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Tuesday, May 3
A Tale of Two Indianas - Byron York, Washington Examiner
Trump's Trade Wall Will Make America Poorer - Simon Lester, Newsweek
TPP Would Let America, Not China, Lead on Trade - Barack Obama, WaPo
Obama's Games May Doom Immigration Reform - Shikha Dalmia, Reason
Is Basic Income the Answer to U.S. Poverty? - Annie Lowrey, New York
Why Are Blacks Leaving Liberal Cities? - Aaron Renn, City Journal
Overcoming Market Obstacles to New Antibiotics - Jim O'Neill, Project Syn
Detroit Public Schools Will Be Broke by June - Tara Golshan, Vox
Criminal Justice Bill Still Ignores Intent - Orrin Hatch, Washington Times
Here's How States Can Contain Health Care Costs - Scheffler & Glied, NYT
Make Colleges Back Up Their Student Loans - Kupiec & Nabil, NRO
Two Solutions to Aging Population Challenge - Milena Nikolova, Brookings
Monday, May 2
Happy Birthday, Amtrak. You're Terrible. - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
To Fix Puerto Rico, Use the DC Model - Darrell Issa, National Review
Why Are Government Jobs Down? - Stephen Eide, RealClearPolicy
What Can Stop Kids From Dropping Out - David Kirp, New York Times
Dear Indiana: You're Not Getting Killed on Trade - Scott Lincicome, Fdrlst
Breathalyzers, Textalyzers, and the Constitution - Noah Feldman, BV
Let Private Sector Handle Air Traffic Control - George Donohue, Rich. T-D
The Voter-ID Fight in Missouri - David Graham, The Atlantic
How North Carolina's About to Hurt Every Minority - Gene Robinson, DB
Merrick Garland Really Is Anti-Gun - Michael Hammond, USA Today
It's a Great Time to Be a Multinational Corporation - Jim Roumell, WaPo
Braves Play Taxpayers Better Than Baseball - Boudway & Smith, BBW
Saturday, April 30
Half of Prince's Estate Goes to the Gov't - Rachel Greszler, Daily Signal
Why I'm Suing the NYT for Discrimination - Marjorie Walker, The Guardian
Are Stay-at-Home Dads on the Rise? - John Robertson, Macroblog
Medicare Is Getting A Serious Makeover - Cory Herro, ThinkProgress
Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic
The Myth of Medicare's Excellence - Scott W. Atlas, Hoover Institution
Restoring Overtime Will Benefit Millions - Ross Eisenbrey, EPI
Teen Birth Rate Hits an All-Time Low - Ariana Eunjung Cha, Wash Post
Hillary'll Govern More Like Bernie Than You Think - Scott Lemieux, TNR
$458 Billion in Taxes Go Unpaid - Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Money
Who Are the Remaining Uninsured? - Aaron Carroll, AcademyHealth
Synthetic Drugs Send States Scrambling - Sarah Breitenbach, Stateline
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Friday, April 29
America's Coming Tax Increase - Edward Paul Lazear, Hoover Institution
Enforcing Seattle's Minimum Wage Law - Edward Nasser, On Labor
The Law That Created Our Immigration Problem - Dara Lind, Vox
Okla.'s Retrograde Rape Ruling - Christina Cauterucci, Slate
Obama's Economic Disappointment - Narayana Kocherlakota, Bloomberg
Nebraska's Poor Get Sick and Get Sued - Paul Kiel, ProPublica
The Safety Net and Incentives to Work - Ed Dolan, EconoMonitor
Why Felons Should Be Allowed to Vote - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
High-Risk Pools Don't Work - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Ransomware: A New Crime for a New Century - Karl Eisenhower, RCP
How to Tax Like Denmark - Jonathan Chait, New York
The Divorce Gap - Darlena Cunha, The Atlantic
Thursday, April 28
Confronting the Pornography Crisis - Paul S. Loverde, First Things
Coming Policy Struggle: Trump vs. the GOP - Paul Waldman, Wash Post
Horatio Alger Matters - Mark Pulliam, Library of Law & Liberty
The Economics of the Gender Wage Gap - Kate Bahn, CAP
States Are Skimping on Higher Ed - Jillian Berman, MarketWatch
The Injustices of the Bail System - Ted Lieu, TalkPoverty
Are Cops Less Likely to Shoot Unarmed Blacks? - Tom Jackman, Wash Post
Ending Welfare as We Know It - Michael Tanner, National Review
End Forced Arbitration - Sonia Gill & Amanda Werner, Politico
Free Tuition: A Giveaway to the Rich - Michael Hiltzik, LA Times
When Smart Supreme Court Justices Play Dumb - Linda Greenhouse, NYT
Wednesday, April 27
Are We Seeing Good Climate News? - Gregor Macdonald, TPM
What If We Just Gave People Money? - Andrew Flowers, FiveThirtyEight
Proof That Women Face Age Discrimination - David Neumark, LA Times
The Budget as a Video Game - Brookings Institution
Evidence of Obamacare's Effectiveness - Laurel Raymond, ThinkProgress
"Disappearing Pensions" Hurting the Economy? - Michael Molinski | Andrew Biggs
Don't Raise the Smoking Age to 21 - Lindsey Stroud, InsideSources
Sanders' Right-Wing Case Against Soda Taxes - Jonathan Chait, New York
Let's Hear It for Tax and Spend - Robert Kuttner, Huffington Post
Is More Guns, Less Crime a "Lie"? - Ari Robin-Havt | Brian Doherty
Lifting the Oil Export Ban Is Working - Stephen Moore, IBD
Why a Judge Upheld N.C.'s Voter ID Law - David A. Graham, The Atlantic
Tuesday, April 26
The End of Democracy in America - Myron Magnet, City Journal
"Creative Class" or Just Rich People? - Carolyn Zelikow, Market Urbanism
Think Tankers Take the "Bubble Quiz" - Chuck DeVore, RealClearPolicy
What's the Real Gender Pay Gap? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Terry McAuliffe Breaks the Constitution - von Spakovsky & Clegg, NR
A Victory for Democracy in Virginia - Jonathan Bernstein, Bloomberg View
I Broke North Carolina's Bathroom Law - Lily Carollo, Vox
Finding a Middle Ground on GMOs - Baylen Linnekin, Reason
Globalization Drives Voters to Extremes - Schwartz & Bui, New York Times
Privatizing Public Transit Lowers Costs - Adam Millsap, Forbes
The Classifications of Climate Change Thinkers - Richard Muller, Huff Post
What Is a Smart City? - Sophie Quinton, Stateline
Monday, April 25
Early Analysis of Seattle's $15 Wage Law - Peter Kelley, U of Washington
Ed Reformers, Stop Giving Parents a Pass - Hess & Robinson, RCPolicy
The Problems a Basic Income Can Solve - Olivia Goldhill, Quartz
Beyond Bathroom Talk - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
Scalia: Living Constitutionalist? - John O. McGinnis, Library of Law & Liberty
Thinking Through Sentencing Reform - Peter Orszag | David Murray
Single Payer: Dead or Just Sleeping? - Michael Hiltzik, LA Times
The Reactionary Mind - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Solar Needs a More Aggressive Cost Target - Sivaram & Kann, Nature
The Middle Class Is Doing Okay - Scott Winship, National Review
Can Cities Claw Back Business Subsidies? - Gabrielle Gurley, Prospect
Sanders Considers Banning Cigarettes - Curt Mills, Washington Examiner
Saturday, April 23
We'll Fix Social Security By Not Fixing It - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
A New Wave of Education Lawsuits - Andrew J. Rotherham, US News
The Real Reason Obamacare Is Sputtering - Jeff Spross, The Week
Obamacare's Increasing Instability - James C. Capretta, National Review
Have We Solved Climate Change Yet? - Tim McDonnell, Slate
A Non-Truth About Trade - Jared Bernstein, On the Economy
Protect Puerto Ricans' Retirement Security - Bailey Childers, The Hill
No One Walks in L.A. and That's Fine - Joseph Mailander, Reason
Tubman Fits the Bill - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
$15 Minimum Wage: Highest in the World - Kristiana Mork, Daily Signal
Right-to-Work Laws: Unconstitutional? - Shaun Richman, In These Times
Term Limits Don't Boost Women in Politics - Liz Farmer, Governing

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