Tuesday, September 9
Junk Food Is Good for the Environment - Gwynn Guilford, Quartz
No, We Don't Need More Bureaucrats - Rich Tucker, RealClearPolicy
The Latest Pro-Obamacare Spin - James C. Capretta, The Weekly Standard
Letting Kids Stay on Their Parents' Insurance - Jason Millman, Wash Post
Why It's So Hard to Count Rape Rates - Claire Groden, The New Republic
The Budget Crisis Could End One of Two Ways - Ron Haskins, RCM
Are Some Think Tanks 'Foreign Agents'? - Lipton et al. | Bershidsky
Obamacare's Devious Device Tax - Sally Pipes, Forbes
How Climate Change Will Affect Cities - von Baldegg et al., The Atlantic
Who Wins When Cops Wear Cameras? - Matt Taylor, Vice
The Death of Interest Rates' 'Zero Bound' - Alex J. Pollock, AEIdeas
The Emergence of 'Big Higher Ed' - Jon Marcus, Hechinger Report

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