Tuesday, September 2
The Health Care Employment Squeeze - Tevi Troy et al., AHPI
Why We Need a Fiscal Backstop - Dirk Schoenmaker, VoxEU
We Need Faster Wage Growth - Elise Gould, Economic Policy Institute
Saturday, August 30
Policy Basics: The Minimum Wage - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
How Unemployment Affects Children - Lindner & Peters, Urban Institute
Social Class and Classroom Learning - Jessica Calarco, Indiana University
The Exploitation of Migrant Minors - Stephanie Canizales, CPR
Friday, August 29
Economic Growth Will Pick Up - Congressional Budget Office
On the CBO's New Budget Projections - C. for a Responsible Federal Budget
How Schools Affect Cognitive Ability - Martin R. West et al., EducationNext
How New York TV Stations Cover Race and Crime - Media Matters
Thursday, August 28
San Francisco's Proposed Minimum Wage - Michael Reich et al., IRLE
Total State and Local Business Taxes - Council on State Taxation
Policing and Wrongful Convictions - Anthony W. Batts et al., Harvard/NIJ
Putting Mortgage Insurers on Solid Ground - Mark M. Zandi et al., Urban
Wednesday, August 27
The Real Unemployment Rate - Alan Krueger et al., Princeton University
Teacher Evaluations: Era of Rapid Change - Aldeman & Chuong, Bellwether
What Gun Injuries Cost Taxpayers - Embry M. Howell et al., Urban Institute
IP Infringement as Vandalism - Manta & Wagner, SSRN
The Stimulus Helped Highways - Sylvain Leduc & Dan Wilson, FRBSF
Tuesday, August 26
How Voter ID Blocks Legitimate Voters - Stuart Naifeh, Demos
Early Translations of the Constitution - Christina Mulligan et al., SSRN
Washington's Legal Pot Grows Knowledge - Philip A. Wallach, Brookings
Common Core: A Research Compendium - Matthew Frizzell, CEP
Monday, August 25
Piketty and General Laws of Capitalism - Acemoglu & Robinson, MIT
The Criminal Justice Debt Penalty - Douglas N. Evans, John Jay College
A Banned Compound Is Still Being Emitted - NASA
Saturday, August 23
The 2014 Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium - FRBKC
Assisted Suicide Tourism - Saskia Gauthier et al., Journal of Medical Ethics
TANF at 18 - LaDonna Pavetti, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

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