Friday, April 29
Nicotine Without Smoke: Harm Reduction - Royal College of Physicians
The Myth of Financial Market Deregulation - Norbert J. Michel, Heritage
Thursday, April 28
New Data on Occupational Licensing - Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Child Credit and Taxpayer Confusion - Naomi E. Feldman et al., AEA
The Underreporting of Gunshots - Jillian Carr & Jennifer Doleac, Brookings
Wednesday, April 27
The Cumulative Cost of Regulations - Patrick McLaughlin et al., Mercatus
Hispanics in the U.S.: A Statistical Portrait - Stepler & Brown, Pew
The Effect of E-Cigarette Ads - Tushar Singh et al., Pediatrics
Tuesday, April 26
A Policy Playbook for America's Next President - No Labels
Economic Perspectives on Incarceration - Council of Economic Advisers
The Affordable Care Act in 2014 - Brian Blase et al., Mercatus Center
Saturday, April 23
Is ACA Coverage Affordable? - Jennifer Tolbert et al., KFF
Medicare's New Physician Payment System - Health Affairs
Crime in 2015: A Final Analysis - Grawert & Cullen, Brennan Center
Friday, April 22
How Inheritances Affect Wealth Inequality - Mikael Elinder, VoxEU
Income Taxes Should Change during Recessions - Liscow & Woolston, TLR
Free College: Who'd Benefit Most? - Matthew M. Chingos, Brookings
Thursday, April 21
Life Expectancy Declines for White Women - Elizabeth Arias, CDC
ACA Implementation Lessons From Kentucky - Samantha Artiga et al., KFF
Air Pollution: Ranking U.S. Cities - American Lung Association
Wednesday, April 20
Marijuana Legalization in Colorado: Early Findings - Colorado DCJ
Competition & Indicators of Market Power - Council of Economic Advisers
End Regulation by Guidance Document - Clyde Wayne Crews, CEI
Tuesday, April 19
What Happens if UnitedHealth Pulls Out - Cox & Semanskee, KFF
The Promise of Proxy Carbon Pricing - Cassady & Taraska, CAP

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