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Saturday, September 20
Highway Boondoggles and the Future of Transportation - U.S. PIRG
Time for Head Start 3.0 - Jack McCarthy, AppleTree Institute
Friday, September 19
Who's on Board With Public Transit? - TransitCenter
Here's What's the Matter With Kansas - Jenice Robinson, CTJ
Thursday, September 18
Quantifying DMCA Abuse - Parker Higgins, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Wednesday, September 17
California's Unwitting Health Care Guinea Pigs - Craig H. Kliger, CAEPS
Rural Families Should Have School Choice - Smarick & Craig, Friedman
Yes, Search Engines Contribute to Piracy - Joshua P. Friedlander, RIAA
Tuesday, September 16
Rethinking Free Parking Policies - Janie Nham, NRDC
Poverty, the EITC, and the Child Tax Credit - Citizens for Tax Justice
Monday, September 15
Oppose the Paycheck Fairness Act - Julie Borowski, FreedomWorks
Saturday, September 13
Voter Suppression in Wisconsin - Faith Barksdale, ACLU
Have We 'Stigmatized' Coal Ash Recycling? - Slesinger & Evans, NRDC
Friday, September 12
No Substitute for Contraceptive Coverage - Sonfield & Barot, Guttmacher
Keeping Pregnant Women in the Workplace - Lenora M. Lapidus, ACLU
Thursday, September 11
The Cost of Federal Regulation - National Association of Manufacturers
Companies Moving Overseas: Don't Worry - Logan Albright, FreedomWorks
Wednesday, September 10
The Gender Gap in U.S. House Witnesses - Lindsay Young, Sunlight

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