Biden's Bloated Infrastructure Proposal

The release of President Joe Biden’s $2.3 billion infrastructure plan raises the question: is everything infrastructure now? Some $400 billion—a quarter of the entire package—goes toward “aging care.” That’s infrastructure, apparently. Fifty billion dollars in manufacturing subsidies? Infrastructure. Twenty-five billion for child care? Infrastructure. The only part that isn’t infrastructure is trillions of dollars in new taxes.

By comparison, just 6 percent of the American Jobs Plan package goes toward roads and bridges, or $115 billion for what old-fashioned people might think of as infrastructure. Nearly as much money goes toward K-12 schools, which are still sitting on $180 billion in unused stimulus funds. While there’s $5 billion to help clean up Superfund and brownfield sites—a laudable goal—twice as much goes toward creating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s unionized Civilian Climate Corps.

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