CNN Not Renewing Deal after Reporter Joins Consv. Site

Eliana Johnson, a leading White House reporter for Politico, will not have her contract renewed for her CNN political analyst role after she accepted a new job running the neoconservative Washington Free Beacon.

CNN confirmed her existing contract is due to expire in November and that the network does not plan to renew it, saying the decision is being made because she will no longer be a White House reporter specifically.

“CNN has a right to tap or drop contributors at any point,” Johnson said. “None of us is entitled to a contract renewal.”

Johnson, who has broken significant news on the ultra-competitive White House beat, has been a CNN political analyst since November 2017 and appears on air regularly, often to discuss the political news of the day, not just stories related to President Donald Trump. She came to Politico from conservative media, most recently as a reporter at National Review. She told BuzzFeed News this week that she plans to use the Free Beacon to “train serious reporters who have a conservative outlook and an irreverent sensibility,” with a focus on breaking news and original reporting.

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