Feds Subsidize Airport At Martha’s Vineyard For $42.9 Million

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded $1,291,383 to the County of Dukes in 2019 for “airport improvements.” Martha’s Vineyard at Edgartown is a top destination for the East Coast moneyed elites and Hollywood moguls.

It has been called the playground of the rich and famous. In 2020, the boutique airport received $1,216,447 for “COVID-19 aid.”

Between 2008 and 2020, federal taxpayers provided $42,901,593 to fund airport improvements. In 2018 alone, $10.8 million funded airport upgrades.

However, the landing fees the airport charges seem low. A Boeing 737 is only charged $400 and helicopters can land for under $28. Private air charters frequently shuttle the wealthy visitors, and twelve charter-air companies list on the airport website.

The airport at The Vineyard hosts over 41,000 flights per year.

In contrast, since 1985, the number of public airports has fallen from 5,880 to 5,080. In Indiana, for example, five cities with populations over 50,000 residents are 51 miles from the nearest airport.

However, tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are subsidizing the airport at Martha’s Vineyard – an airport that caters to the rich and famous.

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