Progressives, Don't Bash the GOP Tax Bill; Make Your Own

Progressives, Don't Bash the GOP Tax Bill; Make Your Own
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

While slashing taxes for some of the country's most privileged, including Donald Trump and his family, the GOP's seemingly unstoppable scheme to reform the tax code fail to address America's most pressing problems: rising inequality, the climate crisis, macroeconomic instability and declining resources for needed public services in urban and rural America alike.

But progressives should resist the temptation to simply attack the GOP giveaway to the ultra-rich; Instead, they should articulate their own tax plan, one that would fund needed services, promote stable growth, and compensate the unlucky, including the victims of globalization.

We can have a tax system founded incoherent economic theory, a system that promotes fairness and economic efficiency by following three reasonable principles: all forms of income should be taxed equally, dangerous and destructive activities should be discouraged, and the distribution of income should reflect work rather than luck.

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