Finding the Center in America

Finding the Center in America
Scott Applewhite)

At this moment in American history, when the far right and far left seem to have so much influence in American politics, people often wonder: What happened to the political center?

To find the political center in America, you first need to know where to look. That’s why The New Center recently commissioned a poll from HarrisX and the Society of Presidential Pollsters to identify where the center lies for the American public on today’s most salient policy challenges and ideological, values-driven debates. What we found is both hopeful and surprising, and it starts with this.

Above all, the public—Democrats, Republicans, and independents—are tired of all the partisan sniping and want their elected officials to converge in the center and compromise. In our poll:

  • 88% of respondents agree that we need a government that draws the best people and ideas from both parties; and
  • 79% of respondents prefer politicians who compromise and get things done, rather than standing on principle and not acting.
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