Poverty Is Your Fault, No Matter What

Poverty Is Your Fault, No Matter What
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Here's what I know about all the problems of the world:  they are your fault.  By your hard work and success (even if modest) you are the cause of the great suffering of others.  You wallow in your undeserved privilege.  You are guilty, guilty, guilty, and you need to feel it deeply and to grovel and beg forgiveness regularly.

For example, if you are affluent or white (or worse, both) you brought about the suffering of the poor and of minorities in America by moving to the suburbs.  You "left behind," or worse, "abandoned," the poor in the "inner cities," as you became part of the "suburban flight."  You "fortified" yourself in your "suburban enclave," leaving the "inner cities" without the resources they needed to lift the poor out of poverty, or even to provide basic government services.  How can you even look yourself in the mirror?  

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