Thursday, September 3
Right-to-Work and Private-Sector Pay - James Sherk, Heritage
The Impact of Anti-Immigrant Discrimination - Christia Brown, MPI
Welfare Use by Immigrant Households - Steven A. Camarota, CIS
Wednesday, September 2
Skin Color and the Justice System - Traci Burch, SSRN
Where Police Don't Mirror Communities - Mike Maciag, Governing
Bad Behavior and Early School Leaving - Shannon Ward et al., VoxEU
Tuesday, September 1
Payday Lending and Liquor Sales - Harold Cuffe & Chris Gibbs, SEF
The Rising Cost of Drugs - Ifrad Islam, Health Affairs
Euthanasia for Psychiatric Disorders - Lieve Thienpont et al., BMJ Open
Monday, August 31
The Family Budget Calculator - Economic Policy Institute
Labor's Declining Share of Income - Roc Armenter, Philadelphia Fed
Brain Gain in America's Shrinking Cities - Aaron M. Renn, Manhattan
The Worst State Attorneys General 2015 - Hans Bader, CEI
Drug Sentencing: High Cost, Low Return - Pew Charitable Trusts
Economic Prosperity Breeds Trust - Markus Bruckner et al., VoxEU
Saturday, August 29
Clemency 2.0 - Paul J. Larkin Jr., Heritage Foundation
FDA: Too Conservative or Too Aggressive? - Montazerhodjat & Lo, SSRN
The Urban Mobility Scorecard - Texas A&M University
Friday, August 28
The Reach of the Cadillac Tax - Gary Claxton & Larry Levitt, KFF
Labor Agencies Ambush American Economy - Trey Kovacs, CEI
A 'Patent Box' for the U.S.? - Gordon Gray, American Action Forum
The Union Advantage for Women - Julie Anderson et al., IWPR
Gold King Mine: Public Documents - Environmental Protection Agency
Thursday, August 27
Electronic Health Records: Physician's View - Lawrence Pivnick, NCPA
Quality Assurance in Higher Ed: A Series - American Enterprise Institute
Little Competition in Medicare Advantage - Commonwealth Fund
Wednesday, August 26
Update to the Budget and Economic Outlook - Congressional Budget Office
Property Taxes for Agriculture - John E. Anderson et al., Mercatus
A Better Way to Help the Poor - Oren Cass, Manhattan Institute
The Gender Revolution Helped Families - Frances Goldscheider, CCF
EPA's Methane Rule Is Affordable - Myriam Alexander-Kearns, CAP
Tuesday, August 25
Who Benefits from Mortgage Deductions? - Pamela Villarreal et al., NCPA
College Guide and Rankings - Washington Monthly
Monday, August 24
Unauthorized Immigrants in the U.S. - Rosenblum & Soto, MPI
Mass Incarceration: Guns vs. Drugs - Benjamin Levin, SSRN
Who's Still Uninsured? - Adele Shartzer et al., Urban Institute
Genetics and Educational Attainment - Domingue et al., AERA
Eliminate the Strategic Petroleum Reserve - Nicolas Loris, Heritage

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