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Philanthropy and other forms of giving have a profound relationship with and effect on American policymaking, politics, civil society, and culture, among other things. Funders help set agendas and shape opinion, directly and indirectly. Their money and its consequences deserve even more attention, and critical scrutiny.

With our “Philanthropy and Giving” section, we at RealClearPolicy aim to provide a regularly updated overview of the normally narrow discourse about these and related matters. The section compiles links to—and sometimes publishes original — research into, journalism about, analysis of, and commentary on grantmaking and the nonprofit sector. It consciously “casts a wide net,” featuring authors from across the ideological spectrum, with differing worldviews. Its content covers both the animating ideas underlying and the everyday practicalities of giving.

Michael E. Hartmann and his colleagues at The Giving Review help us edit and curate “Philanthropy and Giving.” Hartmann is a senior fellow at the Capital Research Center and director of its Center for Strategic Giving. His two Giving Review co-editors are mentors of his from when they served on the program staff of Milwaukee’s Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. The Giving Review is part of Philanthropy Daily.


Lessons About Community-Driven Efforts to Deal with Social Ills, Craig Kennedy, Giving Review

Democracy Threatens White Supremacy, and That’s Causing Our Crisis, Darren Walker, Ford Foundation

Foundations Should Do More in Times of Crisis, John Palfrey, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Who’s Behind the Big Election Money in Georgia?, Sarah Lee, Capital Research Center

The Corporations Funding the End of Democracy, Osita Nwanevu, New Republic

Philanthropy Favors Traditional Public Schools Over Public Charter Schools, Michael Theis, Chronicle of Philanthropy

Larry David and the Game Theory of Anonymous Donations, Brian Gallagher, Nautilus

Pros and Cons of Small Donors, Harry Cheadle, Blue Tent

Mellon Foundation Goes Woke, George Liebmann & Andrew Balio, American Conservative

Gates Foundation Leads Green Counterrevolution in Africa, Jan Urhahn, Jacobin

Bill Gates is Trying to Dim the Sun, Jeremy Beaman, Washington Examiner

MacKenzie Scott Shows Peers How to Do Philanthropy, Michael Mechanic, Mother Jones

Religious Nonprofits Scramble for Support to Match Needs, Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Washington Post

Ruth McCambridge Hands Off Baton, Ruth McCambridge, Nonprofit Quarterly

“Philanthropy 100” List of Those Making Positive Difference, Philanthropy Unbound

“Dark-Money” Group Supporting BLM Got $16M in Government Grants, Joe Schoffstall, Free Beacon

How to Donate Effectively to BLM, Dylan Matthews, Vox

Chuck Grassley Releases Results of Investigation of Nonprofit ISRA, Office of Sen. Chuck Grassley

Celebrate MacKenzie Scott’s Gifts, But Also Consider Reparations, Edgar Villanueva, Washington Post

Foundation President Challenges Wealthy Foundations, Jerry Mitchell, Mississippi Clarion Ledger

A Visual History of Mutual Aid, Ariel Aberg-Riger, Bloomberg CityLab

Congress Should Investigate Power of Big Foundations, Arthur Bloom, The American Conservative

DAFs Come to Israel—with Time Limits and Payout Requirements, Simone Ellin, Inside Philanthropy

Reid Hoffman Linked to Support for Fusion GPS’s Legal Fund, Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

Securing the Future of U.S. Elections, Vanessa Tucker, Hewlett Foundation

Sixteen Thirty Fund Deluged Election with “Dark Money,” Hayden Ludwig, Capital Research Center

“Dark Money” Backing “Big Oil’s Favorite Democrat” Came From Big Oil, Donald Shaw, Sludge

Towards Greater Foundation Flexibility, Naomi Orensten, Center for Effective Philanthropy

Can Philanthropy Help Society Move Past Neoliberalism?, Philip Rojc, Inside Philanthropy

The Blue Tent and the Red Cocktail Umbrella, William A. Schambra, The Giving Review

Five Book Recommendations to Wrap Up 2020, Bill Gates, GatesNotes

Give to Charity Over Political Campaigns, Naomi Schaefer Riley & James Piereson, National Review

Questions Linger About Private Money in Elections, Emil Moffatt, WABE

Environmental Philanthropy Should Learn From Wall Street Investors, Mark Tercek, The Instigator

Hawaii Remote-Work Program: Airfare for Nonprofit Volunteering, Shannon McMahon, Washington Post

Charitable Purpose in the 21st Century, Gene Takagi, Nonprofit Law Blog

From History, a Defensive Response to Scrutiny of Philanthropy, Michael E. Hartmann, The Giving Review

Why Study the History of Philanthropy?, Rhodri Davies, CAF

Diversity Mandates From Foundations Hurt Nonprofits, Debi Ghate, Chronicle of Philanthropy

San Francisco is Mad at Mark Zuckerberg, Theodore Schleifer, Vox

A Better Way for Billionaires to Benefit Society, Andrew J. Hoffman, The Conversation

Georgia Nonprofit Advocacy Groups Ready for Special Election, Beth Couch, Nonprofit Quarterly

Conservatism, the Imperial City, and the Wilderness, Michael S. Joyce, The Giving Review

George Soros Looms Large Over Biden Transition, Joe Schoffstall, Washington Free Beacon

Donors and Foundations Are Increasingly Supporting Movements, Aaron Dorfman, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Sheldon Whitehouse’s Hypocrisy on “Dark Money” Isn’t Fooling Anyone, Hayden Ludwig, Capital Research Center

19 Philanthropic Families Who Are Investing in a Better Future, Gotham

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