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Tuesday, October 21
D.C.: The Next Silicon Valley? - Michael Hendrix, Chamber Foundation
Know Your Digital Rights - Hanni Fakhoury & Nadia Kayyali, EFF
Monday, October 20
A Boost for School Lunch Standards - Neal Barnard, PCRM
Saturday, October 18
The Costs of Carbon Regulations - America's Power
Climate Change: National Security Threat - Peter Lehner, NRDC
Friday, October 17
'Yes Means Yes' Injustice: Feature or Bug? - Robert Shibley, FIRE
Copyright and the Latest TPP Leak - Jeremy Malcolm & Maira Sutton, EFF
Thursday, October 16
Ranking Colleges' Curricula - American Council of Trustees and Alumni
What Citizens Want From Copyright - OpenMedia
Open Data for Big Cities - Alisha Green, Sunlight Foundation
Wednesday, October 15
EPA's Pessimistic Goal for Renewables - Union of Concerned Scientists
New York City's Trash Inequality - Eric Goldstein, NRDC
Student Loans: How Not to Help - Robert Shireman, California Competes
Tuesday, October 14
Working Conditions of Adjunct Faculty - Public Sociology Association
Map: Texas Abortion Clinic Closures - Miriam Berg, Planned Parenthood
Monday, October 13
Trademarks Shouldn't Trump Speech - Daniel Nazer, EFF
Saturday, October 11
Don't Undo Sequestration - Jason Pye, FreedomWorks
Against Global Taxation - Americans for Tax Reform
Gannett's DMCA Abuse - Corynne McSherry, Electronic Frontier Foundation

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