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Friday, July 31
USPS's Low Rates for Foreign Shippers - David Williams, TPA
A Stupid Sex Toy Patent - Vera Ranieri, EFF
Thursday, July 30
Videos Are an Attack on Women - Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood
A Bill for Due Process on Campus - Joseph Cohn, FIRE
Wednesday, July 29
Scott Walker's Tax Cut Plan - Richard Phillips, Citizens for Tax Justice
Tuesday, July 28
Police Shootings in Big Cities - Andrew Schroedter, BGA
History of Fetal Tissue Research - Charlotte Lozier Institute
Monday, July 27
What to Do if You Get Pulled Over - Jason Williamson, ACLU
Why the Little Sisters Went to Court - Mark L. Rienzi, Becket Fund
Saturday, July 25
The Truth about Sales Tax Holidays - Kelly Davis, CTJ
Credit Unions' Runaway Regulator - Frank Keating, ABA
Friday, July 24
Immigration: The Effect of the Executive Order - Marc Rosenblum, MPI
IRS Used Donor Lists to Target Audits - Judicial Watch
Thursday, July 23
The Real National Debt - Michael Greibrok, FreedomWorks
Anti-Bullying Policies in the U.S. - GLSEN
Wednesday, July 22
If We Accelerate the Demise of Coal - American Petroleum Institute
Dodd-Frank Hammers Small Banks - Nathaniel Rome, ATR
Tuesday, July 21
Dangerous Myths of Drug Sentencing Reform - NAA USA
The Illegal Population Under Obama - Steven A. Camarota, CIS

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