The Agency Standing in the Way of Trump's Roaring Twenties

The Agency Standing in the Way of Trump's Roaring Twenties
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a time of economic prosperity, wage increases, and record low unemployment. After decades of economic policy that prioritized Wall Street over Main Street, and trade policy that favored corporatism and Big Labor at the expense of America’s working men and women, Trumponomics has righted our economic ship — the economy is roaring and the future of Main Street is hopeful anew.

Tax and regulatory reforms have created an environment in which businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-up firms can flourish — American workers have the opportunity again to succeed on their own merit. A recent piece from Investor's Business Daily revealed that under President Trump “regulations are being slashed at a record rate,” and a report by the American Action Forum (AAF) shows that President Trump is exceeding his own remarkable deregulation goals.

However, there is a curious, even disturbing, outlier to the administration’s rollback of government interference that characterized the Swamp before President Trump’s arrival. A roadblock — a vestige of the previous regime — remains in plain sight. 

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