Make Government Great Again

Make Government Great Again
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Progressive policymakers are often engaged in thinking about the big picture: optimal policy designs, revenue sources, thresholds and equity. When progressives talk about the policies we'd like to see implemented, we tend to discuss things like paid sick days, or maybe over-the-horizon ideas like guaranteed jobs.

These policies are undoubtedly important, yet for most Americans, the daily experience of government is far more mundane: they want their roads plowed, and their visits to the DMV to be quick and efficient. When most Americans think of their interactions with government, they think of the DMV, the post office, tollbooths, schools and police. Progressives tend to think of policymaking in the abstract, rather than considering the nuts and bolts of enforcement and implementation. As progressives envision a future agenda, a focus on building up governmental capacity to act dynamically should be a central consideration.

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