Saturday, November 28
The First Amendment Defense Act - Ryan T. Anderson, Heritage Foundation
Making the Debt a Priority - Robert L. Bixby & Maya MacGuineas, Brookings
Immigration and Far-Right Voting - Martin Halla et al., VoxEU
Wednesday, November 25
Bad Policies Raise the Cost of Living - Salim Furth, Heritage Foundation
Inequality Makes the Rich Stingier - Stephane Cote et al., PNAS
Tuesday, November 24
Another View of the Gender Earnings Gap - Jamie M. Lewis, Census
Ineffective Spending on Poor Students - Dynarski & Kainz, Brookings
The State Business Tax Climate Index - Walczak et al., Tax Foundation
Monday, November 23
Improving Retirement Savings Incentives - Weller & Ghilarducci, CAP
Probation and Parole in the United States - Thomas P. Bonczar et al., BJS
The Effects of Stimulus Spending - William Dupor, St. Louis Fed
Saturday, November 21
Auditing the High-Income - Treasury IG for Tax Administration
America's Health Care Cost Burden - Commonwealth Fund
The Future of the Welfare State - Peter A. Hall, Policy Network
Avoiding Another Financial Crisis - David Wessel, Brookings Institution
Trends in Maternal Mortality - World Health Organization
Friday, November 20
Crime in 2015: A Preliminary Analysis - Friedman et al., Brennan Center
The Screening Process for Refugees - Tom Jawetz & Ken Gude, CAP
Reforming Student Loan Repayment - Kevin James & Andrew Kelly, AEI
Modernizing Transportation Policy - David Levinson, CRN
The 2015 American Values Survey - PRRI
FCC: Over the Top on Internet TV - James L. Gattuso, Heritage Foundation
Thursday, November 19
An Agenda for Reducing Poverty - Sawhill & Rodrigue, Brookings Institution
Immigrant Integration in the U.S. and EU - Kamp & Jerabek, BPC
Police Use Of Nonfatal Force, 2002-11 - Elizabeth Davis et al., BJS
Wednesday, November 18
Highlights of Women's Earnings in 2014 - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Flat Consumption Tax: Fair and Efficient - Curtis S. DuBay, Heritage
Abortion Self-Induction in Texas - TxPEP

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