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A Presidential Pivot?

A Presidential Pivot?
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It appears the pivot is real — at least for now. Trump’s meteoric rise last year exploded traditional political and ideological alignments, breaking the “blue wall.” Republican leadership hoped the infrastructure of the Grand Old Party would be strong enough to absorb the shock, resulting in a new coalition led by an idiosyncratic populist, ultimately beholden to mainline conservative ideas.

But Trump’s disruption did not end last November. Reaching across the aisle to work with congressional Democrats on several key issues — the debt ceiling, tax reform, and immigration — Trump may now be scrambling political and ideological alignments on Capitol Hill much as he did the electoral map in 2016. 

The president has put Republicans in a tight spot. Those who might otherwise praise bipartisan cooperation feel burned, while hardliners have good reason to fear the president may be less sympathetic to their policy goals. Amazingly, Trump, who ran to the Right of his party on immigration, has now managed to outflank the GOP on DACA — by pivoting Left. Among other things, this leaves congressional Republicans unable to leverage cooperation on immigration to gain concessions from Democrats on other top priorities, such as taxes. 

There is, of course, nothing in principle earth-shattering or unprecedented about a president’s bipartisan turn. Nor is it obviously bad politics. From Nixon to Clinton, such maneuvers have often proved effective. But Trump’s move has thrown dramatic light onto divisions many in the GOP hoped would narrow after the election. And, ultimately, the president will not be able to triangulate successfully without his own party. Much will depend on the outcome of current budget and tax negotiations. All’s fair — and continually unpredictable — in Trumplandia.

These are some of the many issues taken up at RealClearPolicy over the past week. Below you will find just a few highlights.

— M. Anthony Mills, editor | RealClearPolicy


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