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Understanding Inequality

Income inequality has been growing around the globe in recent decades, with the steepest spikes seen in the United States. Few issues are more gripping than the question of inequality in society, yet...

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Do Federal Taxes Reduce Inequality?

There is, for good reason, a lot of focus these days on the widening gap between the top and the bottom in the U.S. economy. Since it’s (almost) Tax Day, that April 15 deadline for filing tax returns, it’s a good time to ponder a very simple question: How much does the U.S. tax system shrink the gap between rich and poor? Read more..

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A Right to Be Forgotten?

In 2014, the European Union's Court of Justice determined that individuals have a right to be forgotten, "the right-under certain conditions-to ask search engines to remove links with personal information about them." It is not absolute, but meant to be balanced against other fundamental rights, like freedom of expression. In the half year since the Court's decision, Google has received over....

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Amazon: Reader's Friend?

"Amazon is the reader's friend" was the proposition of the latest Intelligence Squared debate. Although Amazon sells everything from appliances to toys, it has become especially controversial in the market for books. The company's ability to sell more books at lower prices has led to its accounting for 41 percent of all new book sales and 67 percent of all e-book sales. Critics charge that the....

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Public Unions at the Crossroads

Daniel DiSalvo, the grandson of a Pittsburgh steelworker and the son of carpenter, is a third-generation union member. But unlike his grandfather and father, DiSalvo is part of a labor organization of Ph.D.s. He is a professor at the City College of New York City, where he is required to pay union dues as part of his contract. Last Thursday, the American Enterprise Institute hosted DiSalvo, who's....

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Debating ACA Subsidies

The Federalist Society hosts a debate about whether the ACA authorizes subsidies to be delivered through the federal exchange..

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Will Open Borders Help the U.S.?

Does America's economy need more high-skilled or low-skilled immigrants? How should we handle those currently here illegally? Where should Republicans and conservatives come down on these questions and the idea of comprehensive immigration reform? These were among the questions discussed at a lively AEI debate moderated by Timothy P. Carney on Wednesday evening. Read more..

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Debating GMOs

IQ Squared debates GMOs..

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Interviewing Darren Wilson

ABC interviews Darren Wilson..

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