The Robot Scabs Are Coming to Take Your Jobs

The Robot Scabs Are Coming to Take Your Jobs
AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade

If you live in a developed or rapidly developing nation, you and your children will grow old in a world in which most people will not work, because the robots will take your jobs.

Every new report shows the machine replacement of human labor is accelerating, with job creation by new technology no longer keeping up with job loss. Last month it was a sophisticated study from the National Bureau of Economic Research showing that industrial robots alone displace human workers at a stunning rate and have an even more depressive effect on wages. Last year a World Bank study found that 57% of jobs in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development nations were vulnerable to replacement within the next 20 years. Many experts think this is a more serious problem than the export of jobs abroad.

How big is the problem? Consider just one example. In the United States, 3.5 million truck drivers could lose their jobs over the next decade as self-driving trucks hit the highways.

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