Is the Trump-Era GOP Coalition Collapsing?

Is the Trump-Era GOP Coalition Collapsing?
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In the wake of November's elections, Republicans seemed to be in a commanding position. Looking across the country, their control of political offices at the state and federal levels was as strong as at any point since 1928. There were obvious tensions between the president-elect and congressional Republicans, and yet many people believed that there were enough issues uniting the GOP to keep those differences out of sight for a long while.

A month-and-a-half into Trump's presidency, however, the tensions are looking more overwhelming than manageable. Internecine fights between Republicans, about both the party's biggest priorities and the president's unprecedented persona, erupt into headlines daily. And so we find ourselves wondering: could the GOP coalition be impossible to hold together? Might we be witnessing the beginnings of a serious partisan realignment, perhaps even the end of the long era of Democrats vs. Republicans in federal politics?

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