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Tuesday, September 2
Five Feminist Myths That Will Not Die - Christina Hoff Sommers, Time
Why Uber Must Be Stopped - Andrew Leonard, Salon
What Unions No Longer Do - Justin Fox, Harvard Business Review
Are Unions Dead? - Jonathan Cohn & Rich Yeselson, TNR
The Criminalization of American Business - The Economist
Immigrants Are Healthier Than Natives - Philip Cohen, Family Inequality
The Risks of Modern Immigration - Gregory Clark, Foreign Affairs
Where the Supreme Court Gets Its Facts - Adam Liptak, New York Times
Conservative States Are Bending on Obamacare - Dylan Scott, TPM
Did Obamacare Lower Wages? - Salim Furth | Adam Ozimek
A White Supremacist's Gun Case - Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones
High School Should Start Later in the Day - Libby Nelson, Vox
Buyer's Remorse on Common Core? - Hefling & Smyth, AP
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Saturday, August 30
Hire a Million More Federal Bureaucrats - John J. DiIulio Jr., WaPo
Who Gets Shot in America? - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearPolicy
Is It Racist to Oppose Polygamy? - Maggie Gallagher, National Review Online
Endangered Species vs. Rich Suburb - Brian Seasholes, Reason Foundation
Equal Opportunity Is Over - John D. Skrentny, Time
St. Louis Wants More Immigrants - Alexia Campbell, National Journal
California's Pension-Spiking Bonanza - Steven Greenhut, Reason
Urbanization Can Enhance Creativity - Luis Bettencourt, Huffington Post
Money Won't Fix Public Education - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, MarketWatch
Taxes: Cut Rates or Help Parents? - Daniel J. Mitchell | James Pethokoukis
Fracking Contaminated Water in Pennsylvania - Lindsay Abrams, Salon
Thank Fracking for Low Gas Prices - Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller
Friday, August 29
The Biggest Thing Blue States Are Screwing Up - Matthew Yglesias, Vox
Pensions: When You Can't Trust Trustees - Steve Malanga, Public Sector
When Abortion Was Legal in Just 6 States - Amelia Thomson-Deveaux, 538
Aerial Surveillance: Do You Need a Warrant? - Conor Friedersdorf, Atlantic
Slimming the College-Tuition Beast - Judah Bellin, City Journal
Should Attacking the Homeless Be a Hate Crime? - Sandra Fish, Al Jazeera
Obama's Non-Binding Climate Accord - Rupert Darwall, NRO
Lifting the Curtain on Lethal Injections - Caitlin Dickson, Daily Beast
Build Better Teachers - Mona Charen, Creators
Internet Voting Is a Dangerous Idea - Marc Ambinder, The Week
Immigration Reform Need Not Be So Difficult - Mark Salter, RCP
Regulations Stifling Health Innovation? - Tim Maliyil, Health Care Blog
Thursday, August 28
West Virginia in Economic Freefall - Chico Harlan, Washington Post
The Crony Capitalism of the Creative Class - Dennis Saffran, City Journal
Should the SAT Be Optional? - Jonathan Wai, Quartz
Which Immigrants Own Businesses? - Vasilogambros & Stamm, Natl Jrnl
Ten Gun Laws That Interfere With Self-Defense - Eugene Volokh, Volokh
Kids and Guns: Lessons From Arizona - Robert VerBruggen, RealClearPolicy
Capitalizing on Gentrification in Bed-Stuy - Alexis Stephens, Next City
Obamacare's Obscure CEO Tax - Sarah Kliff, Vox
Time to Push for Medicaid-Funded Abortions - Dani McClain, The Nation
Debating Corporate Taxes - Bernstein | Baker | Bernstein | Baker
Our Immigration System Is Not Broken - Byron York, Washington Examiner
We Should Charge More for Green Cards - Jordan Weissmann, Slate
Wednesday, August 27
What It Really Costs to Live in San Francisco - Kriston Capps, CityLab
Will Public Employees Cut Their Own Pensions? - Richard Johnson, Urban
The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism - Thomas B. Edsall, NYT
We've Been Counting CO2 Emissions All Wrong - Douglas Main, Newsweek
The Student Loan Hype Machine - Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg View
Police Shootings: Stun Guns Aren't a Cure-All - James Queally, LA Times
Ferguson and the Poorest Corners of Town - Ben Casselman, 538
Death Penalty Politics, Gutsy and Easy - Mike Littwin, Colorado Independent
Why Postal Banking Won't Work - Jacob Anbinder, The Week
What Charter Schools Are Getting Right - Conor P. Williams, Daily Beast
Big Business Buys Its Tax Dodging Rights - Tim Fernholz, Quartz
Does IP Help the Economy? - Mark Schultz & Adam Mossoff, Tech Policy Daily
The Gap Has No Gender Pay Gap - Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress
Tuesday, August 26
Et Tu, Burger King? - Jared Bernstein, Washington Post
Why Burger King Might Head to Canada - Myles Udland, Business Insider
Prosecuting Darren Wilson: The Legal Hurdles - Brian Levin, HuffPost
Can't Find a Job? Blame Obamacare - John C. Goodman, Forbes
Sex Reassignment, Thanks to Obamacare - Anna Gorman, KHN
Keeping an Eye on Regulators - Hopkins & Broughel, RealClearPolicy
Let's Talk About White-on-White Crime - Matthew Yglesias | Reihan Salam  
Immigration Policy Tears Families Apart - Yana Kunichoff, In These Times
A Tale of Two Abortion Wars - Ananda Rose, Pacific Standard
Megacities: Welcome to the Billion-Man Slum - Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast
Should New Jersey Take Over Atlantic City? - Steve Eide, Public Sector Inc.
Why Free Birth Control Matters - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
Can Tiny Nuclear Plants Avoid Regulations? - Tom Hartsfield, RCScience
Monday, August 25
The Perils of Police Cameras - The Editors, Bloomberg View
White People: Unusually Self-Segregated? - Robert VerBruggen, RCPolicy
Don't Take Crime Statistics Seriously - Dara Lind, Vox
College Football Is Ruining Education - Steve Almond, The New Republic
Universal Income and Work Incentives, Part 2 - Ed Dolan, EconoMonitor
Ban Hiring Discrimination Against the Jobless? - Jeffrey Stinson, Stateline
Democratic Presidents: Economy Boosters? - Robert Samuelson, Wash Post
Yes, 'Broken Windows' Policing Saved Lives - Franklin E. Zimring, NY Post
Repeal the Corporate Income Tax - N. Gregory Mankiw, NYT
What the Clean Air Act Accomplishes - Emily Atkin, ThinkProgress
Prosecution Gets Smart - Heather Mac Donald, City Journal
How Common Are False Convictions? - George Lavender, In These Times
Saturday, August 23
Could a Typo Doom Obama's Carbon Rule? - Jack Lienke, Grist
Calling SCOTUS's Hobby Lobby Bluff - Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress
Nonmarital Birth Statistics: Good or Bad News? - Charles Murray, AEIdeas
The Climate: What's Actually Happening - Thor Benson, Pacific Standard
Who Police Kill in America - Dara Lind, Vox
There Are Echoes of Ferguson in Detroit - Kriston Capps, CityLab
Cops and 'Less Lethal' Flash-Bang Grenades - Abbie Nehring, ProPublica
Price-Shopping Can Reduce Health Costs - Jason D. Fodeman, Wash Times
Detroit and Big Data Take on Blight - Susan Crawford, Bloomberg View
Is Poverty Really the 'Parent of Crime'? - The Economist
Peanut Butter: An Intellectual Property Story - Edward Tenner, American
It Only Looks Like Politics Is More Corrupt Now - Hayley Munguia, 538

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