Can Vaping Help Cigarette Smokers Quit?

Cigarette Smoking Transitions After Using JUUL Vaping Device

Russell, C., McKeganey, N and Haseen, F., “Transitions in Cigarette Smoking Associated with Use of the JUUL Vaping Device Among 18,799 Adults in the United States. 2018,” Centre for Substance Use Research: Glasgow, UK.

  • Of the 11,689 participants who were cigarette smokers when they first used a JUUL, nearly two-thirds (64.3 percent) — or 40 percent of total sample — quit smoking cigarettes: “New Former Smokers.”
  • Of the 2,385 participants who had never smoked a cigarette when they first used a JUUL, 2.3 percent — or 0.3 percent of total sample — are now current cigarette smokers: “New Daily Smokers” plus “New Some Day Smokers.”
  • These results show that for every one participant who started smoking cigarettes after using a JUUL, 137 participants quit. Many more significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoke.

Read our summary of the report here.

Read the full report here.

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