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Saturday, December 20
The Best and Worst State Tax Policies of 2014 - Sebastian Johnson, CTJ
Make Body Camera Policies Transparent - Sonia Roubini, ACLU
Friday, December 19
Changing Drug Laws, Saving Lives - Jag Davies, Drug Policy Alliance
Protect Consumers' Data - John Breyault, National Consumers League
Thursday, December 18
Ten Tax Cherries on Top of the CROmnibus - Taxpayers for Common Sense
Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy - Stephen E. Siwek, IIPA
Wednesday, December 17
State Report Card: Physician Quality Transparency - HCIII
The Rise of Conviction Integrity Units - Center for Prosecutor Integrity
Tuesday, December 16
2014: A Year of Clean Cars for All - Luke Tonachel, NRDC
A Supply-Demand Curve for Privacy - Jay Stanley, ACLU
Monday, December 15
Most Colleges Violate Students' Free Speech Rights - FIRE
We Need Strong Law on Racial Profiling - Rajdeep Singh, Sikh Coalition
Saturday, December 13
Don't Cut the IRS Budget - Richard Phillips, Citizens for Tax Justice
Friday, December 12
Conservatives Should Like the CRomnibus - Americans for Tax Reform
Comparing the Sharing of Public Records - Alisha Green, Sunlight
Burger King's Whopper of a Tax Dodge - Americans for Tax Fairness
Thursday, December 11
Jonathan Gruber Contradicts Himself - Jason Pye, FreedomWorks
School Shootings Since Sandy Hook - Everytown for Gun Safety
Wednesday, December 10
Small Business Economic Trends - N. Federation of Independent Business

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