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Interview With Timothy Sandefur on "The Permission Society" (Part I)

RealClearPolicy editor M. Anthony Mills sits down with Timothy Sandefur to discuss his new book "The Permission Society."

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A National Movement Against Employee Noncompete Contracts Picks Up Steam

There’s a growing movement to restrict, or even ban, employee noncompete agreements. Nearly 40% of all American workers have, at some point, signed such contracts, which critics say do something decidedly un-American: stifle competition. The NewsHour reveals that even lampshade makers and licensed foster care parents are asked to sign them. Special correspondent Duarte Geraldino reports. .

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Firearms & Munitions at Risk: Examining Inadequate Safeguards

During the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Hearing on July 6, 2016, Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) grilled administrators from three federal agencies (Homeland Security, Federal Prison System, and Bureau of Land Management) about the safety and accounting of their guns and ammo lockers. (Data Source: OpenTheBooks Oversight Report – The Militarization of America | Learn more at....

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Digging Into the Brexit Vote's Stark Generation Gap

In British households and across the United Kingdom, the question of whether the nation should break away from the European Union split along one clear dividing line. In general, older voters voted to leave, while younger voters wanted to remain. Hari Sreenivasan talks to people on both sides of the generation gap about the factors that influenced their choices and how they see the outcome. .

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In 60 Seconds: The Moral Case for Universal Basic Income

Charles Murray explains the morality behind a universal basic income, and how the program would encourage a more happy and free way of life. .

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In 60 Seconds: Could the United States Afford a Universal Basic Income?

One of the more common questions asked regarding universal basic income, is whether or not we can afford it. AEI scholar, Charles Murray explains the costs behind the program and how it compares to the current system. .

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A Day with ICE in the So-Called "Sanctuary City" of Chicago

CNN embeds with a team of Chicago Immigration and Customs enforcement agents as they fan out all over the city. They are arresting undocumented felons. .

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The Blurred Lines of Gerrymandering

Could gerrymandering change the course of the 2016 election? And what even qualifies as gerrymandering? What looks like simple redistricting to one person might seem like an outrageous distortion to another, and what looks like an unfair bending of lines could be an earnest attempt to conform to the Voting Rights Act. The Atlantic’s Caty Green sat down with staff writer David Graham to talk....

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Can Shakespeare Fix the Prison Crisis?

California is using Shakespeare to change the culture in prison, hoping hardcore criminals will become better inmates and, eventually, productive citizens. .

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