What's the Point of an Anti-Immigrant Left?

What's the Point of an Anti-Immigrant Left?
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It's normal in the wake of a crushing political defeat for the losing party to rethink things, and The Atlantic's Peter Beinart's latest piece is an important entry in Democrats' attempt to understand what happened in 2016 and try to shape a left-of-center coalition that can win given American political realities.

It's also a genuinely terrifying vision of what could happen to American liberalism if the Democratic coalition learns the wrong lessons from losing to Donald Trump.

The problem with Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic party in 2016, Beinart argues, is that they were way too pro-immigrant. They celebrated diversity rather than assimilation. They didn't treat immigration as a threat to working-class prosperity. They didn't emphasize rigorous enforcement at the border or call for big crackdowns on employers who employ undocumented immigrants. Beinart concludes with the requisite admonishment of silly campus leftists, chiding the University of California system for listing the phrase “melting pot” as a potential microaggression.

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