McCain: Man From Nowhere Who Unleashed a Deathstorm

McCain: Man From Nowhere Who Unleashed a Deathstorm

Has enough time passed since his passing — the fullness of a week! — that we may speak frankly of the political career of Senator John McCain

Nah. An honest assessment of the most rabid senatorial warmonger of the last half-century must await an American Spring. His worshipful acolyte Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican, matches him bellicosity for bellicosity in the warmonger department, but an epicene epigone like Graham doesn't count. McCain was the real thing.

So if we must now praise famous men, let us acknowledge John McCain's witness against torture and his talent for exposing egregious pork-barrel projects, as well as his physical courage. As Dan McCarthy wrote on this site, he was an actual human being — no mean distinction in a body whose eminences include Marco Rubio and Dick Durbin.

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