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Monday, March 2
Netflix: Real-Life Frank Underwood - Richard Phillips, Center for Tax Justice
What Happens at Family Detention Facilities - Lindsay Nash, ACLU
Saturday, February 28
Against Universal Background Checks - Wayne LaPierre, NRA
SCOTUS Case Could Hike Premiums for 7.5 Million - Avalere Health
Friday, February 27
The FCC Applies 1930s Rules to the Internet - Verizon
Modernize the Copyright Office - Sandra Aistars, Copyright Alliance
Thursday, February 26
How Goldman Sachs Avoids Taxes - Matt Gardner, Citizens for Tax Justice
King v. Burwell's Reverberations - Wayne Brough, FreedomWorks
Sharing Economy, the Right, and the Left - Jeremiah Owyang, Crowd Co.'s
Wednesday, February 25
Public Unions' Government Money Tree - Rick Manning, ALG
Tax Reform: Keep 'Like-Kind' Exchanges - Daniel L. Goodwin, Inland Group
Tuesday, February 24
Tennessee Can Go Income Tax Free - Cooper Lohr & Patrick Gleason, ATR
Monday, February 23
The Fight Against Occupational Licensing - Paige Lafortune, ALEC
Saturday, February 21
Female Legislators Get More Bills Passed - Mariel Klein, Quorum
Friday, February 20
Patent Litigation: Slow, Costly, Error-Prone - Alan Daley, ACI
A Small Change to Make Trucking More Efficient - Karen Kerrigan, SBEC
Congressional Oversight: Priorities and Reforms - POGO

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