Beware the Paid Family Leave Fig Leaf in GOP's Tax Plan

Beware the Paid Family Leave Fig Leaf in GOP's Tax Plan
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It's admittedly hard to keep track of all the various moving parts and rotten eggs hidden throughout the Senate Republicans' pernicious tax cut scheme, which they jammed through in the early morning hours Saturday just hours after releasing the full text—handwritten marginalia and all.

One particular part that hasn't received all that much attention is a paid family leave tax credit for companies that provide at least two weeks of paid parental leave.

Ostensibly as a means for encouraging the expansion of paid family leave, employers would receive a tax credit for 12.5 percent of the employees' pay if they pay those workers 50 percent of their wages. Alternatively, employers would get a 25 percent credit if they pay their workers 100 percent of their wages on leave. The period of the leave would last for up to 12 weeks and apply to a parent's leave taken within one year of a birth or adoption. The policy would only apply to employees with annual pay below $72,000.

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