Saturday, February 6
What It Takes to Be 'Middle Class' - Anna Brown, Pew Research
Fundamental Tax Reform: Three Options - Alan Viard, AEI
The Federal Reserve and Sound Money - Richard M. Ebeling, NCPA
Friday, February 5
Violent Death: U.S. vs. Other Rich Nations - Grinshteyn & Hemenway, AJM
When Texas Defunded Planned Parenthood - Stevenson et al., NEJM
The Slowdown in Immigrant Assimilation - George J. Borjas, JHC
Thursday, February 4
The Effects of Expanding the Childless EITC - Holtz-Eakin et al., AAF
Strengthening Federal Student Aid - Baum & Johnson, Urban Institute
Americans Support Smart Guns - Bloomberg School of Public Health
Wednesday, February 3
Budget and Economic Data - Congressional Budget Office
Explaining the Growth of Health Spending - Herring & Trish, Mercatus
An Agenda for Working Families - Jared Bernstein, CBPP
Tuesday, February 2
The Trump and Cruz Tax Proposals - NCPA
Estimating Academics' Monetary Policy Rules - Monetary Policy Rules
Why Middle-Age Whites Are Dying - Commonwealth Fund
Monday, February 1
Mainstream Economics and Inequality - Lance Taylor, INET
Union Membership in 2015 - Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom - Peter Wood, NAS
Restoring the First Branch of Government - R Street Institute
Childhood Environment and Gender Gaps - Chetty et al., Equality of Opp.
Saturday, January 30
Analysis of Bernie Sanders' Tax Plan - Cole & Greenberg, Tax Foundation
Implications of an ACA Lawsuit - Blumberg & Buettgens, Urban Institute
Legal Limits and ACA Implementation - Nicholas Bagley, SSRN
Implementing the New Education Law - Catherine Brown et al., CAP
The Political TV Ad Archive - Internet Archive
Friday, January 29
Are Kids on Medicaid Getting Dental Services? - HHS OIG
The Brookings Democracy Dashboard - Brookings Institution
ACA Enrollees Will Pay More in 2016 - John R. Graham, NCPA
Thursday, January 28
Paid Leave Proposals: Numbers Don't Add Up - Ben Gitis, AAF
How Successful Was the New Deal? - Price V. Fishback, NBER
Derivatives in the Financial Crisis - Hector Colon, NCPA
Wednesday, January 27
A Look at the Education Crisis - Ulrich Boser et al., CAP
Analysis of Clinton's Tax Proposals - Pomerleau & Schuyler, Tax Foundation
Race Research and the Ethics of Belief - Jonny Anomaly, PhilPapers

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