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Health care

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The Cracks Start to Widen in Obamacare - Walter Russell Mead, AI

The bad news for Obamacare keeps rolling in. WSJ:The first handful of states have released approved 2017 rates for people who buy health insurance on their own and the results so far are...

Public Option Would Fix Insurance Marketplace - Scott Lemieux, Prospect

Last week's announcement by Aetna that it would stop selling health insurance in 11 of the 15 states where it offers coverage through public exchanges is not a death blow to the Affordable...

Obamacare Is Not in Crisis - Ezekiel Emanuel & Topher Spiro, WaPo

Aetna’s withdrawal from Affordable Care Act markets has sparked the latest round of dire predictions about the law’s survival. Yet time and time again the ACA has proved...

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