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Thursday, July 31
Progress on Biosimilars: Not Fast Enough - Alan Daley, ACI
Sell Contraceptives Over the Counter - Kelly Blanchard et al., Ibis
Marijuana Legalization Isn't Worth It - Stuart Gitlow, ASAM
Regulating E-Cigarettes - Gregory Conley, American Vaping Association
Wednesday, July 30
New USA FREEDOM Act Is an Important First Step - Nadia Kayyali, EFF
Crowded Prisons Don't Mean Safer Streets - Sarah Solon, ACLU
Our Moral Duty to Help Unaccompanied Minors - George Biddle, IRC
Tuesday, July 29
Higher-Ed Accreditors Have Too Much Power - Michael Poliakoff, ACTA
A Victory Over D.C.'s Gun Carry Ban - Dave Workman, SAF
Phone Unlocking: Gateway to Copyright Reform - Parker Higgins, EFF
Nike's Fishy Overseas Tax Practices - Matt Gardner, Tax Justice Blog
Monday, July 28
Five Myths About the Gender Pay Gap - Vivien Labaton, Make It Work
Crony Capitalism in the Solar Industry - Timothy Lee, CFIF
TSA's New Fee Hike Is Unjustified - Nick Calio, Airlines for America
Saturday, July 26
We Need to Rebuild the Manufacturing Base - Scott Paul, AAM
Why the Ex-Im Bank Is Indispensable - Myron Brilliant, U.S. Chamber
The Case for a 28th Amendment - Jeff Clements, Free Speech for People
Friday, July 25
ACA Tax Subsidies Are Here to Stay - Richard Phillips, CTJ
What Hobby Lobby Shows Us About SCOTUS - Elliot Mincberg, PFAW
Companies Are Exporting Publicly-Owned Coal - Joe Smyth, Greenpeace
Thursday, July 24
Indian Children Are Torn From Their Homes - Stephen Pevar, ACLU
New Bill Will Help Working Families - Kenneth Quinnell, AFL-CIO
Wednesday, July 23
The Bundy Standoff and the American Radical Right - SPLC
States Are Wrong to Dismantle Estate Taxes - Sydni Pierce, CTJ
Deportations Will Worsen Child Crisis - Johnson & Sitther, FCNL
Tuesday, July 22
A Global Perspective on the Border Crisis - Bill Frelick, HRW
The Inconvenient Truth About BPA's Safety - John M. Rost, NAMPA
SoundCloud's Copyright Woes - Griffin Davis, Future of Music Coalition
Monday, July 21
The Deferred Action Magnet - Cari Kelly, Heritage Action
NLRB Wrongly Targets a Boeing Policy - Sean P. Redmond, WFI

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