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Poverty: A Discussion With the President

President Obama participated in a panel discussion on poverty at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Overcoming Poverty. Read more.

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Interviewing Darren Wilson

ABC interviews Darren Wilson..

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Criminalizing America

Today, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of John L. Yates v. United States of America. Mr. Yates is accused of violating the anti-document shredding provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, legislation passed shortly after the 2001 Enron scandal, for throwing three undersized red grouper overboard after an encounter with Florida Fish and Wildlife. Read more at ALEC..

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IQ^2: A Debate on Inequality

Debate topic: "Income Inequality Impairs The American Dream Of Upward Mobility.".

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How Gender Affects the Workplace

A video based on a chapter of Philip N. Cohen's The Family. Read more..

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Education and Prosperity

Is America's future economic success in jeopardy due to a poor educational system? Writers Eric Hanushek and Paul E. Peterson explain the shortcomings of American schools and various remedies. "Uncommon Knowledge" is a production of the Hoover Institution. Read more..

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Why Your Plan Was Canceled

There's a bizarre reason why millions of Americans saw their health plans cancelled in 2013 and, as explained in a new video featuring Robert Graboyes of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, millions more will lose their plans in years to come. Read more..

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Transcending Obamacare

Avik Roy of the Manhattan Institute presents his health-care-reform plan..

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The Case for Reparations

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Here's a talk I gave yesterday at The City Club of Cleveland outlining the Case for Reparations. I lost track of time, so I didn't get to talk as much about housing as I wanted. But the most of the basics of the case are there. I want to thank the City Club for having me out, and hosting my very first talk on reparations. There will be a lot more of these over the next....

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