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January 29, 2016

Cheap Oil Isn't Bad for the Environment - Froma Harrop, Creators

It stood to reason that collapsing prices for oil would make clean energy relatively more expensive. That would dampen the public's craving to install solar panels and build wind t...

January 27, 2016

Another Town Gripped by Fear Over Lead-Tainted Tap Water -

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January 25, 2016

Lead Poisoning Is Worse in Detroit Than in Flint - Matthew Yglesias, Vox

The Flint water crisis has captured national attention, but, paradoxically, one benefit of city services failing as egregiously as they have in Flint is that many familie...

January 23, 2016

Flint's Water Crisis Is No Accident - Jacob Lederman, In These Times

In an October 8, 2015 press conference, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder made a surprising about-face. After installing an unelected emergency manager in the city of Flint in 2011, th...

January 23, 2016

Imagining Geoengineering - Jacob Brogan, Slate

Geoengineering occupies a peculiar space in the scheme of tomorrow’s technologies, at once fundamentally practicable and largely untested. A catchall term for a wide arr...

January 20, 2016

The CPP's Unreasonable Assumptions - U.S. Chamber of Commerce

How the final Clean Power Plan uses unreasonable renewable energy assumptions to increase the stringency of state emissions requirements....

January 16, 2016

Incentives for a Low-Carbon Future - Thomas Fricke, Project Syndicate

The climate agreement that world leaders reached in Paris last month has been widely celebrated for establishing the ambitious target of limiting the increase in global temperature...

January 12, 2016

Natural Gas Naysayers Have It All Wrong - Mamula & Michaels, RCPolicy

In promoting his State of the Union address, which he will deliver tonight, President Obama touts his climate-change policies and the recent Paris climate summit. In real...

January 4, 2016

Free the Energy Entrepreneurs - Vance Ginn, RealClearPolicy

President Obama recently signed a $1.15 trillion omnibus bill that included good, bad, and ugly items....

December 31, 2015

The Right Way to Tax Carbon - Editorial Board, Bloomberg View

In 2016, voters in Washington will get the chance to enact the first state carbon tax. To make sure they provide a good example for the other 49, they should adopt the sm...

December 30, 2015

A 'Nudge' to Change Our Energy Future - Sebastian Berger, SciAm

More than ever, psychology has become influential not only in explaining human behavior, but also as a resource for policy makers to achieve goals related to health, well-being, or...

December 24, 2015

Efficiency Standards Lead to Bill Savings - Lauren Urbanek, NRDC

While most consumers and business owners probably don't think much about the importance of appliance energy efficiency standards in their day-to-day lives, the work done this year ...

December 24, 2015

Big Oil Should Kill Itself - Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate

Now that oil prices have settled into a long-term range of $30-50 per barrel (as described here a year ago), energy users everywhere are enjoying an annual income boost w...

December 17, 2015

Clean Car Standards Are Working - Luke Tonachel, NRDC

Despite low oil prices, the latest data from EPA shows that strong carbon pollution and fuel economy standards adopted by the Obama Administration continue to work to lower fuel bi...

December 16, 2015

Climate Deal: Economic Consequences - Irwin M. Stelzer, Weekly Standard

The international conference on climate change attracted thousands of delegates from almost 200 nations. The Conference of the Parties21, so named for the parties that signed the U...

December 16, 2015

Climate Deal: Obama's Biggest Accomplishment - Jonathan Chait, NY

This weekend, leaders from 196 countries approved the first global agreement to limit greenhouse-gas emissions in human history. The pact is a triumph of international diplomacy sh...

December 16, 2015

A Waning Political Divide on the Environment - Alex Trembath, Slate

In 1980, Stanford ecologist Paul Ehrlich famously bet libertarian economist Julian Simon that the price index of several precious metals would increase over the ensuing 10 years. E...

December 16, 2015

An Environmental Policy Primer - Diane Katz, Heritage Foundation

America’s environment has dramatically improved in the four decades since adoption of the nation’s foundational environmental statutes. It is also true that there could...

December 14, 2015

Paris Climate Deal Will Not Save Us - Naomi Klein, The Nation

The climate deal that has been negotiated at COP21 crossed multiple red lines: Scientific red lines, equity red lines, legal red lines, and more. The emissions targets outlined in ...

December 14, 2015

What the Climate Deal Accomplishes - Ben Adler, Grist

The Paris Agreement to address climate change, adopted on Saturday, will be remembered as a big step forward and at the same time a frustrating set of compromises and omi...

December 14, 2015

The Treaty That Dare Not Speak Its Name - Rupert Darwall, National Review

December 14, 2015

Falling Short on Climate in Paris - Bill McKibben, 350.org

THE climate news last week came out of Paris, where the world’s nations signed off on an agreement to finally begin addressing global warming....

December 10, 2015

Congress's Gift to the Oil Industry - Samantha Page, ThinkProgress

When Congress emerges on the other side of the annual scrum of budget-building, the oil and gas industry is poised to pick up a major win. The decades-old oil export ban — wh...

December 10, 2015

Climate Accord: It's About Cash - Ronald Bailey, Reason

The president of the Paris climate change conference, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, released today a new draft text of the prospective universal climate accord ...

December 1, 2015

The Paris Climate Deal Is Meaningless - Oren Cass, Politico

Negotiators from around the world gather in Paris next week to finalize an international climate change agreement, capping a years-long process on which hopes have been riding for ...

November 24, 2015

Untapped Potential of Hydroelectric Power - Julian Spector, CityLab

November 24, 2015

Rich Countries Don't Want Coal - Daniel Gross, Slate

The United Kingdom announced last week its ambition to phase out the burning of coal by 2025. “Frankly, it cannot be satisfactory for an advanced economy like the U.K. to be rel...

November 18, 2015

The CPP Won't Increase Your Electric Bill - Ben Adler, Grist

The Clean Power Plan, Obama’s new rule limiting carbon emissions from power plants, has a lot of haters. GOP presidential candidates have pledged to repeal it, cong...

November 16, 2015

Our Clean Energy Economy - NextGen Climate America

Climate change is our nation’s greatest challenge—left unaddressed, it will have devastating impacts on our economy, our environment, and our communities and families. The goo...

November 7, 2015

Keystone: Just One Goal in the Game - Bill McKibben, 350.org

n the first two weeks of the Keystone fight, we couldn’t get any press to pay attention to our work to defeat the environmental disaster we knew it would be if it were approv...

November 7, 2015

Did ExxonMobil Lie About Climate Change? - Ronald Bailey, Reason

New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued subpoenas on Wednesday to oil giant ExxonMobil demanding that it turn over internal communications regarding what the co...

November 4, 2015

States' Clean Power Suit vs. Public Opinion - Samantha Page, ThinkProgress

The Clean Power Plan, an EPA rule which limits carbon emissions from power plants, is beingchallenged by 26 states across the country — even though more than 60 percent ...

November 2, 2015

The Energy Policy Simulator - Energy Policy Solutions

Designing energy policy correctly is tough work. Well-designed energy policies reduce pollution, cut consumer costs, and minimize dependence on foreign energy supplies. Done wrong,...

October 31, 2015

The Facts About Fugitive Methane - Elizabeth & Richard Muller, CPS

In The Facts About Fugitive Methane, published by the Centre for Policy Studies on Monday 26 October 2015, Richard Muller, Professor of Physics at the University of Calif...

October 29, 2015

Cancel the Paris Climate Summit - Patrick Michaels, RealClearPolicy

At the end of November, representatives from the nations that signed the U.N.'s 1992 climate treaty will meet — for the 21st time — to implement the treaty's stated goa...

October 24, 2015

Capitalism, Climate: Must We Choose? - Jonathan Chait, New York

One of the hardiest and most irresistible political fallacies holds that, if your side’s agenda is failing, it has failed only because weak-kneed leaders have presented to th...

October 13, 2015

Profit Motive Can't End Climate Change (Yet) - Mark Buchanan, Bloomberg

Can financial markets save the planet, enlisting investors' self-interest to address climate change and other environmental problems? The idea is gaining traction, but the pra...

October 13, 2015

Our 10 Most Polluted Cities - Sam Stebbins, MarketWatch

More than 138 million people — nearly 44% of the U.S. population — live in areas where air pollution reaches dangerously high levels during parts of the year. While exp...

October 13, 2015

This Conservative Wants a Carbon Tax - Little & Mankiw, Grist

N. Gregory Mankiw is, if not a household name, a dorm-room one. His Principles of Economics textbook is the standard for most college intro-to-econ courses, with more tha...

October 9, 2015

Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Lies - Bill McKibben, 350.org

Over the last few years, a growing number of people have been taking a hard look at what is happening to our planet – historic droughts, rising sea levels, massive floods &nd...

October 9, 2015

Setting the Record Straight on Climate - Ken Cohen, ExxonMobile

An attack piece about ExxonMobil by Andrew Behar of As You Sow was recently published by The Hilland I feel compelled to respond as Behar is way off base on several funda...

October 9, 2015

Reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act - Angela Logomasini, RCPolicy

As early as this week, the Senate is slated to take up a bill to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act. Supposedly, the proposal has enough bipartisan support to sustain a filibu...

October 8, 2015

President Obama's Climate Change Power Grab - Rachel Bovard, RCPolicy

It's almost winter in Paris, and soon the City of Lights will be blanketed beneath a heavy layer of foreign bureaucrats and climate-change negotiators. On November 30, hundreds of ...

September 30, 2015

How Will DOJ Respond to VW Scandal? - Seibler & Malcolm, Daily Signal

The Environmental Protection Agency recently sent a Notice of Violation to Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., alleging that “VW manufactured and installed [software] in certain...

September 30, 2015

Visualizing the Shrinking Sea Ice - Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic

The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean grows and shrinks with the seasons. From September to March, it expands in the darkness, locking water into island-sized solids. During the summer m...

September 25, 2015

VW Scandal Is Bad News for Diesel - Tom Kool, Time

The outlook for diesel looks grim after U.S. regulators found that the world’s second biggest car manufacturer cheated on its emission tests....

September 25, 2015

The Study That Brought Down Volkswagen - Eric Jaffe, CityLab

Volkswagen’s dirty little secret got out last week: the auto giant rigged its diesel cars with a defeat device that reduced pollution during official emissions...

September 23, 2015

A Simple Way to Keep VW From Cheating - Jeff Spross, The Week

Make no mistake about it: what Volkswagen did belongs in a movie. Think The Constant Gardener, except with cars....

September 23, 2015

Chilling Testimony on the Clean Power Plan - Thomas K. Lindsay, RCPolicy

The U.S. House of Representatives held hearings earlier this month to learn from states their assessments of the likely effectiveness, cost, and legality of the Environmental Prote...

September 23, 2015

Save the Sage Grouse - Bobby McEnaney, NRDC

Recently much has been made of the greater sage-grouse, an imperiled bird found on the rangelands of the Western United States known for its charismatic mating dance...

January 25, 2016

WH Welcomes Supreme Court Ruling on Electricity Markets Rule

August 12, 2015

EPA Monitors CO River Cleanup

August 3, 2015

Obama Administration Unveils Major Climate Change Plan

August 3, 2015

Study: Climate Change Mitigation Could Increase Global Hunger

June 14, 2013

Reports: Obama Climate Plan Rollout May Come in July

June 12, 2013

White House Pilots Climate Strategy With Congressional Dems

June 12, 2013

US Emissions Fall to '90s Levels

June 10, 2013

Report: Record CO2 Emissions; Too High for Climate Goals

June 6, 2013

EPA to Issue Ethanol Use Targets

June 6, 2013

Obama Officials Raise 'Social Cost' of Carbon in Federal Regulations

June 4, 2013

Billionaire Activist Targets Obama Supporters in Anti-Keystone Effort

June 1, 2013

Rand Paul Preaches Sustainability

June 1, 2013

Green Groups to Obama: Designate Lands to Stop Drilling

May 30, 2013

Obama: No Patience for Climate Change Skeptics

May 29, 2013


May 29, 2013

Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Taking a Job at Apple