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Do Low-Level Offenses Provoke Police Shootings?

Newshour Weekend special correspondent Chris Bury reports on new efforts in the Twin Cities of Minnesota to change how and when police interact with residents. In almost an opposite theory to...

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How South Dakota Is Luring Attorneys to Remote Areas

As more and more states struggle with declining rural populations, these areas are experiencing an acute challenge in hiring and retaining lawyers. PBS NewsHour Weekend correspondent Christopher Booker travels to South Dakota to find out about a state program that is offering money to attract attorneys to more remote parts of the state..

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Patent Trolls Are "Legalized Extortion"

The U.S. economy is driven by innovation, but unwelcome “patent trolls” are gunking up the system. Patent reform bills sit idle in Congress as the “trolls” set up companies for the sole purpose, critics say, of shaking down inventors while never creating anything. “We just have to write 'em a check so they'll go away,” says one disgusted app maker. Economics correspondent Paul Solman....

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The Future of Policing and Trust Building

NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Chuck Wexler join Morning Joe to discuss the biggest issues facing the country's police. .

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Why Thomas Piketty Was Wrong

Competitive Enterprise Institute Vice President Iain Murray on a better way to fight poverty than the ways documented in Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century.".

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Soda Tax in Philly to Fund Pre-K?

When other cities have proposed a tax on sugary soft drinks, it’s often sold as a plan to fight obesity. Not in Philadelphia, where a battle is brewing over the mayor’s 3 cents-per-ounce tax plan that would be used to fund citywide pre-K. The beverage industry opposes the tax and argues that if you’re going to tax them, then why not cakes and candy? Hari Sreenivasan reports. .

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Authoritarianism: The Political Science That Explains Trump

The obscure research that predicted Donald Trump. .

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How Highways Wrecked American Cities

The Interstate Highway System was one of America's most revolutionary infrastructure projects. It also destroyed urban neighborhoods across the nation. .

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Controversial California Program Offers Cash to Reduce Gun Crimes

A local government-run program in Richmond, California, pays some young men up to $1,000 a month for as long as nine months if they achieve personal goals and stay out of trouble. The program targets some of the most dangerous people on the street, suspected, or previously convicted, of committing gun crimes. Yet critics say paying former criminals to reduce gun violence is the wrong approach. .

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