What the Hell Happened to Bill Kristol?

What the Hell Happened to Bill Kristol?
AP Photo/HBO, Janet Van Ham

Greetings from Budapest, where I’ll be hanging out a lot at Cafe Roger Scruton at 10 Zoltan Street over the next several days, and giving a lecture for the Danube Institute next Monday evening on the topic, “What Is Going on in America?” If there are any Power Line readers in Budapest, you may still be able to grab a limited seat for the event here. Otherwise you may run into me at the Cafe.

Lo and behold, when I arrived over here I caught up with the monster hit piece on our friends at the Claremont Institute in The Bulwark: “What the Hell Happened to the Claremont Institute?“, by Laura Field, who hangs her shingle at the Niskanen Institute, which is one clue right there. It is a long, lugubrious piece: settle in with a pot of coffee if you want to try it. Basically the piece is one long attempted syllogism: Claremont people liked and defended Trump; Trump is evil, ergo. . .

Claremont can defend themselves just fine, and I look forward to their counter-salvo. But I think the reverse question can and should be asked, though I take no pleasure in doing so: What the hell happened to Bill Kristol? Read Full Article »

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