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Tuesday, September 2
Choking Off the Gun Industry's Credit - National Rifle Association
Saturday, August 30
The Consequences of Solar 'Net Metering' - Steve Pociask, ACI
Friday, August 29
Don't Repeal the Corporate Tax - Steve Wamhoff, Citizens for Tax Justice
For the Poor, Every Arrest Is a Gamble - Jennifer Carnig, ACLU
Wednesday, August 27
A Look at 'Underemployment' - Payscale
Tech's Diversity Problem - Working Partnerships USA
Illinois Commits to True Sex Equality - Hedy Gutfreund, ACLU
E-Cigarettes: Stop Being So Dramatic - Paul Blair, Americans for Tax Reform
Tuesday, August 26
An Execution, Censored - Lee Rowland, American Civil Liberties Union
Death by Law Enforcement: The Data - Ryan Sibley, Sunlight Foundation
Monday, August 25
Why Haven't More States Reformed Medicaid? - Paul Blair, ATR
Does Copyright Kill Creativity? - Terry Hart, Copyhype
Saturday, August 23
The Army's Pistol Project: Ignore the Warnings - National Rifle Association
NYC's Open Data Plan - Rebecca Williams, Sunlight Foundation
Liberals vs. the Constitution - Frank Donatelli, GOPAC

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