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Friday, April 18
Facing the Threat of Cyber Crime - Alan Daley, ACI
The Trouble With Cuts to Early Voting - Faith Barksdale, ACLU
Thursday, April 17
Congress Takes a Step on 'Micro-Unions' - Fred Wszolek, WFI
How Racial Bias Corrupts Juries - Barry Scheck, Innocence Project
Senate Should Get Moving on Circuit Court Nominees - PFAW
The Common Core in Action - Caroline Winslow, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Wednesday, April 16
Rich States, Poor States, 2014 Edition - Arthur B. Laffer et al., ALEC
Immigration and GOP Political Prospects - James G. Gimpel, CIS
The U.S. Double Dips on Cotton Subsidies - Christine Harbin Hanson, AFP
Tuesday, April 15
Should We Let States Collect Federal Taxes? - Dan Barrett, NTU
Deported for a Traffic Violation - Neema Singh Guliani, ACLU
The FBI Is Building a Facial Recognition Database - Jennifer Lynch, EFF
Songwriter Equity Act: Off-Key - Gregory Barnes, Digital Media Association
Monday, April 14
'Flash Boys' and a Transaction Tax - William Spriggs, AFL-CIO
The Perversity of Profiling - Laura Murphy, American Civil Liberties Union
Saturday, April 12
Don't Reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank - Zack Slingsby, Heritage Action
Remember the Effective Tax Rate - Dan Danner, NFIB
Friday, April 11
Ron Johnson's Obamacare Lawsuit - Americans for Tax Reform
Bureaucrats Are Boosting Your Utility Bill - Christine Harbin Hanson, AFP
Thursday, April 10
Medication Utilization on the Exchanges - Express Scripts
The Ambush Election Rule Is Back - Sheryll Poe, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
The FCC Is Expanding Transparency - Kathy Kiely, Sunlight Foundation
Wednesday, April 9
Democrats' Equal Pay Crusade Is a Political Tactic - Carrie Lukas, IWF
Tuesday, April 8
Volkswagon May Still Turn Plant Over to UAW - Matt Patterson, ATR
NLRB Refuses Comment Period Extension on Election Rule - WFI

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