The Congressional War on Expertise

The Congressional War on Expertise
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Talk about a lousy recess.

Even as members of Congress were sprinting out of town for the July 4th holiday, the hard-working nerds at the Congressional Budget Office were handed the number-crunching equivalent of a colonoscopy: Republican leadership asked them to score yet another version of the party's ultra-toxic health care bill. Two versions actually, one with a major amendment by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and one without.

This seems cruel even by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's cold-blooded standards. Haven't the CBOers suffered enough already? The high-octane health care battle has been ruining their lives for months now. Every time Republican members send up this or that reform proposal, CBO has to break the bad news that the plan is likely to render tens of millions more Americans uninsured. (23 million? 24 million? So difficult to be precise in these situations.)

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