Friday, November 21
How HHS Flip-Flopped on Federal Exchange Subsidies - Scot Vorse, CEI
Thursday, November 20
The FDA's Impact on Competition in the Drug Industry - Alex Brill, PCMA
Wednesday, November 19
Multiple Factors Influence Extent of Transit-Oriented Development - GAO
Monday, November 17
A Visual Guide to Business, Taxes, and the Economy - Tax Foundation
Highlights from CBO's New Income Distribution and Tax Data - CRFB
Saturday, November 15
Universal Basic Income vs. Unemployment Insurance - St. Louis Fed
Friday, November 14
Most States Cut Imprisonment and Crime - Pew Charitable Trusts
Thursday, November 13
Can States Tax Income Twice? - Jake Grovum, Pew Research
Household Income and Federal Tax Distribution - William Galston, Brookings
Long-Term Effects of Marijuana on the Brain - Center for BrainHealth
Wednesday, November 12
Solutions for the Ailing Labor Movement - Mackinac Center
Rethinking the Clean Power Plan - Bob Sussman, Brookings Institution
Analyzing the 2015 ACA Premium Changes - Kaiser Family Foundation
Tuesday, November 11
How We Analyze Fiscal Policy - Congressional Budget Office
Obamacare's 'Family Glitch' - Health Affairs & RWJF
BP Settlement: Redistributive Justice? - John Baker, Federalist Society
Executive Action for Long-Term Illegal Aliens - Cadman & Vaughan, CIS
Economic Benefits of Closing Achievement Gaps - Lynch & Oakford, CAP

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