Saturday, September 13
Understanding Next Week's Poverty Figures - Arloc Sherman, CBPP
Poverty Isn't Just About the Job Market - Emily Cuddy et al., Brookings
Assault Weapons Revisited - Arkadi Gerney & Chelsea Parsons , CAP
Income Taxes and Economic Growth - Gale & Samwick, Brookings
Virtual Schooling and Student Learning - Chingos & Schwerdt, PEPG
Friday, September 12
The Early Impact of the ACA - Amanda Kowalski, Brookings Institution
We Must Lower Carbon Emissions - PricewaterhouseCoopers
Second Amendment Realism - David Wolitz, SSRN
Addressing Drug Shortages - Health Affairs
Thursday, September 11
The Employer Health Insurance Survey - Kaiser Family Foundation
Parenthood and the Gender Gap - Michelle J. Budig, Third Way
Did TANF Respond Well to the Recession? - Brookings | CBPP
The Export-Import Bank and Its Victims - Daniel J. Ikenson, Cato Institute
Wednesday, September 10
New York's Rent-Burdened Households - Husock & Armlovich, Manhattan
A Winning Alternative to Obamacare - Center for Health and Economy
Children's Health Insurance and the ACA - Kenney et al., Urban Institute
Alternatives to Government Broadband - Steven Titch, R Street
Improving Access to Hospice Care - Aldridge & Kutner, Health Affairs
Tuesday, September 9
Why Aren't More Renters Buying? - Andreas Fuster et al., New York Fed
Employers and Contraception: The Facts - Kaiser Family Foundation
Understanding the CBO's 'Current Law' Baseline - CRFB
Monday, September 8
Labor Force: Developments, Prospects - Aaronson et al., Federal Reserve
Incarceration and Racial Perceptions of Crime - Sentencing Project
Saturday, September 6
America's Most Powerful Billionaires - Darrell M. West, Brookings
Minimum Wage: The Evidence - Daniel Kuehn, Economic Policy Institute
Fast Food: Higher Wages, Higher Prices - James Sherk, Heritage
Friday, September 5
Family Structure: Diversity Is the New Normal - Philip N. Cohen, CCF
How Much Are Teachers Really Paid? - Pamela Villarreal et al., NCPA
Is the ACA Increasing Part-Time Work? - Garrett & Kaestner, Urban
Immigrants' Contributions to California - CIPC
Nicotine: Gateway Drug - Eric R. Kandel & Denise B. Kandel, NEJM
The Complexity of CEO Compensation - Arantxa Jarque, Richmond Fed
Thursday, September 4
Gunfire Around D.C. Schools - Samuel Bieler & Nancy La Vigne, Urban
Combating Grade Inflation - Thomas Lindsay, Texas Public Policy Foundation
The Unauthorized Population Levels Off - Passel et al., Pew Hispanic
Housing America's Older Adults - Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
Projecting Federal Interest Payments - Wendy Edelberg, CBO
Wednesday, September 3
Women's Employment: Ranking the States - IWPR
Origins and Destinations of the World's Migrants - Pew Research
Piketty and His Critics - Marshall Steinbaum, Center for Equitable Growth
Vital Statistics on Congress - Norman J. Ornstein et al., Brookings Institution
Closing the Science Gap - Harry Stein et al., Center for American Progress
Social Class and Diet: A Widening Gap - Wang et al., JAMA

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