Pornhub Verified Child Sex Trafficking.

Pornhub Verified Child Sex Trafficking.
AP Photo/John Locher
Pornhub must held accountable for hosting and verifying a 15-year-old victim of sex trafficking as an over-18 content producer. The most visited pornographic website in the world hosted numerous videos that detailed the rape and sexual abuse of an underage girl.

The videos were found on a number of platforms, including Periscope, Modelhub, Snapchat, but Pornhub was the only one to provide a verification checkmark to the victim, which gave any unsuspecting viewers the impression that she was a consenting performer over the age of 18. In 2019, the mother of the victim was alerted to the videos a year after reporting her missing in South Florida.

Charged with trafficking and rape of a minor, 30-year-old Christopher Johnson, allegedly kidnapped the victim from a convenience store and forced her to have sex with him at his apartment. Speaking to police detectives, the victim said that she was even forced to have an abortion during the duration of her time in captivity. According to the Sun-Sentinel, police discovered paperwork from an abortion clinic to back up her allegations.

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