What We Hope to Hear in Trump's Address to Congress

What We Hope to Hear in Trump's Address to Congress
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For the first time, President Trump is giving a speech to a joint session of Congress*. Since the President has a habit of keeping us all guessing, here is a wish-list of things we would like to hear Mr. Trump talk about.

Healthcare reform. The Affordable Care Act had good intentions. It is obviously within society's best interest to have as many people covered by health insurance as possible. However, the ACA is flawed. Medical costs keep rising. CNN Money reported in September 2016 that "[p]rices for medicine, doctor appointments and health insurance rose the most last month since 1984." Our award-winning resident pediatrician, Dr. Jamie Wells, also has indicated that patients lack an adequate choice in doctors, and doctors are responsible for too many patients. President Trump needs to lay out a vision to fix these problems.


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