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January 30, 2016

Implementing the New Education Law - Catherine Brown et al., CAP

In December 2015, President Barack Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, which replaced No Child Left Behind, or NCLB, as the nation’s major law governing pub...

January 29, 2016

Detroit Teachers Sue District Over 'Deplorable' Conditions -

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January 28, 2016

Desegregation Lawsuit Threatens Charters - Rachel M. Cohen, Prospect

Alex Cruz-Guzman, who came to the United States from Mexico as a teenager, lives in a poor, minority neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota. Determined to provide his five children wi...

January 27, 2016

A Look at the Education Crisis - Ulrich Boser et al., CAP

In many ways standards-based school reform is at a crossroads. On one side, the movement has made tremendous strides. The Common Core State Standards Initiative, known simply as Co...

January 26, 2016

What's Wrong With Single-Sex Schools - Juliet A. Williams, LA Times

In her first days on the job, L.A. Unified's new superintendent, Michelle King, suggested that single-sex education might attract more families to the district and improv...

January 22, 2016

Examining Teacher Effectiveness - Herzfeldt-Kamprath & Ullrich, CAP

Teachers play a critical role in a child’s development. Recognizing that the earliest years of a child’s life are some of the most formative, children should have acces...

January 22, 2016

Overview of High School Graduation Rates - Grad Nation

Continuing a nearly decade-long upward trend, the nation’s on-time high school graduation rate hit a record high of 82.3 percent for the Class of 2014. This is a tremendous m...

January 22, 2016

Bush's Higher Ed Plan Is a Great Start - Preston Cooper, RealClearPolicy

This week, Republican presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush released his plan to reform higher-education finance. It is a welcome and serious depart...

January 19, 2016

Right to Rise: My Education Reform Plan - Jeb Bush

Every individual in this country has the right to rise. Yet today, the American Dream—the idea that anything is possible through hard work—is threatened by an education...

January 18, 2016

One Day in the Life of an Urban Teacher - Dana R. Casey, The Federalist

At the beginning of the school day, the halls are mostly empty. A few students straggle through the halls and wander into classes. The official start of the day is 8:15, but most s...

January 15, 2016

Black Kids and Corporal Punishment in Schools - Dick Startz, Brookings

As we approach the annual celebration of Dr. King’s life, it is worth examining the difference in how our schools discipline black and white children. In public schools in th...

January 15, 2016

Public Schools' AP Offerings Peak - Nat Malkus, AEI

The percentage of public high schools offering Advanced Placement (AP) courses is declining, with lower percentages offering AP in 2012 than in 2008....

January 14, 2016

Black/White Achievement Gap: Little Progress - Eric A. Hanushek, EdNext

The Coleman Report, “Equality of Educational Opportunity,” is the fountainhead for those committed to evidence-based education policy. Remarkably, this 737-page tome, p...

January 14, 2016

Bernie Is Wrong About Rape - Brett A. Sokolow, ATIXA

Your popularity depends on the support of young voters. On Monday night during a Fusion forum, you stated a position on campus sexual violence that reveals your disconnect with you...

January 13, 2016

Getting Bright Poor Kids Into College - Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

Representation of low-income students at selective colleges and universities has not changed in ten years despite selective institutions’ well-advertised, increased commitmen...

January 11, 2016

Disinvestment in Public Higher Education - Young Invincibles

Young Invincibles has released its 3rd annual State Report Cards, grading each state on its support for public higher education. Young Invincibles looked at how each state makes hi...

January 8, 2016

Free College Proposals Costs for Students - Carlo Salerno et al., AAF

Earlier this year, the president announced a $60 billion initiative to provide two years of “free” postsecondary training to students at community colleges. Schools receiving f...

January 7, 2016

Study: Voucher Program Hurt Students - Patrick R. Gibbons, redefinED

Students using vouchers to attend private schools in Louisiana suffer significant academic setbacks, a new study has found....

January 5, 2016

Education Questions for the Candidates - Arne Duncan, Politico

The people who want to lead this country when President Obama leaves office have gathered eight times to debate issues that matter to Americans. They’ve argued over foreign p...

January 4, 2016

D.C. Schools' Racial Chasm - Colbert I. King, Washington Post

The final page has been turned on D.C. Public Schools’ 2015 calendar. But 2016 begins with the same uncompromising problem: the school system’s huge racial achievement ...

December 31, 2015

Student Loans: The Taxpayers Lose Again - Doug Bandow, The Freeman

Politicians typically try to win votes by giving away money. Being a political Santa Claus is usually seen as more rewarding than being a federal Ebenezer Scrooge. Which is why the...

December 31, 2015

Campus Rape Courts: Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Taylor & Johnson, NR

When it comes to due process on campus, Republicans in Congress, who campaigned on vows to rein in the Obama administration’s abuses of executive power, have largely acquiesc...

December 30, 2015

Education: The Cost of Bipartisanship - Michael Gerson, Washington Post

The nation's capital is experiencing something of a thaw in polarization and partisanship. And the largest iceberg that that has broken free is the Every Student Succeeds Act, the ...

December 26, 2015

What Education Policy Left Behind - Sara Mead, US News & World Report

December 24, 2015

Getting Poor Kids Into Selective Schools - Stephen Burd, Hechinger Report

When I was in high school, there was one thing I desperately didn’t want to do: take the SAT. Who in his right mind wants to spend up to four hours on a weekend taking an exa...

December 22, 2015

Education: From Federal to Federalist - Nat Malkus, InsideSources

It only took thirteen years, but this month Congress reauthorized the controversial No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is more important for wha...

December 22, 2015

No Child Left Behind Worked - Ben Casselman, FiveThirtyEight

In December 2003, parents in Beverly, Massachusetts, got a rude shock. A small, affluent city about half an hour north of Boston, Beverly was widely regarded as having one of the s...

December 22, 2015

Three Reasons for Hefty College Tuition Bills - N. Gregory Mankiw, NYT

What should we do about the high cost of higher education? As we pick the next president, that question should feature prominently in the public debate. The economic prosperity of ...

December 22, 2015

The Worst Part of the Campus Rape Debate - Nora Caplan-Bricker, Slate

This should have been a productive year for talking about how to prevent sexual assault on college campuses. Last spring, Emma Sulkowicz hefted her mattress across the stage&n...

December 21, 2015

Is Online Learning Opening Doors? - John D. Hansen & Justin Reich, Science

The driving force behind the increasing popularity of massive open online courses (MOOCs) is that they provide — as the term defines it — open access to a massive onlin...

December 18, 2015

Most States Have Cut K-12 Funding - Michael Leachman, RealClearPolicy

Most states are providing less support per student for elementary and secondary schools — in some cases, much less — than they provided in fiscal year 2008. Worse, some states ...

December 18, 2015

Colleges Spend Least on Kids Who Need Help - Marcus & Hacker, Huff Post

December 18, 2015

Ideological vs. Racial Diversity - John McGinnis, Library of Law & Liberty

Fisher v. University of Texas turns on whether Texas’s preferential treatment of certain minority groups is necessary to achieve “diversity.” Diversity in the aca...

December 18, 2015

The Kids Are Alright - Jonathan V. Last, Weekly Standard

As college campuses shut down for winter break, the Maoist insanity that gripped American higher education this fall hit a new high-water mark. At Harvard, little laminated posters...

December 15, 2015

Most States Have Cut School Funding - Michael Leachman et al., CBPP

Most states provide less support per student for elementary and secondary schools — in some cases, much less — than before the Great Recession, our survey of state budg...

December 14, 2015

Narrowing the Charter-Enrollment Gap - Marcus A. Winters, Manhattan

As charter schools continue their rapid expansion in America’s cities, questions related to equitable access to these schools of choice have jumped to the forefront of the policy...

December 14, 2015

Good News for Children Left Behind - David L. Kirp, New York Times

THE No Child Left Behind law will soon be consigned to the dustbin of history. With a rare display of bipartisanship, Congress has overhauled federal education policy. Th...

December 14, 2015

Campus Rape & Shutting Down Conversation - Jeannie Suk, New Yorker

This is a piece on a subject about which I may soon be prevented from publishing, depending on how events unfold. Last month, near the time that CNN broadcast the documentary “Th...

December 11, 2015

How Arne Duncan Lost the Common Core - Ben Wieder, FiveThirtyEight

Arne Duncan could barely conceal a smirk as he answered the Republican congressman’s question about educational standards that his Education Department had encouraged states ...

December 11, 2015

Affirmative Action 'Mismatch' Isn't Supported - Matthew Chingos, Urban

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made news yesterday when he commented that black college students might be better off going to "less-advanced," "slower-track" school...

December 11, 2015

An Emerging Consensus for 'Mismatch' - Richard Sander, Wash Post

The effectiveness of affirmative action has never been the focus of the plaintiffs in Fisher v. University of Texas, but after Justice Antonin Scalia’s comments at Wednesday’s...

December 10, 2015

No Child Left Behind's Next Chapter - Charles Upton Sahm, City Journal

It’s been a long and winding road, but reauthorization of the federal government’s primary education law, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, looks like a done ...

December 4, 2015

Professors Worry About Trigger Warnings - Alex Morey, FIRE

FIRE has repeatedly counseled caution about the use of “trigger warnings” on college campuses. Now, a first-of-its-kind survey from the Nationa...

December 1, 2015

A Second Start for Head Start - Sen. Lee & Rep. Salmon, DC Examiner

Nothing is more important to the future of our society — or more critical to fulfilling our national commitment to equal opportunity — than the care and upbringing of t...

December 1, 2015

The Most Politically Diverse Colleges - Jon Shields, Heterodox Academy

With so many campuses under renewed pressure to create “safe spaces” from political speech and dissent, growing numbers are asking us at Heterodox Academy: Where c...

December 1, 2015

The Pathology of the Professors - Michael Auslin, National Review

It is being claimed a new civil rights era, a stand for social justice against oppression buried deep in some of America’s most privileged bastions. Three weeks ago, the pres...

December 1, 2015

How to Fix the Student Debt Crisis - Steven Cohen, City Journal

Each of the Democratic presidential candidates has come out in favor of some version of a plan to make college “free.” This staggeringly bad idea would cost a half-tril...

November 30, 2015

An Educational Opportunity for Speaker Ryan - Hess & Eden, RCPolicy

In assuming the speaker's chair, Paul Ryan shouldered the role of unifying a party divided. The House GOP's "establishment" wing wants to demonstrate that Republicans can be truste...

November 30, 2015

Black Tape at Harvard Law - Randall Kennedy, New York Times

Cambridge, Mass. — IN a grand corridor of Harvard Law School, framed professors’ photographs hang on a wall. A week ago, someone put slivers of black tapeover the ...

November 30, 2015

You're Wrong About Common Core Math - James Goodman, Salon

By now everyone has seen the outrage-inducing image of a third grader’s paper in which he is marked down for stating that 5 x 3 = 5 + 5 + 5 = 15. In case you missed it, here ...

January 26, 2016

The Best Law Schools Are Attracting Fewer Students

August 6, 2013


June 6, 2013

Student Loan Fight Set in Senate

May 31, 2013

Universities Show Uneven Efforts in Enrolling Poor Students

May 31, 2013

Tea Party Groups Mobilizing Against Common Core

May 30, 2013

For Raising Students' Scores, Reading Is Harder Than Math

May 29, 2013

Loan Rates to Rise for 7 Million

May 29, 2013

Student Loan Business Sallie Mae to Split into Two Companies

May 28, 2013

States Raise Public College Budgets After Years of Cuts

May 24, 2013

House Approves Variable-Rate Federal Student Loans

May 23, 2013

Two-Year Colleges Support Poor Students, Get Less Federal Aid

May 23, 2013

House Begins Effort to Stave Off Student Loan Increase

May 23, 2013

Obama Threatens Veto

May 20, 2013

Schools Add to Students' Test Load to Refine Testing Questions

May 16, 2013

Obama Student Loan Policy Reaping $51 Billion Profit

May 14, 2013

Indiana Halts Common Core Standards Implementation

May 13, 2013

House Tackles Student Loan Rates

May 8, 2013

Louisiana Supreme Court Rules Voucher Funding Unconstitutional

May 6, 2013

Colleges Cut Prices by Providing More Financial Aid

May 2, 2013

Chicago Charter Schools Unionize

May 1, 2013

'Parent Trigger' Legislation Fails in Florida State Senate

May 1, 2013

Rural-Urban Split Over Rewrite of No Child Left Behind Law

April 30, 2013

Turmoil Swirls Around Common Core Standards

April 30, 2013

Colleges Adopt Online Courses to Ease Burdens of Graduating

April 30, 2013

Funding Overhaul Pits Rich vs. Poor Districts in California

April 25, 2013

Study Finds There's No Shortage of U.S. STEM Graduates

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Former French justice minister to r

MILWAUKEE (AP) — France's justice minister, who unexpectedly resigned this week, will receive an h...

Decide Between Part-Time, Full-Time

Chris Dickie, a 2013 graduate of Arkansas Tech University's online master's degree program in colleg...

Teachers' union sues Detroit school

Detroit Public Schools (DPS) is under state oversight and pressure from declining enrollment. Heavy ...