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Friday, October 28
How to Make Conservatism Great Again - Phillip Longman, Wash. Monthly
The Great Democratic Inversion - Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times
Originalists Against Trump - Terry Eastland, The Weekly Standard
A Progressive Case For Social Security Reform - Andrew L. Yarrow, SFC
Hillary Clinton's Teachers' Union Sellout - Larry Sand, City Journal
How to Fix Obamacare - J.B. Silvers, The Conversation
Why the House Leans Right - Jason Willick, The American Interest
Untangling the Immigration Debate - Kelefa Sanneh, The New Yorker
Tradition in a Scattering Time - Richard Reinsch, Library of Law & Liberty
Social Conservatism Is Not Dying - Avi Woolf, National Review
The Quest For Automated Copyright Reform - Regina Zernay, Niskanen
Republicans at War Over Supreme Court - Burgess Everett, Politico
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Thursday, October 27
What the Right's Intellectuals Did Wrong - Ross Douthat, New York Times
How to Help Free Trade's Losers - Marina v. N. Whitman, The Conversation
Big Gov't Creates Poverty & Inequality - Peter Morici, Washington Times
Tackle ACA Challenges With Employer Coverage - Mark Wilson, RCH
Yellen Tries to Take On the Supply Side - Joseph Lawler, DC Examiner
Trump & Clinton: A Tale of Two Energy Futures - Bill Murray, RCP
Mistaking Means for the End in Education - Michael Hansen, Brookings
The President of My Dreams - Greg Kaufmann, Talk Poverty
Defense Budget Considerations for the Next Admin - Peter Huessy, RCD
The Wealth of (Indian) Nations - Terry Anderson, Hoover Institution
This Study Made Me Change My Mind on Soda Taxes - Tom Philpott, MJ
Airbnb Ruling Proof NYC Not Ready for 21st century - Jared Meyer, NYP
Wednesday, October 26
Administrative Power - Philip Hamburger, RealClearPolicy
The Checks & Balances of the Regulatory State - Paul R. Verkuil, RCPolicy
Hamburger v. Verkuil - Philip Hamburger & Paul R. Verkuil, RealClearPolicy
'For' and 'Against' Immigration: A False Dichotomy - Thomas Sowell, NR
A Progressive's Answer to Trumpism - Katrina vanden Heuvel, WaPo
Hillary Clinton's False Centrism - Patrick Brennan, Opportunity Lives
Rekindling Constitutional Ambition - Yuval Levin, Library of Law & Liberty
Obamacare Mandate Penalties Are Not Working - Sarah Kliff, Vox
The Failure of Our Institutions Made Trump Possible - Ben Domenech, TF
Your Facts or Mine? - Emma Roller, The New York Times
Why Have States Cut School Funding? - Michael Leachman, CBPP
The ACA Revisited - Robert Graboyes, RealClearHealth
Tuesday, October 25
The Next Healthcare Agenda - Ezekiel Emanuel, Emily Gudbranson, RCPolicy
The Health-Care Reform We Need - Andy Puzder, RealClearPolicy
Emanuel & Gudbranson v. Puzder - Emanuel, Gudbranson, Puzder, RCPolicy
The Barbarian Establishment - The Economist
Guns on Campus Will Invite Tragedies - Daniel Webster Ronald Daniels, WP
The Rise of the Alt-Left - Michael J. Totten, City Journal
Why the Gun-Control Movement Fails - Gary Younge, The Nation
Misguided Opposition to Free Trade Is Bipartisan - James C. Capretta, NR
Trump, "Workers' Party" Candidate - Brian Mannix, Susan Dudley, RegBlog
How to Stop the Feds From Micromanaging the Country - Jake Curtis, TF
Subsidizing Teacher Housing Is Bad Policy - Rachel M. Cohen, Prospect
Why We Have More Innovation But Less Growth - Timothy B. Lee, Vox
Monday, October 24
The Dangers of Hillary Clinton - Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Trumpifying the Progressive Agenda - Eric Harris Bernstein, Roosevelt
Crisis of the Conservative Intellectual - Matthew Continetti, National Review
The Mistakes of Chevron & Separation of Powers - Mike Rappaport, LL&L
Is Post-Election Reconciliation Possible? - Anand Giridharadas, New Yorker
Clinton's Big Corporate Tax Cut - David Dayen, New Republic
Dirty Hands & Political Despair - Brandon McGinley, First Things
The Reason Big Tobacco Is Getting Bigger - Christopher Ingraham, WaPo
Don't Blame AirBnb For NYC Rents - Allie Howell & Jared Meyer, Reason
The Americans Robbed of Their Right to Vote - Eliza Schultz et al., TP
The Gov't Helps End Homelessness - Sarah Gillespie, Mary Cunningham, UI
5 Bad Arguments Against Public Access to CRS Reports - Zach Graves, Rst
Saturday, October 22
The Long Decline of the GOP Establishment - Nicholas Lemann, The NYer
Burdens of Freedom - Lawrence M. Mead, National Affairs
Corporate America's Old Boys' Club Is Dead - Johan Chu & Jerry Davis, TC
The Nationalization of Congressional Elections - Morris P. Fiorina, Hoover
The (Bad) Ideas Election - Will Marshall, The American Interest
Trump & American Populism - Michael Kazin, Foreign Affairs
When All Boats Aren't Lifted - Lindsey Gilbert, The Baffler
What Trumponomics Means For the Border Region - The Economist
Polls Aren't Rigged - But They Aren't 'Scientific' - Alex Berezow, ACSH
We Can't Go Home Again - Ben Domenech, Modern Age
Jane Jacobs: An Uncredentialed Woman - Howard Husock, City Journal
The Potential of Rx Drug Monitoring Programs - Jason Fodeman, RCH
Friday, October 21
Trump Exposed Americans' Divisions - Daniel McCarthy, The National Interest
We Lost Trust in Gov't For Good Reason - Paul Roderick Gregory, RCPolicy
Trump, the Anti-Democratic Candidate - Benjamin Wallace-Wells, NYer
Don't Repeal the Cadillac Tax Without Replacing It - James Capretta, RCH
Voter Suppression Is Real - Danyelle Solomon & Michele L. Jawando, CAP
Flight Regs Hold America Down - Robert Walker, Newt Gingrich, RCPolicy
What High Poverty Taught Me About Protests - Darryl L. Wellington, TP
Trump's Space Policy Reaches For Mars - Robert Walker, Peter Navarro, SN
An Overdue Debate on Tax Policy - Marshall Steinbaum, Roosevelt Forward
DOE Is Devastating Black Lives - Steven Gunderson & Dalphna Curtis, Fox
Marijuana Lights Up State Ballots - Editorial Board, The New York Times
A Temporary End to the Death Penalty in Florida - Kate Wheeling, PSMag
Thursday, October 20
Telling the Truth About Crime and Policing - Heather Mac Donald, RCPolicy
Time to Fix Our Criminal-Justice System - Danyelle Solomon, RCPolicy
Mac Donald v. Solomon - Heather Mac Donald & Danyelle Solomon, RCPolicy
No, the Heller Decision Was Not About Toddlers - Sean Davis, Federalist
Clinton: Clean Energy Will Create Jobs. Can It? - Heidi Garrett-Peltier, TC
An Open Letter to Trump - Richard A. Epstein, Hoover Institution
When an Election Damages Democracy - Paul Starr, The American Prospect
Inonvenient Truths For Conservatives - Peter Augustine Lawler, LL&L
Wall Street Didn't Force Millions Into Foreclosure - John Tamny, RCM
Scientific Evidence & the Politics of Circumcision - Alex Berezow, ACSH
Repercussions of Dakota Access Pipeline Delay - Jack Rafuse, RCEnergy
Redefining U.S. Education to Rekindle Growth - Peter Morici, Wash. Times
Wednesday, October 19
Detoxifying the Trade Debate - Will Marshall, RealClearPolicy
The Trump Trade Doctrine - Wilbur Ross & Peter Navarro, RealClearPolicy
Marshall v. Ross & Navarro - W. Marshall, W. Ross & P. Navarro, RCPolicy
Has Fed Policy Slowed the Recovery? - Timothy B. Lee, Vox
Time to Get Smart About Marijuana Reform - Kevin Sabet, RealClearHealth
America's History of Protectionism - Robert W. Merry, The National Interest
Which Constitution Will We Live Under? - Greg Weiner, LL&L
Are Markets or Gov't to Blame for Wage Stagnation? - Nicole Gelinas, NR
A Conservative Case For Confirming Garland Now - Jeb Golinkin, Week
Trump vs. Facts on Jobs & the Economy - David Brown, Ryan Bhandari, TW
The Big Companies That Avoid Taxes - David Leonhardt, New York Times
Charter Schools: A Quiet Revolution - Andy Smarick, The Weekly Standard
Tuesday, October 18
Paul Ryan Fiddles While the GOP Burns - Gary Legum, Salon
1 Million Reasons Obamacare Made Things Worse - David Catron, AS
Clinton Can Put Health-Care Reform Back on Track - Jacob Hacker, TAP
An Inverse Prop 8 For California? - Pete Peterson, Mario Mainero, RCPolicy
Tim Kaine's Radical Optimism - Evan Osnos, The New Yorker
America's Biggest Economic Challenge - James Pethokoukis, AEIdeas
We Need to Plan For a Future Without Jobs - Sean Illing, Vox
Few Full-Time Workers Live in Poverty - Preston Cooper, Economics 21
Signs of a Nascent Anti-Poverty Movement - Greg Kaufmann, Talk Poverty
Education in Texas: Almost a Miracle - Mario Loyola, City Journal
Progressives: Stop Putting Down the Gig Economy - Jared Meyer, Forbes
Ivy League Doesn't Need Our Help - James Piereson, Naomi S. Riley, WSJ

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