Who is Financing the War on Police?

Who is Financing the War on Police?
(AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa)

To discover who is leading—and financing—the war on America’s police, look no further than the Tides Center.

We recently broke the story that the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation—the leading group in the radical, Marxist-led movement that has inspired waves of riots and demands that cities “defund the police”—transferred ownership from its fiscal sponsor Thousand Currents to the Tides Center, effectively confirming that this “spontaneous” movement is controlled by professional left-wing activists.

This also makes the leading group of Black Lives Matter (BLM) just one more face in the $636 million “dark money” web known as the Tides Nexus, already infamous for sponsoring the creation of new activist groups in a process called “incubation.”

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