Real Election Winner Might Be the Administrative State

Real Election Winner Might Be the Administrative State
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Ballots in the 2020 election have all been cast, though not all counted. The nation remains deeply divided. Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats will retain control of the U.S. House, and it looks likely, though uncertain, that Mitch McConnell’s Republicans will hold the Senate. We’ll know more on that front as vote tallies get finalized in North Carolina, Michigan, and Georgia—with at least one of the Peachtree State’s two races headed for a runoff election.

These developments will have policy implications. If the political actors perceive that Senator McConnell holds his majority, it could usher in a new federal Covid-relief package. Senate Democrats, with hopes of a better postelection position, have consistently filibustered GOP efforts to get to the bargaining table with House Democrats. Similarly, the parties may come together for compromise criminal-justice reform legislation.

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