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Wednesday, October 1
Credit Union Tax Status Is Here to Stay - Jim Nussle, CUNA
The School Voucher Audit - Friedman Foundation
Half the World's Wildlife Is Gone - World Wildlife Fund
Unlocking Opportunity for African-American Girls - NAACP & NWLC
Tuesday, September 30
How Much Is ACA Enrollment Falling? - Tom Borelli, FreedomWorks
Contraception for Adolescents - American Academy of Pediatrics
The Walmart Model for Prisoner Reentry - Carl Takei, ACLU
Monday, September 29
The Real Conservatives in Congress - Conservative Review
Commoditizing Cancer Patients - Ted Okon, Community Oncology Alliance
Saturday, September 27
A Fix for Collateralized Loan Obligations - Bram Smith, LSTA
Friday, September 26
Marijuana, CBD, and the Law - Burnett & Reiman, Drug Policy Alliance
Hate Unemployment, Not the Unemployed - George Wentworth, NELP
Thursday, September 25
Carbon Tax: Back and Worse Than Ever - Ethan Greene, TPA
Why I'm Suing Taco John's - Tyler Brandt, American Civil Liberties Union
Obama and Tax Inversions - U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Where Books Are Banned, the Internet Is Key - Jillian York, EFF
Wednesday, September 24
Gun Control in the 1960s and Today - National Rifle Association
Tuesday, September 23
The Top Super PAC Donors Are Liberals - Peter Olsen-Phillips, Sunlight
Fighting for Captain Underpants - Samia Hossain, ACLU
The Estate Tax Isn't Doing Enough - Steve Wamhoff, Citizens for Tax Justice
Monday, September 22
The Abuse of Civil Forfeiture - Tommy Creegan, FreedomWorks
Gay People Raising Kids and the Courts - James Esseks, ACLU

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