Monday, April 27
The Individual Mandate Penalty May Be Too Low - Avalere Health
Do EITC-Style Policies Work? - Lane Kenworthy, ImPRovE
Debt Supercycle, Not Secular Stagnation - Kenneth Rogoff, VoxEU
Saturday, April 25
Secular Stagnation in the U.S. - Robert E. Hall, VoxEU
Same-Sex Parenting: No Difference? - Jamie Bryan Hall, Heritage
Drugs: The Costs of Patents and Mismarketing - Katari & Baker, CEPR
Friday, April 24
Trends in Heroin Use - Rachel N. Lipari & Arthur Hughes, SAMHSA
The Need for Social Security Reform - National Center for Policy Analysis
Teens Who Drop Out to Work - Molly M. Scott et al., Urban Institute
Thursday, April 23
The IRS's Spending Decisions - Ways and Means Republicans
Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy - Olivier Blanchard, VoxEU
Proceeds From FCC Spectrum Auctions - Congressional Budget Office
Wednesday, April 22
Pension Gimmicks - Luppino-Esposito & Williams, State Budget Solutions
Why Some Forgo College - Andrew P. Kelly, American Enterprise Institute
Credit Supply and the Housing Boom - Justiniano et al., New York Fed
Tuesday, April 21
Student Debt: Who Borrows Most? - Baum & Johnson, Urban Institute
Sexual Assault: A Symposium - Council on Contemporary Families
How Immigration Helps Low-Skill Workers - Foged & Peri, VoxEU
Monetary Policy and the Subprime Boom - Selgin et al., Policy Modeling
The Healthy Congress Index - Bipartisan Policy Center
Monday, April 20
The Rise of Teen E-Cigarette Use - Rene Arrazola, Centers for Disease Control
Illegal Immigrants' State and Local Tax Contributions - ITEP
The Annual Energy Outlook 2015 - Energy Information Administration
Financial Inclusion Around the World - Demirguc-Kunt et al., World Bank
Income in Defined Contribution Plans - Mark J. Warshawsky, Mercatus
Saturday, April 18
EPA Threatens 93 Power Plants - Catrina Rorke & Sam Batkins, AAF
Illegal Reentry Offenses - United States Sentencing Commission
Dynastic Inequality, Mobility, and Opportunity - Kanbur & Stiglitz, VoxEU
Separate Food Stamps, Agricultural Programs - Daren Bakst, Heritage
Implementing the Birth Control Mandate - Laurie Sobel et al., KFF
Friday, April 17
Two New Sides of King v. Burwell - Tom Miller, Miami Business Law Review
Fixing the Budget Process - Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
Decarbonizing America's Energy System - Alison Cassady, CAP

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