Friday, April 18
Medicare Advantage Cuts in the ACA - Robert Book, American Action Forum
The Second Amendment and Self-Defense - Nelson Lund, Heritage
Are Vegetative Patients Misdiagnosed? - Stender et al., The Lancet
Analysis of the President's 2015 Budget - CBO
The Obama Judges: A Midterm Assessment - Carp & Manning, SPSA
Housing Problems in Indian Country - Jennifer Biess, Urban Institute
Thursday, April 17
Risk Corridors and Budget Neutrality - CMS
Mass Incarceration: 15 Executive Orders - Waldman & Chettiar, Brennan
Trends in EITC Spending - Veronique de Rugy, Mercatus Center
The Importance of Women Working More - Appelbaum et al., CEPR
Wednesday, April 16
President Obama's 2015 Budget - Romina Boccia et al., Heritage Foundation
The Largest Occupations in the U.S. - Drew DeSilver, Pew Research Center
A Reminder That Spending Exceeds Revenues - Catrina Rorke et al., AAF
Suggestions for GSE Reform - Goodman & Seidman, Urban Institute
Don't Tax E-Cigarettes - Sally Satel et al., American Enterprise Institute
Expand the R&D Tax Credit - Ben Miller et al., ITIF
Tuesday, April 15
Stop Taxing People Into Poverty - Chuck Marr et al., CBPP
Mitigating Climate Change - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Updating Our Obamacare Estimates - Congressional Budget Office
Our Unsustainable Debt Path - Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
The Right to Sell and Trade Arms - David B. Kopel, Harvard Law Review
Income-Based Student-Loan Repayment? - Akers & Chingos, Brookings
Monday, April 14
Frivolous Arguments Against Tax Law Compliance - IRS
Climate Change: Natural Fluctuation? - Shaun Lovejoy, Climate Dynamics
An Opportune Moment for Regulatory Reform - Philip Wallach, Brookings
Saturday, April 12
Where Our State Tax Dollars Go - Chris Mai, CBPP
Americans Remain Negative Toward Obamacare - Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup
The Great Moderation Is Back - Jason Furman, Council of Economic Advisers
Single Mothers and the EITC - Kartik B. Athreya et al., Richmond Fed
Improving Health, Reducing Cost Growth - McClellan & Rivlin, Brookings
Retirement Fund Fees Are a Drain on Savings - Erickson & Madland, CAP
Friday, April 11
The Growing Gap Between Sex, Childbearing - Finer & Philbin, Guttmacher
How America Saves for College 2014 - Sallie Mae
The State Tax Complexity Index - Paul Weinstein, Progressive Policy
GSE Reform: The Options - Andy Winkler, American Action Forum
Measuring Earnings Gaps in Education Attainment - Josh Mitchell, Urban
How Prisons Treat the Mentally Ill - Treatment Advocacy Center
Thursday, April 10
The GOP's Budget, State by State - Amy Brundage, White House
How Americans View Racial Progress - Bruce Drake, Pew Research Center
An Alternative Budget for 2015 - Congressional Black Caucus
Age Bias and the Recession - Neumark & Button, San Francisco Fed
Combating Sex Trafficking in the U.S.: 3 Challenges - Parsons et al., CAP
How to Reduce EITC Overpayments - Robert Greenstein et al., CBPP
Wednesday, April 9
No Evidence for Austerity - Eberhardt & Presbitero, Royal Economic Society
How Reform Could Streamline Tax Filing - Curtis S. DuBay, Heritage
Preventing Pregnancies in Younger Teens - Centers for Disease Control
Reducing Duplication in Government Programs - GAO
When Children See Domestic Violence - Hamby et al., Psych of Violence
McCutcheon v. FEC: An Explainer - Demos
Tuesday, April 8
Who Pays Taxes in America 2014 - Citizens for Tax Justice
The ACA's Unpleasant Welfare Math - Casey B. Mulligan, NBER
How Will the Uninsured Fare Under the ACA? - Kaiser Family Foundation
The Minimum Wage Hurts Women Most - Employment Policies Institute
America's Coming Long-Term Care Crisis - Bipartisan Policy Center
Elevating the Teaching Profession - Matt Miller for Congress

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