Liberalism Now More Than Ever

Liberalism Now More Than Ever
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There's a myth out there right now that we need to address: that the presidency of Donald Trump has unified progressives who are ready to fight him every step of the way without any need for debate, as they join hands together in the “Resistance.” What some seem to have forgotten, however, is the legacy of the Sanders-Clinton split during the not actually so far-off Democratic primary. Recently, Hillary Clinton began speaking in public again, and laying a good deal of the blame for her loss in the general election on now former FBI director, James Comey (who, a little while ago, the President accused of letting Hillary Clinton get a “pass” on her email crisis). Nonetheless, Clinton's explanation has only highlighted, once again, to some Bernie fans, that she simply doesn't get it. Her “Third Way Liberalism,” they say, just didn't appeal enough to angry white working-class voters who cast their ballot twice for Obama and then switched to Trump, or to the grievances of many leftists, particularly young ones. That's a rift that, unfortunately, progressives must continue to contend with.

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