Trump Is a Real Republican, & That’s a Good Thing

Trump Is a Real Republican, & That’s a Good Thing
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Claremont, Calif. — What kind of conservative is President Trump? He must be some kind of conservative, because for nearly 100 days and counting, liberals have poured on him the kind of vitriol they do not reserve for moderates or ideological nobodys. Inside the Beltway, some famous conservatives have joined in the sport but for the opposite reason, that Mr. Trump, they claim, is no conservative but a populist demagogue out to discredit and destroy their beloved movement.

In his three major public speeches so far — his remarks at the Republican National Convention, his Inaugural Address and his speech to a joint session of Congress — Mr. Trump did not mention conservatism at all. Even at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he claimed simply, and almost in passing, that his election was a victory for “conservative values.” What those were he did not specify, except to say that Americans believe in “freedom, security and the rule of law” and in standing up for America, American workers and the American flag.

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