Democrats Are Unprepared for the Trump Era

Democrats Are Unprepared for the Trump Era
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For Democrats and other progressive types, Winter Is Coming. Scratch that. Winter has hit—full force—and hordes of White Walkers are now wilding across the land.

It's not merely that the party's presidential dreams were crushed. Defeat came at the hands of a chest-thumping reality-TV star with the attention span of a toddler on speed to whom the norms of civilized society, much less politics, don't seem to apply. Donald Trump's jerkiness is central to his appeal, and for whatever cocktail of reasons—fear, awe, confusion—even many of the guy's detractors find him hard to resist.

How the heck is non-Trump America supposed to forge an effective opposition to such a character, especially when his political team controls all the levers of power?

Short answer: Nobody has a clue.

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