The Pentagon Pays More Than $1,200 for a Single Coffee Cup

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Throwback Thursday!

In 2018, the U.S. Air Force admitted to spending up to $1,280 per cup to keep coffee hot for their fighter pilots. It was the $1,300 hot-coffee cup scandal.

In 2016, Travis Air Force Base reported the 60th Aerial Port Squadron purchased ten hot cups for $6,930. By 2018, the price for each cup surged from $693 to $1,220 resulting in a total expenditure of $32,000 for 25 cups.

Our auditors at showcased these facts in an open letter to the president published at USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. Soon after, then-Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley asked the Air Force for an audit.

The audit found total expenditures amounted to $300,000 over a three-year period. Thankfully, Grassley’s aggressive oversight stopped the pricey-coffee-cup-purchase program.

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