Will Trump Start to See the Value in Virtue?

Will Trump Start to See the Value in Virtue?
Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool Image via AP

Last night, Donald Trump gave a truly good, presidential address. No, I'm not chiefly talking about its content; there was much in there for conservatives to dislike, and it remains to be seen which of his many promises are kept. I'm talking about the moral valence of the speech, with its expressed aspirations to restore prosperity and defend civil rights, and its meaningful call-outs to Americans in the gallery.

If you rewind the first 40 days of the Trump presidency, it's been a study in extremes. Every good decision seems to be answered by a bizarre tweet, a strange falsehood, or an incoherent press conference. But if there's one key takeaway for a president learning on the job, it's this: Virtue is valuable.

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