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How Gender Affects the Workplace

A video based on a chapter of Philip N. Cohen's The Family. Read more.

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Three Ways to Improve the ACA

Here are three ways to immediately make the president’s signature legislative achievement better, cheaper, and more cost-effective. Read more at Reason..

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What Works in Fighting Poverty

Part of AEI's Pursuit of Happiness project..

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America's Prospects

Henry Olsen’s presentation at the June 2014 Bradley Symposium..

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Dave Camp on Tax Reform

At a job growth and tax reform event hosted by RealClearPolitics on Thursday, Carl Cannon spoke with Michigan Congressman Dave Camp about his efforts to push tax reform as chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means..

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Has Copyright Gone Too Far?

Copyright has long been a source of division among conservatives and libertarians. While some see creative works the same as any other property, and thus a natural right, others argue that copyright is different than traditional property, and that special interests have bloated the copyright system to the point where innovation is stifled. How much copyright is too much? At what point does....

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The Housing Assistance Lottery

Housing policy has the ability to exacerbate or mitigate extreme income inequality in American cities. Where incomes are growing and inequality is increasing, cities like New York and San Francisco, rising prices and rents can displace poor families. But affordable housing secures a place for low-income people in communities with growing tax bases and improved services. Read more at the Urban....

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Solutions for the Middle Class

Leading policymakers and thinkers gathered at AEI Thursday to discuss conservative policy options to further the prosperous society President Lyndon Johnson described in his “Great Society” address 50 years ago. Read more..

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Questions About Piketty's Data

FT economics editor Chris Giles and FT global economy news editor Ferdinando Giugliano raise doubts about the validity of the data in ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ by Thomas Piketty, which claims that wealth inequality is rising. Read more..

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