'Progressive Theology': Religion, or Mere Socialism?

'Progressive Theology': Religion, or Mere Socialism?
AP Photo/Jens Meyer
my wife and I moved to a small town in eastern Tennessee a few months ago, one of the attractions was the beautiful campus of a small private college, 200 years old, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Maryville College was founded in 1819 as the Southern and Western Theological Seminary. The red brick buildings and colonial-style architecture of Maryville College convey a sense of tradition, and devotion to the overwhelmingly-conservative local culture. The school’s nickname is the Fighting Scots (a nod to the Scotch-Irish settlers in Appalachia), and some of the older buildings on campus are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We imagined that Maryville College, which offers a major in religion (among many other subjects), was comparable to Hillsdale College—an island of sanity in a roiled sea of radical ideology in higher education. Alas, Maryville College is not Hillsdale. Its social justice agenda places it closer to Oberlin College on the “woke” continuum. Maryville College disdains capitalism and worships at the altar of Karl Marx. Read Full Article »

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