Tuesday, July 22
What Growing Deficits Could Do to the Debt-to-GDP Ratio - CBO
How Judicial Vacancies Affect Federal Trials - Alicia Bannon, Brennan
Wages for Recent Grads Are Falling Behind - Hobijn & Bengali, SF Fed
Monday, July 21
The Value of Protecting Trade Secrets - Masayuki Morikawa, VoxEU
Reviewing the Ex-Im Bank Debate - De Rugy & Castillo, Mercatus
Creating Around Copyright - Joseph Fishman, Harvard Law School
Saturday, July 19
Analyzing the HUMANE Act - Dan Cadman, Center for Immigration Studies
Making New Teachers More Effective - Alliance for Excellent Education
International Tobacco Taxation Handbook - Arthur Laffer, Laffer Center
Charting Trends in Military Compensation - Bipartisan Policy Center
Friday, July 18
What Happens if the ACA Loses in Court? - Linda J. Blumberg et al., Urban
Health Coverage After Open Enrollment - Commonwealth Fund
Lessons From the Detroit Bankruptcy - Wallace Turbeville, Demos
Right-to-Work and Economic Growth - Richard Vedder & Jonathan Robe, CEI
Trust and the Welfare State - Yann Algan et al., VoxEU
Sugar Shakedown - Mario Loyola, Heritage Foundation
Thursday, July 17
How Americans Feel About the Border Crisis - Pew Research
Dodd-Frank After Four Years - Winkler et al., American Action Forum
How LGBT Youth Are Left Behind - Zenen Jaimes Perez, CAP
VA Loans Outperform FHA Loans. Why? - Laurie Goodman et al., Urban
The Risks of a Balanced Budget Amendment - Richard Kogan, CBPP
Community Colleges Without Federal Loan Access - TICAS
Wednesday, July 16
What Percentage of the Population Is Gay or Bisexual? - Ward et al., CDC
The Hidden Costs of the Way We Pay Teachers - TNTP
Policy Changes to Address the Border Crisis - David Inserra, Heritage
Does the Budget Control Act Need a Tune-Up? - CRFB
The Case Against High School Exit Exams - Anne Hyslop, New America
Tuesday, July 15
Income Verification on the Exchanges - Timothy Jost, Health Affairs
Give Tipped Workers the Full Minimum Wage - Allegretto & Cooper, EPI
Habits of Effective Workforce Programs - Mazzara & Horwitz, Third Way
How Politics Works to Produce Inequality - McElwee & Kelly, Demos
Why Government Fails, and How to Stop It - Paul C. Light, Brookings
Fighting Poverty in Distressed Neighborhoods - Turner et al., Urban
Monday, July 14
The Cost Savings of Fuel Economy - Nicholas Chase, EIA
Evidence of Fiscal Stimulus and Consolidation - Baker & Rosnick, CEPR
Policy Responses to the Global Economic Crisis - Richard Wood, VoxEU
Saturday, July 12
E-Cigarettes and Federal Regulation - T.R. Goldman, Health Affairs

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